Muddled Emotions

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Chapter 19

Later that morning she slowly heads inside and her dad comes rushing towards her “you should be resting!”

“DAD....stop fussing” He flinches at her words, she gently pulls her dad in to a hug and he gently wraps his arms round her resting his head on hers “sorry dad, I know you’re scared, but I got you as my dad, I know I am safe...”

He gently lays a kiss on her head “But you wasn’t...”

He feels her tense up in his arms “but I am, this isn’t on you dad, you found me and I am safe now...and I promise to take my safety more seriously” he just holds her for a little while as they talk.


Raven was starting to get her life back together piece by piece, she decided she wanted to go back to work with Holly, she had hardly heard from Jasper, Ray became more and more protective over her more than usual but never took a step out of line, as did her dad, Theo was starting to fall in to friends with her too.

Raven is heading out shopping (with security) as she promised her dad, she walks along the high streets, feeling good once again, until she spots something that makes her heart stop “Jasper?!” Jasper spins and goes pale along side a beautiful lady who was very pregnant, she realises who she is

The lady smiles towards her in a friendly manner she looks at Jasper "who is this sweetheart?"

Before Raven lets him introduce her she does it for him “Just a... friend, I am Raven....”

The lady gives her a friendly smile “It’s nice to meet you Raven, I am Molly.”

“Pleasure to meet you Molly, must be excited, not long left tell you're little one” she say’s it taking a sharp intake thinking back to her loss, Japer notices and flinches

Molly gives her a big grin “YES! not long now! it’s so nice to meet some of Jasper’s friends! you should totally come to the wedding Saturday Raven, maybe we could get to know each other better!” Jasper looks like his about to freak

Raven heart breaks, stepping back “Well, I don’t know...”

“oh behave please, it would be nice to know Jaspers friends! please I insist..” she hands her paper with her number scribbled on to it.

Raven turns “well congrats again, If you’ll excuse me...” she turns and practically breaks in to a run, until she is away from the public and on her own, she backs against the wall not sure what to think or say, he was marrying her, she steady’s herself and heads home back to her house.

Raven spends the evening curled up on the sofa, nursing a glass of wine, she heads over the other side of the room grabbing her laptop she sits up at the table and starts making some decisions, including buying the library that she had been wanting to do for so long, she worked out everything she needed and prepared to get it sorted the next day.

Raven wakes up the next morning and heads in to town to get everything signed and sorted. Later that afternoon she heads to her dad’s with champagne excited for this stage of her life, no one knew what she was doing. Once she gets there security lets her in and she heads to her dad’s office, her dad looks up at his smiling proud daughter “hey sweetheart!”

“Hey dad, I have news!” her dad looks up and stops what his doing and gives his daughter his full attention “I brought the library Rose Corner!”

Her dad is a little shocked but grins “really! congrats baby! and that’s what you want?”

Raven grins and nods “Books are my life, have been for as long as I can remember and Rose Corner, has been a big part of my life, I want to be able to make everyone excited for books as I am, a world where you can live in you’re own imagination without a care in the world...” she carry’s on as her dad listens he can’t help smiling seeing how passionate his daughter was about it, he listens eventually she pops the champagne and they toast and Raven feels excited for her future again.

Later that evening she heads home as she gets there Jasper is sat outside head in his hands “You’re no longer welcome here, I want you to leave, you made you’re choice, I don’t want any part of it....”

Jasper snaps his head up “Raven!” Raven walks past he jumps up

“I don’t want you’re excuses told me to wait for you...and..” she chokes on her sob “after everything you said to me...” she brushes past

“Miss Angelos, you ok?”

Raven spins to see Phil, she nods “Jasper was just leaving, thank you Phil” Phil stays rooted to the spot waiting for Jasper to leave, and he does reluctantly, Raven heads in.

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