Muddled Emotions

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Chapter 2

As Raven is wrapping up her evening she heads over to the bar to have her usual drink that she had before heading home. But as she is sat there, out the corner of her eye something, NO Someone catches her eye, she turns and Theo is sat there having a heated conversation with an older guy, she is a little curious but brushes it off knowing it was none of her business, as she finishes her drink she begins to head out “RAVEN!?”

She spins as she is about to leave “Oh Theo... hey...”

He looks a little worried “What you doing here!” he knows already why she is but he had to try cover why he was

She gives a smooth but firm, cold response “I sing here every Saturday, I am just heading home don’t let me stop you” she continues out

He calls out “WAIT PLEASE!”

Raven freezes “It’s ok Theo... you don’t owe me an explanation, or whatever”

Theo looks at her hurt, he really did like her, but he knew she would hate him, if she knew why he was really around in the first place, he never intended to fall for her like he did, he knew it was a dangerous game to start with, but he was already in too deep “Please, I wanna see you again...give me a chance, please, I can explain...”

Raven gives it serious thought she isn't sure what to do, then decides she only has to hear him out and that was it. They head out to a little local bar, the strange man who he had a heated discussion with watched them intensely as they leave.

As they head in to the bar and get drinks and sit down, Raven sits swirling her drink round with the straw, Theo watch’s her closely, he takes a deep breath “I'm sorry it took me so long to get back to you....”

She buts in before he can continue “Listen Theo you don't have to do this, it's ok I promise you, we can just leave it where it was...leave it on good terms” she stands to leave feeling this was a bad idea after all

Theo gently takes her hand “PLEASE...”

Raven shakes her head “you wouldn’t even be sat here right now, if you hadn’t bumped in to me, so let’s just quit while we are ahead..”

He still holds her hand “That’s not true!” he knows he would of contacted her maybe, he knew where she was but she couldn’t know he knew, and that was killing him.

Raven shakes her head “Listen I’m gonna go” she downs her drink and heads out he try's to protest but she doesn't listen.

The next few days pass, Raven pushes on with work, as she is sat at her desk, she looks up a bunch of the most beautiful flowers she had ever seen is placed in front of her, and they ask her to sign for them, she does, as she looks them over, sat on the top is a card with her name written on it, she is a little shocked, she bites her lip as she carefully picks up the flowers up placing them out the way. Holly comes up behind her “Oh darling, they are beautiful, Theo?”

Raven whips her head round to face her “Yeah, I think so”

Holly watches Raven look over the flowers “Maybe you should give him a chance Hun?”

Raven sighs “I can’t deal with another broken heart Holly...after Ray...”

Holly comes up beside her and gives her a cuddle “I know doll, but you will never get anywhere without a little risk... and maybe just maybe he may be good for you, not everyone is going to be Ray, he didn't know a good thing when he had it, you can't tarnish them all with the same brush, I promise there are some good ones out there”

Little to Raven’s knowledge Theo is listening close by, he had to get her to open up to him, she had to give him a chance, Some time later she sends him a text thanking him, and agreeing to a second date against her better judgement.

A few months on

Raven and Theo had been seeing each other for a while now she decided that he was worth the heartbreak if it ever came to that, that Holly was right, every moment had been so special so far and the good out weighed the bad.

It was a Friday night and Raven was heading over to Theo’s after dinner they sit chatting, Raven thinks back over the last few years, Theo looks at her with concern in his eyes “What’s wrong babe?”

Raven smiles “I’m ok...”

He raise’s his eyebrow at her “babe?”

She smiles “It’s nothing just my mums anniversary is coming up and just the last couple of years have been.....” she trails off in thought

Theo knows this is his time to get her to finally open up to him “You don’t talk about you’re mum or you’re past much?”

Pain flashes on her face as memories seep back through her head “what’s there to say...I lost my mum it was so sudden and unexpected to say the least, it was a strange, heart-breaking, confusing time for me, then there was Ray...”

There’s that name he had been dying to know about from her mouth at least, he stay silent nodding and taking her hand encouraging her to continue “what happened?”

She thinks for a bit like she was choosing her words carefully “we dated since we was 15 right up to the year after my mum’s passing, he left out of no where...just a letter, saying he had been cheating most of the time, and he had left me for her...” She chokes on her tears

Pain cross’s his face he pulls her in to a hug and kisses her gently “it’s ok, I promise you, I love you”

Raven looks at him in shock, but so happy “I love you too Theo, I am glad I gave this a chance!” he holds her tight for a bit and his phone starts ringing

he looks at the caller “Give me 5 minute's ok.... I need to take this!” he jumps up and heads out, she is left feeling a little confused.

Raven heads to the door to see what she can hear, his raising his voice a little “I TOLD YOU GIVE ME TIME! IT’S NOT EASY TO GAIN TRUST SO EASY!”

Raven heads back sitting down waiting, eventually she falls asleep, he comes in seeing her curled up sleeping soundly, he sits beside her, he loved her so much he really didn’t wanna lose her.

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