Muddled Emotions

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Chapter 20

The next morning she begins planning for the refurbishment on Rose Corner and spends the day there with Holly making plans, halfway through the day Jasper appears “Raven I am not leaving without a conversation!”

Raven rolls her eyes “I have nothing to say to you, we are over, we are done, you’re a liar!”


Raven flinches at his words, did he really just throw her miscarriage in her face, her eyes start to water, she hangs her head as the tears begin to form, she see’s security coming towards them, she shakes her head “It's ok’re right Jasper, congrats again” she takes a shaky breath and turns to head out

Jasper’s colour goes from his face, why did he have to take it out on her like that in the worse possible way “Raven...I” she shakes her head through the tears and if things couldn’t feel worse Molly enters

“Babe you ready....”

Raven holds her breath and quickly wipes her tears as she watch's her come in slinking her arm around him “M..Molly hey..”

Molly looks over at her “Oh hey Raven how are you!”

Raven force's a smile and nods “Good, and you? must be exciting with the wedding tomorrow...”

As they talk another voice comes out from behind them “Birdie”

Raven turns “Oh... hey Ray!” he see’s straight away something is wrong and that she had been crying he stands beside her, looking over her then at Jasper and the unknown female with a cocked eyebrow, Raven turns to him “This is Molly....Jaspers Fiance....they are getting married tomorrow...”

Ray looks between them stunned, the penny dropping “OH...” he see’s Raven becoming a little shaky, and wraps an arm around her to steady her “Nice to meet you Molly!”

Molly smiles over “Another of Jasper’s friends? and by the looks Raven’s other half?”

Ray smiles “Something like that”

Molly smiles again “Well you should both be there tomorrow!”

Jasper is fuming looking at Ray’s arm around Raven he isn’t paying much attention to the conversation.

Raven smiles a little “Oh I don’t know, I have...”

Molly waves her hand dismissively “Please!!”

Ray feel’s Raven tense, he pulls her a little closer “then ok...”

Molly claps her hands together “Fantastic! I will get Jasper to send all the details!”

they say their goodbyes, and with that Raven breaks down, Ray holds her tight “shh, I am so sorry...”

The next morning Raven is ready, she stands bracing herself looking in the mirror, she agreed Ray could be her date, considering Jasper chose someone else and Ray was always someone special to her.

Her doorbell goes and she heads down to get it Ray is stood there smiling “Ma lady!”

Raven giggles “you are terrible!”

He takes a double take of her “Wow Birdie, you look amazing!”

“Not too bad yourself!” They head out and on to the wedding.

After the ceremony, they all head to the reception and the music is well and truly going, after a few drinks, Raven felt a little more comfortable. Ray dances over to her and Raven starts giggling “What are you doing!” Ray pulls her in to his arms as a slow song comes on, she wraps her arms around his necks smiling up at him “Thank you for being with me today Ray...I”

Ray shakes his head “Don’t thank me Birdie, wouldn’t wanna be anywhere else, and considering everything, its been rather fun don't you think!”

Raven giggles resting her head on his chest as he wraps his arms round her tighter resting his head on top of hers as they sway gently, from the other side of the room, Jasper is watching on anger building.

Ray looks down at Raven gently leaning down, taking her face in his hands and gently kisses her, she smiles against his lips, then kisses him back, she looks up at him through her lashes “What was that for....”

Ray brushes the hair from her face “for being you Birdie...”

She leans up kissing him a little harder, from no where Ray is knocked to the floor, she turns to see Jasper on top of him “WHAT THE FUCK!”

Molly runs over “BABY WHAT YOU DOING!”

Raven leans forward pushing him “GET OF HIM!”

Ray looks up at her with concern “BIRDIE MOVE!” but she is knocked sideways

Phil and Michael come in from nowhere dragging Jasper off, Ray scrambles to his feet “Birdie you ok?!”

Raven nods, Molly is looking on in horror “WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING!”

Raven stands “I don’t know maybe you should ask you’re husband, but I think me and Ray are going to head out!” Molly looks on dumbfounded “But thanks for the invite!”

Ray and Raven head out to a bar, and have a quiet night, they sit chatting and talk, Raven smiles up at him “Seriously thank you for today, minus the end...”

Ray grins over at her “I’ve missed this!”

She smiles "me too”

After a few more hours, Raven prepares to go home “Thanks for today, but I am pooped and I am going to get home!”

Ray smiles and nods “Of course” he holds his hand out “I will walk you back!”

Raven smiles and nods and takes his hand they walk hand in hand still chatting, they get to her front door and she smiles up and gently leans in planting her lips to his, he wraps his arms around her, then after a few seconds pulls back looking at her, brushing his fingers through her hair, she nuzzles his hand with face closing her eyes, as she opens them he is looking down at her again, she crashes her lips to him, soon enough they get inside and in to her bedroom where he makes light work of making love to her.

The next morning she wakes to the pouring rain hitting against her window, her favourite weather, rain the relaxation of being inside and having it beating against he window, she climbs out of bed and heads to her living room, she makes a coffee and then stands at the window just watching the rain, some time later she feels arms around her and kisses on her shoulder, she turns her head “Morning...”

he smiles against her “Good morning ok?”

she nods and holds on to his hands “never better” he turns her to face him and pulls her in tight kissing her head, he pulls away pulling her armchair over to the window and sits down, then pulls her in to his arms she curls up in to him and they just sit together talking and relaxing.

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