Muddled Emotions

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Chapter 21

Later that evening after they had finished dinner, they begin cleaning, Ravens door goes and her dad enters, as she turns her dad is stood in the doorway “Hey dad!”

“What’s he doing here?” her dad looks angry, and Ray freeze’s and the colour goes from his face, Raven looks back and fourth between them

“ I missing something?” she gives out a nervous laugh

Aaron holds his hand out “get away from him..”

Raven raise’s her eyebrow and looks back at Ray who looks like his about to throw up “What’s happening...” a horrible feeling rises in her stomach

Aaron throws daggers at Ray and then looks back at his daughter “do you wanna tell her or should I!?” Ray swallows a lump in his throat, then hangs his head, Aaron looks back at him “he married her!”

Raven pulls a face “what?” Ray is stood and started crying

Aaron continues “He married the woman anyway, the one who had you kidnapped and beaten!”

Raven smiles then looks at Ray with a look to say yeah right “tell him his mistaken...” she looks at Ray with pleading eyes as her face goes serious “ wouldn’t....” Raven chokes on her tears “you married the woman who nearly...had me killed...”

Ray looks over at her, the betrayal and hurt on her face, he reaches for her “baby, I swear to you now there is more to it then that! you know I couldn’t hurt you like that!”

Aaron shakes his head “That’s not all though is it!”

Ray looks over just as confused as Raven and Aaron laughs “YOU MEAN you didn’t know! this is rich” they both wait for him to continue “I am so sorry Darling, Theo killed you’re mum”

Ray looks gobsmacked and angry at the same time, and Raven feels everything closing in, the carpet had been well and truly pulled from under her.

Raven stands looking defeated she looks down as the tears fall freely “I...I...” she can’t even say nothing she goes to walk out “I don’t want anyone near me... and keep the security away from me, I need to be alone...” she walks out.

Raven hadn’t felt so numb, the men in her life betrayed her, her mum was a liar, there was only one person she wanted to be around right now, she finds herself knocking on the door, the door swings open “Raven!”


Braxton looks at her he hadn’t seen her in such a state since the kidnap, he puts his arm around her and takes her inside “What’s wrong, talk to me”

With that she breaks down, and the tears come relentlessly, after Braxton gets her a strong drink he sits by her side, and slowly but surely she explains everything, Braxton is in shock himself “Oh Raven!” he pulls her in to a hug and holds her to comfort her, he hated seeing his little sister hurting like this, after a little while talking, a man enters the room, Raven looks up as does Braxton, he stands “Dad, this is my sister Raven, Raven this is my dad Freddie”

The man looked to be in his mid 30s possibly even early 30s but that wouldn’t make sense, brunette hair, had a friendly vibe to him though, he steps forwards holding his hand out , something in her didn’t quite make sense with this picture but she couldn’t put her finger on it “Pleased to finally meet you Raven, My son has told me so much about you!”

Raven gives him a smile “nice to meet you too sir..”

Freddie gives a chuckle “Please! call me Freddie!”

Raven smiles “Sorry...Freddie...”

Braxton and Freddie give her smile and Freddie talks again “So what’s happening, whatever I walked in to, seems tense...”

Braxton looks over Raven for reassurance and she gives him a nod, Braxton goes on to explain to his dad everything “Ahh hun that sounds rough! I am so sorry to hear about you’re mum”

Raven gives a bitter laugh “Honestly, I’m not...”

Freddie gives a nod to say he gets it “Well you’re welcome to stay here with us, isn't she, I promise you’re safe here, our home is yours!”

Raven gives them a smile then bursts in to tears, Freddie gives her hug “What is it?”

Raven smiles and shakes her head “I’d of given anything for a normal life, a normal dad, you’ve shown me so much kindness in the last 10 minutes then I've ever experienced, even when mum....”

Freddie hugs her a little tighter “Hey its ok! I get it and don’t you dare apologise for that woman! you two should never be mixed up in that business, good god If I’d of known she had you, I would of taken you too, you didn’t ask to be brought up in that mess!” he pulls Braxton in to the hug “I promise you now, I will look out for both of you ok!” He stands just cuddling both of them “let me get the guest room set up!” Freddie disappears upstairs

Raven gives Braxton a smile “his a good hit lucky with a dad like....that...”

Braxton cuddles her “he meant it too, I mean if I’d known about you sooner I would of sure as hell come looking for you too! we have each other now and that's all that counts ok!”

Raven nods “Thanks Brax...”

“Always, you’re my sister, I will look out for you always! us two are all the family we have and need”

She smiles then pain crosses her face “I need to pop back to my flat and get my stuff, I am not going back after either, once I feel more better, I'm gonna house hunt else where...”

Braxton smiles “You’re welcome here as long as you need Dad will tell you the same, but you stay here and I will go get you’re stuff...”

Raven raises her eyebrow “you would do that!”

Braxton nods “of course, just give me you’re keys, you can keep dad company”

Freddie enters again “his right hun, let him go, and I will make us a nice cuppa and we can get to talking properly!”

Raven nods and smiles “sure ok!” she hands Braxton her keys and Braxton heads out

“come on you, let’s get to the kitchen shall we!” Freddie leads her in to a beautiful modern kitchen which was spacious and pristine clean, she takes a seat, they sit chatting away, Raven found it easy to talk to him, he was so sweet genuine.

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