Muddled Emotions

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Chapter 22

Braxton gets to hers and begins packing all her stuff and loading his car up as he does, Jasper turns up “Where is Raven?”

Braxton turns “You need to stay away from my sister, she has been through way to much, and after what you put her through!”

Jasper hangs his head “I have no excuse, but I do love her" he looks at him loading the car "why are you taking her stuff?”

Braxton decides to tell him everything that has played out, Jasper stands in shock “oh my god, how is she?”

Braxton sighs “as expected, she will be staying with myself and my dad until she is back on her feet”

Jasper nods “I understand...” he looks rough defeated

Braxton thinks for a couple of minutes “I’ll tell you what... I will tell her you called, and whatever, but don’t expect a miracle, you hurt her bad, she has had a rough time...but I will kill you if you hurt her anymore, the last guy that claimed to love her married the woman that had her beaten”

Jasper nods “Thank you...I want my life back and it isn’t a life without her in it...marrying Molly was the biggest mistake of my life”

Jasper heads off as Braxton packs the last of her stuff in to his car.

Once he arrives home he enters the house, and see’s Freddie scooping Raven up in his arms, she is out for the count and he takes her up to her room, Braxton starts unloading her stuff and putting it neatly in to her room, then eventually heads to bed.

About 3 in the morning, Raven wakes up screaming and sweating, and crying hysterically, Freddie bursts in to the room alongside Braxton, she is sat up with her head on her knees trying to catch her breath, Freddie rushes over and sits beside her putting an arm around her giving her a cuddle, Braxton sits on the opposite side of her taking her hand in his “shh it's ok, what dream was it this time....?”

Raven looks up “the kidnap..” a pained look crosses her face

Freddie holds her closer protectively and is almost angry “What have they done to you...” he strokes her hair gently and lays back pulling her in to his arms “it’s ok son, go get some rest, I will look after her..”

Braxton is hesitant, Raven looks up then up at Freddie “Honestly guys I will be fine, I am used to it by now, but thank you...”

Freddie shakes his head “I will stay with you tell you fall back to sleep” she lays down and gets comfortable, Freddie isn’t sure why, whether it was knowing where her mum was from, what she did, or what she had been through but he was very protective of her and will make sure he will do anything to show she is safe and maybe just maybe he knew more about her than he cared to let on, and things were on track and going to plan.

The next morning Raven wakes feeling a little out of it but better for the rest, she stands, and heads down to the kitchen, where Freddie is sat at the table, he looks up as she enters “Good morning, how you feeling??”

Raven gives a smile “better for the rest... listen last night...I'm sorry you guys had to...”

Freddie shakes his head “It's ok, you’re having natural reactions to trauma...” Raven nods and sits down “would you like some coffee?”

“Yes please!” Freddie stands and starts making it for her “Brax at work?”

“Yeah left bright and early as usual! the boy works to hard!” he chuckles and she cant help but laugh along his laugh was so infectious “so you got any plans for today?”

Raven sighs “hmmm, I guess if I'm here indefinitely, getting settled would be a start, then track the progress of the library!”

Freddie looks over at her lighting up at the library part “library?”

She nods enthusiastically “yeah, I brought a library, and it's currently in the middle of renovations!”

Freddie grins “that’s amazing, I can see it means a lot to you!”

She nods “yeah, reading is my passions in life, I love getting lost in a book, anything to escape reality, something that can transport you to another world! when mum died, I went to our local one in town, Rose Corner, I met a lady Holly there, she got me the job there, and I worked there since then, until now, then everything went down, and I finally was able to buy the place, I wanted to restore it back to everything it once was! and now we are in the process of restoring it”

Freddie is just smiling away “That’s fantastic, it’s nice to see you so passionate about it, I can see it means a lot to you, well if there is anything we can do to help don’t hesitate to ask!”

Raven grins “Thank you Freddie, honestly you’ve done so much already I am grateful Braxton found his way in to my life, you too” she gets up kisses him on the cheek and heads up to her room to get things sorted and unpacked.

By the afternoon Raven was ready to head out as she goes down stairs Freddie is sat in the living room “Hey, how you feeling?” he gives her a warm smile

Raven smiles back “Better, I promise!”

Freddie nods “Hey I was thinking.... maybe I could come to Rose Corner with you?....” he looks down shy, like he kinda felt weird asking, but he wanted to be around her, he wanted to protect her from anything and just be in her presence

She smiles “Yeah...for sure!”

Freddie lights up “Really!?” Raven nods and grins, they get ready and head out.

Once they get there and enter, Ravens breath catches “WOW....”

Holly comes rushing over excited “RAVEN, YOU’RE HERE! It looks great doesn't it" after a brief pause "and who is this”

Raven takes a second admiring the way everything was coming together “Sorry, wow this place is looking better then I could of ever imagined...” after a few more seconds she shakes it off “Sorry Holly this is Freddie, Brax’s dad!”

Freddie holds his hand out and shakes Holly’s “pleasure meeting you!”

Holly smiles knowingly “and you”

Raven slowly walks around taking everything else in, Freddie follows “are you ok?”

Raven chokes on her tears “better then, this is incredible, better than I could ever envision! it's perfect” Freddie pulls her in to a hug, and they slowly take in everything around them.

Some time later, Aaron bursts through the door “RAVEN WHAT THE HELL!”

Raven turns to meet her dad, while Freddie and Holly are talking “Dad...”


Raven raise’s her eyebrow “and how would you know my flat was empty... I took you’re key back...”

Aaron stutters “THAT’S BESIDE THE POINT!”

“Is it?”

Aaron lashes out and grabs her arm and starts to yank her towards the door “NO GET OFF ME!”

Fear flashes through her as flashbacks of the beatings flash through her head, as she try’s to get away, Freddie appears and punches Aaron in the face and stands between Raven and Aaron “LOOK AT HER!”

Aaron looks over at Raven stood behind Freddie cowering back in tears, shaking, regret washes over him “Sweetheart...”

“you need to leave now!” Raven runs off in to the office.

A few minutes later, Aaron leaves not wanting to upset her anymore, Freddie heads nervously in to her office “Raven..”

Raven is sat curled in to herself still sobbing in to her arms, Freddie heads over and sits next to her “Why would he do that, after everything I went through...”

Freddie pulls her in to a cuddle she doesn't hesitate, and relaxes in to him, they talk it out for a little while.

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