Muddled Emotions

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Chapter 23

A few weeks later

It's late afternoon, early evening and Raven is home, Freddie and Braxton are out at work, so she spends the time cooking a meal just as she is finished and starts dishing up and setting the table both guys enter the house “HEY RAVEN!”

then she hears Freddie “What smells so good!”

they both enter the dining room and see Raven setting down plates of food “Hey guys, come in sit!”

Freddie and Braxton look at each other and smile, Freddie turns to her “what’s all this for!”

Raven sits with them “it’s more of a thank you, you have both been so good to me, it's the least I could do...”

Both guys smile and Freddie looks over at her “you have nothing to thank us for...” They all tuck in and enjoy the meal, once they had finished Raven begins to clean "leave this, we can do this, you cooked!”

Raven smiles and laughs “honestly you two go sit down, I got this!”

Braxton rolls his eyes “we can help!” Raven gives him daggers and they start laughing Braxton holds his hands up “OK.OK I’m going for a shower then!” Raven giggles at him and shakes her head as he rushes out the room and she gets back to cleaning up, and Freddie helps.

Once she finishes she plops down on the sofa with a massive exhale she rests her head back, Freddie pops his head around “cuppa? wine?”

Raven grins “oh god wine please!”

Freddie lets out a chuckle and heads back in to the kitchen, Braxton enters a few minutes later “I am gonna head to bed on early shift tomorrow, you gonna be ok?”

Raven smiles up at him “ know what I think I will be”

For the first time in a long time Braxton could see she was at ease and peace he leans down kisses her forehead “night sis, I love you”

Raven looks up “night Brax, I love you too”

Braxton shouts out as he heads back up stairs “NIGHT GUYS!”

Raven hears Freddie call out “Night!”

After a few minutes Freddie enters again and sits in the chair opposite her after handing her a glass of wine, they both sit down in a comfortable silence for a few minutes before either of them speak. Freddie is the first “you ok?”

Raven lifts her head and looks over at him with a warm and gentle smile “yeah.. I am actually, I haven't felt this able to breath in so long and its the best feeling in the world, after the last...” she takes a long inhale and exhale before she continues “few months, I didn’t think I’d get past any of it, ex’s reappearing, miscarriage, 2 men betraying me one with someone who had me kidnapped and beaten to a point where every one thought I was dead, a brother I knew nothing about and dad, who I am not sure if he actually cares....or wants to control me, finding out an ex was responsible for her has been one hell of a ride so far, but I finally feel at peace”

Freddie frowns listening to her talk, feeling her pain, it broke his heart he stands and sits next to her taking her hand in his, she gives him a smile “I am ok”

He gives her a smile back “I know but you didn’t deserve any of this Raven...”

Raven gives him a reassuring squeeze “I know but, maybe its because I am a strong enough person to handle it, maybe what I could handle would have broke someone else...” Freddie is absolutely speechless he looks over at her shaking his head, she smiles over raised eyebrow “what...”

He chuckles “You are amazing, I hope you know that, even when you have been through all that, and you still care more about other people...”

She looks over at him, but something in her takes over and she can’t control her urge to kiss him, she isn’t sure why but her lips crash to his, he freeze’s for a second but he doesn’t hold back, he cups her face leaning in to her, her breath hitches as she wraps her arms around his neck, he pulls her on to his lap, after a very heated make out session, sudden realisation hits her and she pulls back with her eyes shut “I'm so sorry....” she jumps up, what was wrong with her she feels horrible, she backs away

Freddie stands “wait”

Raven shakes her head and runs off to her room.

The next morning Raven gets out the house without being seen and heads back to Rose Corner as the next few days will be about the finishing touches before the grand opening the Monday coming, as she is busying herself a voice comes out behind her Ray is stood there, Raven freeze’s she feels him reach for her and she flinches away “Please leave me alone”


She spins “DON’T YOU DARE!” Ray cowers back “You sat by my bedside, preaching about how sorry you was about the whole situation, that you wanted to make it right, after telling me you thought I was dead...and you went on to marry her despite everything, well I hope you’re happy now at least, because I want nothing to do with you ever again!”

Ray reach’s for her again this time she turns punching him in the face with such force, he stumbles back “STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!”

She walks off in to the back once she is alone and cooled off, she looks over her hand and bruising is appearing across her hand and blood the punch was so hard she split her knuckles, she wraps it and breaks down at her desk, Holly knocks “Raven sweetie you in there?” she hears her crying and enters she takes one look at her and her hand “What happened!” she rushes over, taking the towel off and looking “Jesus! I’d like to see the injured party!”

Raven lets out a little giggle, then she turns to Holly “It was Ray..”

“Oh... then his lucky I wasn’t here to because I may be getting on but I’m not too old to give him a punch myself!” Raven lets out another giggle at her friend and her protective manner, Holly sits getting first aid and tending to her hand and wraps it, then she sits and they talk and finish plans and deadlines for Rose Corner.

Later that afternoon another knock comes “COME IN!” She looks up and Braxton enters, the first thing he notices is her hand bandaged


Raven rolls her eyes “I am fine, it’s nothing he didn't deserve!”

Braxton raises his eyebrow, then smirks “who go it?”

Raven giggles “Ray...”

Braxton shakes his head in disbelief “then I will allow this one, but seriously let me take a look?”

Raven stands “can you do it at home?”

Braxton nods “probably better I have my equipment there!” they head out to the car and drive home.

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