Muddled Emotions

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Chapter 24

Once they get in Braxton turns to her “go in to the kitchen let me grab my bag and we can get that seen to ok?!”

Raven laughs “you worry too much, I wasn’t kidding about self defence that night you know!”

Braxton bursts out laughing “I NOTICED! NOW MOVE IT!”

Raven throws her bag down and heads to the kitchen where Freddie is cooking, he turns “Hey... can we talk..”

“you wanna do this right now?....”

Freddie bites his lip and shakes his head “fair enough”

She nods “We will, just not here, not now...”

He nods in agreement then notices her hand “OH MY GOD, WHAT HAPPENED!”

As he says it Braxton enters “My little sister kicking ass ladies and gents, I really would of liked to of seen his face though! if you're hand looks like that, clearly someone has one hell of a right hook, note to self, never get on the wrong side of Raven!”

Raven laughs, then pain crosses her face “He had no right...”

Braxton sits and takes her hand and starts fixing her up “I know...what happened?”

She lets the tears fall and takes a deep breath “He showed up, trying to give me a story I guess, I told him I didn’t want nothing to do with him, he broke my heart once, I was stupid enough to fall for him again, he threw the miscarriage in my face then...married her...he tried to grab me so I punched him...”

Braxton lets out a laugh, Raven smirks, Freddie is angry though he snaps “it was stupid, you could of been seriously hurt!” Raven instantly stops smiling

Braxton turns in shock as does Raven “dad...”

“I’m sorry but we know who her dad is, what that gang is capable of!”

Raven bites her lip, as Braxton finishes she stands she turns to them “thanks Brax, and Freddie don't worry, as of tomorrow I am not longer you’re problem so they wont be yours!”

Freddie realises how it sounds “Wait that's..”

Raven leaves and heads upstairs, she shuts her door and gets changed and puts her music on quietly, she sits on her bed, she actually hadn't of thought of that, what if being here was putting them at risk, she didn't want that, she pulls out her laptop and starts looking for somewhere to live.

After a little time a knock comes “Sis?”

Raven sighs “come in Brax...”

Braxton nervously enters and walks over to her and sits beside her “Dad never...”

“It’s ok Brax, his right regardless, mum must of put him through hell....then I appear, and put both you in danger because of my thug ass dad... I can’t...” the build up gets to much and she bursts in to tears

Braxton pulls her in to a hug “Don’t put this on yourself, we can take care of our self, I am just more concerned about you....”

“I will be ok Brax..." after a little more time she speaks again "weren't you going out tonight?” Braxton looks down at her looking guilty “GO!!!”

“No, I just..”

“Brax I am fine, go enjoy yourself, don't put you're life on hold for me, please!”

Braxton rolls his eyes “fine but you have my number you need anything you drop me a message!” She nods, he gives her hug then heads out.

She pulls the laptop back to her lap and breathes out, she sticks her music on some time after the front door shuts, a knock her door goes “Raven? please can I come in?”

She thinks for a fair few minutes and then she calls for Freddie to come in he enters with his head down, he looks sad and defeated he looks like his been crying, Raven looks up at him confused “Raven I am so sorry, What I said wasn’t how I meant it...”

She shakes her head trying not to cry too “you were right though, It’s selfish to put you both of you at risk....which is why I am leaving...” she can’t contain her self and the tears begin

“please don't...” he walks over and nervously sit's beside her

"I have to, to keep you two safe...I would never forgive myself if something happened to either you...”

“ it because of me...what happened...”

Raven shakes her head “No..”

He looks at her with pleading eyes, and gently cups her face and kisses her, he was gentle with her like she was fragile... when she opens her eyes she looks up at him “what was that for?”

“because I need to tell you something, and It could make you...hate me too....”

Raven has a sinking feeling “oh’re married...”

Panic washes over him “god no! no!”

Raven is slightly relieved but still scared “well what is’re scaring me”

“I'm not Braxton’s biological dad...”

Raven is stunned to silence after a few moments “does he know?” Freddie nods “then why are you telling me now?”

Freddie is terrified, fear is in his eyes, Raven takes his hands in encouragement “Talk to me...”

Freddie shuts his eyes “his you’re dads...”

Raven is thrown back in shock again “Does he know, in fact do both of them...? she chokes on her sob as Freddie nods “And no one told me, well I am not mad at you if that's what you think, because at least one of you had to decency to tell me...!” her heart breaks “why the secrets...”

Freddie puts his head in his hands “you’re dad got in to a fight with you’re mum about Braxton taking over the “family business” so to speak about which gang he should be leader of, I knew you’re mum for a while, nothing ever happened between us, but I was Braxton's god father, which is how he came to me after you're mum passed, and Brax wanted nothing to do with either of them or their gangs, he wanted a normal life and who could blame him”

Before he got to carry on Raven buts in “or...he could of ended....up like me..”

Freddie looks at her in horror “GOD NO! you are the most amazing woman I have ever met! when myself and Brax found out about you, we started looking immediately! We knew once Aaron got wind of you’re mum’s passing, it was only a matter of time that he got to you, and Brax was so angry, he didn't want you to have to face what he did, but by the time we did, he got his claws in deep, Brax found you’re address and what not and found you’re address and had to find out if it was really you before we did anything drastic, then once we had it confirmed the only place he could get to you without Aaron stopping it was that ball, I was so happy for you guys to of found each other, then when I came in to see you guys together, everything was worth it, then as I got to know you, I know you probably don’t wanna hear this but you’re gonna, I started to fall for you, and when you kissed me that night, everything felt so right, like it was falling in to place, I know it probably seems weird given circumstances but...”

Before he finished, she crashes her lips to his, she couldn’t deny the feelings around him or that she had for him, the magnetic pull between them, it was so wrong but so right, he hesitates for a split second, but wraps his arms around her, the taste of salt is there a little from their tears, she gently straddles him, cupping his face leaning in to his kiss, he holds her tight against himself, like he would never hold her or feel her again, she pulls back and looks in to his eyes, as he holds her tighter “I feel it too, but if we do this or something comes from this we need to tread carefully, I don’t wanna hurt brax...”

He gently cups her face with his hand brushing her cheek with his thumb “Brax already knows....”

She freaks a little “What!”

“Wait before you run, he could see it before we could... his happy for this, we aren't actually doing anything wrong...which is why he asked me to tell you”

she rests her head against his “ok...but we still tread carefully...and take this slow, I don’t wanna ruin this”

He nods in agreement “Me either” he leans in kissing her again, she sits up and rests her head on his then he pulls her down and they lay down and he pulls her in to his arms, she rests her head on his chest, as he strokes her hair

After a little while she looks up at Freddie “I am going to see him tomorrow...”

Freddie looks down concerned knowing exactly what she was talking about “Please...”

She places her finger gently over his mouth, then leans up trailing kisses along his jaw and mouth “It’s gonna be ok, I promise... I will protect you two at all costs!”

“That’s what I am afraid of...”

Raven gently plants her lips to him, she lays down and eventually they both fall asleep.

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