Muddled Emotions

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Chapter 25

The next morning she heads down stairs, Braxton and Freddie are sat at the table “If you’re gonna talk me out of this, I don't wanna hear it!”

Braxton stands “we aren't gonna talk you out of this, but I’m coming too!”

“Nope, no way, I told you I'm not having either of you two come to harm because of that spineless man! besides there is someone I got to go to first...”

Both men look at her confused. “where?”

She takes a deep breath “Theo's...”

Freddie jumps up “WHAT WHY!”

“because I think, Aaron ordered the hit against mum, and I know he will tell me the truth he owes me that much!”

Both of them sit stunned “All the more for me to come with you! If he can do that!”


Braxton is getting a little wound up “I HAVE JUST GOT YOU I AM NOT LOSING YOU NOW! IM COMING OR YOU DONT GO AT ALL!”

“Excuse me?!”

“Not like that, you’re my sister Raven, I lost all those years... I just got you in my life, I wont let that man ruin it now!”

Raven thinks “Fine...I am going to get ready.” She leaves and heads upstairs.

Freddie turns to Braxton “Look after her please...please be careful I can't lose either of you”

Braxton nods “we will come back to you, that I promise you, we sure on the names as well? I want you two to work and don’t wanna make it weird by her hearing me call you dad”

Freddie smiles and nods “of course”

Sometime later Raven comes down ready and on a mission, Braxton turns “See you soon Freddie”

Raven looks at them confused as Braxton walks out “What was that!”

Freddie pulls her in to his arms “we decided we didn't want it to be weird for you, hearing you’re brother call me dad, and considering I am NOT we thought it be fitting for first name...”

Raven looks choked up “you guys don't...”

Freddie crashes his lips to hers after a brief moment he pulls back “he only started calling me over the last couple of years, I want this, I want us, and most of all I want you...” she leans in and kissing him gently as he pulls back after a couple of minutes he looks her in the eyes “come back to me...” She smiles and nods “promise?”

She kisses him again “Promise..”

Soon enough she heads out and both her and Braxton are on their way to Theo's.

Once they are there Raven rings the door bell, Theo opens the door “RAVEN!”

“Can we come in...” Theo nods and leads them to the living room and they sit “Theo, I am going to ask you something, I need the truth... I cant take anymore deceit, more importantly I know when you lie....”

Theo has fear wash over him “ok, I promise...”

Raven takes a deep breath “Did my dad...Aaron...order the hit on my mum?” Theo looks as if he is going to throw up and after a couple of minutes he nods “I thought so...did you have any part in it?” Theo hangs his head and then shakes his head “Thank you Theo...”

Braxton and Raven stand, Theo follows “Where you going!”

Raven looks at him “THIS ENDS NOW...thank you for giving me the truth”

“What if he hurts you...”

“He wont but if he does, I have my doctor here” she nudges and smiles at Braxton but he goes pale


“It’s going to be ok!”

“I am coming too then!”

“Theo no...”

“I owe you, If I can be there to protect you guys then I will....”

Raven looks on and smiles “Ok...fine.”

They all jump in to the car and head to Aaron’s. Raven was feeling sick and the nerves were starting to take over. As they pull up they go to head in, before they reach the office she turns to the boys “I'm doing this part alone, Ok, stay out here, sorry” She heads in and shuts the door, Phil waits outside with the boys and Michael follows her in.

Braxton and Theo stand feeling sick waiting, from behind them Ray appears “what's going on...” Theo explains, Braxton moves away from him “we have to go in there!”

Braxton pushes him back “FOR ONCE RESPECT MY SISTER!”

Ray raises his fist and but Theo is quicker “DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!” Ray looks surprised and sits down.

Inside the room, Raven stands strong “Aaron”

Aaron looks up confused “What’s going on?!”

“When was you gonna tell me DADDY? that Braxton was not only my brother but YOU’RE SON! or the fact you had mum killed!”

He looks a little surprised, and then a cold look washes over him, like a switch had been flicked and a completely new person was stood there “Well Theo squealed then!”

“He didn’t need to.. I work that out myself when Freddie and Brax filled me on everything else...”

“Oh I do have a clever child, maybe you should be the one to take over here!”

“No chance! I want nothing to do with you ever again! I HATE YOU, YOU’RE A MURDERER, MAYBE MUM WAS IN THE WRONG BUT, YOU ARE WORSE!”

In one swift movement he pulls a gun “How ironic the daughter will die with the same gun that killed her mum!” he lets out a spiteful laugh, but Raven jumps him, and they struggle after a few split seconds the gun goes off and rings out.

Raven stumbles back in shock, she looks down and blood is seeping through her top, the pain radiates through her, as her tears spill over, Aaron is looking on in shock as the gun drops to the floor, the door burst open and another gun goes off “RAVEN!”

She turns slowly holding her stomach, blood oozing over her hands and dripping down in to a puddle on the floor, Braxton runs to her and catches her before she falls, he gently lays her down “RAVEN, STAY WITH ME” he starts crying trying to get the bleeding to stop, Ray and Theo are standing behind watching on, after a few minutes an ambulance and police arrive, by this time Raven has lost consciousness “COME ON SIS!”

The paramedics get to work, Braxton stands, and follows them, he gets the phone out calling Freddie a distraught Freddie is crying down the phone, after what seemed like the longest ride ever they arrive at the hospital, Freddie is outside, he watches the paramedics wheeling her off the ambulance and the amount of blood every where all over the floor and covers, used material's used to help stop her bleeding it looked like a blood bath literally, then he spots Braxton covered in her blood “BRAX!” Braxton is still in shock, he stares at his hands Freddie walks over to him “What happened!”

Brax try’s to talk but can’t, they head inside and wait. The police question Braxton as best as they can. But for the best part all they can do is wait...

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