Muddled Emotions

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Chapter 26

A few hours later a doctor finally comes in “Raven’s family?” They nod as they stand “well we should tell you, that we did lose her for 7 minutes due to the amount of blood loss” everyone in the room chokes on their tears “but she is a fighter, we took her straight to surgery and managed to mend the damage, and remove the bullet, she is one hell of a lucky girl, a few inches one way it would of hit a vital organ, she has had to have a couple of blood transfusions but I am pleased to say she will make a full recovery! she is in recovery and will be out of it for a few hours, but you are welcome to go in”

Everyone in the room, exhale, Braxton drops to his knees, Freddie drops beside him and pulls him in to a hug, after a little bit Braxton stands “come on Freddie, lets go in....”

They both head in and there she is, extremely pale, the wound was covered they both sit either side of her taking each of her hands “Oh Raven... what the hell happened! why didn't you let us in with you!”

Freddie kisses her hand “I’m here baby...come back to us...” he shuts his eyes and rests his head on her hand.

Later that evening, Raven comes to, she looks around a little, pain radiates through her stomach “Brax...”

Braxton jumps up as does Freddie “RAVEN!”

Freddie leans down as relief washes over them, he leans down kissing her forehead, lingering there a few seconds. Braxton looks at her “are you in any pain..”

Raven nods a little “Yeah..”

Braxton stands and heads out to get a doctor, Freddie holds her hand “I thought I had lost you!”

Rebel smiles a little “not that easily I'm can't keep a good woman down” she gives out a broken laugh, He shakes his head “I know too soon for jokes”

The doctor enters “AHHH Miss Angelo welcome back...You’re brother tells me you’re in a fair amount of pain..” Raven nods “We will sort that right out!” he sorts the IV line out “Give that a few minutes and that will kick in, if you need anything just buzz ok!” he places the call button in reach for her

Raven nods, she looks up at Braxton “Where is he....”


“It started with talking, he admitted to having mum killed, he reached for the gun, apparently the same one he killed her with....I couldn’t just stand there, so I jumped him, we struggled and the gun went off...I am not sure he even meant it or that he was going to do it at all.... the next thing I knew my blood was everywhere and you guys were breaking down the door, then nothing....” Freddie squeezes her hand, she holds his tighter, he rubs her hand with his thumb “I'm ok...”

Freddie shakes his head “she says after being clinically dead for 7 minutes, and a bullet hole in you’re stomach and 2 blood transfusions later!”

“I was...dead...” she swallows the lump in her throat. Freddie and Braxton look at her and nod “I'm so sorry...” she starts to cry

Freddie stands and gently cuddles her “Hey, No I am sorry...we were just so scared...we generally thought we had lost you!” They sit and talk for a bit.


Raven was up and out of bed, and finally being discharged, she packs up her stuff her door opens she turns Jasper is there “Raven!”

She spins so quick she grabs her stomach as pain goes through her “OUCH!”


Raven takes some deep breaths and sits “What the hell are you doing here!”

“I needed to see you was ok?!”

“Bit late for that, besides what do you care anyway!”

“I deserved that.... please...give me another chance!”

“you had you’re chance, you chose her anyway”

“because I thought we had a baby together!”

“thought which means its now you come running back to me!”

“That is not how it is at all”

“I don’t wanna hear it Jasper, you had you’re chance, you married her for the worst possible reason and not even 100% the baby was even yours, besides you’re too late!”

“What’s that supposed to mean!!”

As if on cue, Freddie enters “Hey baby, you ok...” he looks between them and back at her “SHIT BABY YOU’RE BLEEDING!”

Low and behold she looks down and blood is seeping through her top “DAMN IT!”

“Let me get the doctor!” Freddie heads out

Jasper stands “who’s he?”

“A man who picked up the pieces when it counted, when you lot ripped me apart and left me there, the man....I'm in love with...” she laughs to herself “I am not sure why it took me so long but I do”


“Please leave” Freddie enters with the doctor, The doctor asks them to wait outside.

“leave my girlfriend alone..”

“No chance I loved her first, I may have made my mistakes but I ain't giving up on her!”

“well that's tough mate, you guys had you’re chance, I love her so much, I will never make her feel how you lot did! and left her fighting everything alone”

A few minutes later the doctor gives her the all clear and tells her to take it easy for the next few weeks, Freddie heads back in a few minutes later with a wheelchair, Raven looks up at him raised eyebrow laughing “you’re having a laugh right?”

Freddie chuckles and leans down kissing her, after a few seconds “mmmm, nope baby, total rest” he even lifts her from the bed and in to the chair, she pulls a face at him as if to say now his taking the mick, he bursts out laughing “get used to it baby!” he leans down picking up her stuff and then wheels her down to the car, once they are outside, he gently helps her up and in to the car, making sure she is comfortable, she gives a little whimper “you ok?”

She nods “Just a little tender...”


she takes his hand “you have nothing to be sorry for” she pulls him down gently and lays a kiss on him, she pulls back smiling.

Within half hour later they are home, he gently helps her out the car, as he does, Braxton is running out the house to help “you two need to stop fussing!”

“PFFF no chance” Braxton rolls his eyes as he says it, they help her in and sit her down.

Raven lets out a huge sigh “It’s good to be back..”

Braxton smiles “I think I speak for both of us when I say its good to have you back! its been.....quiet without you”

Braxton and Freddie burst out laughing as Raven pulls a face mocking them, she shakes her head, Freddie leans down kissing her head “want a cuppa?” she smiles up

“That would be amazing, thank you!” he heads out and Braxton sits beside her

“how you feeling really?”

She gives him a reassuring smile “I am ok Brax... I promise, yeah I had a little bit of a scare, when I realised that bullet had hit me, before the shock set in, I thought it was all over, so many thoughts went through my mind, but the one that broke me most was seeing you when I turned around, I will never forget that face Brax, you were so terrified and I thought I had screwed everything up, I mean I had just got you, and Freddie in my life and I risked it so I could get answers to what I already knew...I”

Braxton gently pulls her in to a hug “Hey....” Raven starts to tear up “you listen here, you were hurting, and it was selfish of us to ask you not to go in the first place, and yes I was horrified and terrified, when you turned around and I saw all that blood, my doctor instincts kicked in and from where I was sat it wasn’t looking good.... then once the paramedics started working on you, I had to call Freddie I knew he had to be there in case....”

Raven shakes her head “lets not, I died briefly to my absolute horror, but you two were what I was fighting for, the last thought before I passed out and the first when I came too” Braxton cuddles in to her.

Freddie had heard everything, he got emotional hearing it all, and knowing he was part of thoughts which could of very possibly been her last, he had to show and tell her how he felt for her now that it was painfully clear she obviously felt the same, he heads back in handing her a cuppa, he looks over at Braxton ” can I have a word?” Braxton smiles and stands and they head off in to the other room after about 10 minutes.

Raven sits nursing her tea, as she checks the time “BRAX!”

Braxton comes running back in with Freddie in tow “What's wrong!”

“Sorry...its time for the dressing to be changed...”

Braxton checks his watch “Oh shit sorry Raven get comfy and I will get dressings ok!”

Braxton heads back in to the other room and Freddie heads over to her and helps her lay down and get comfy, Braxton shows Freddie how to change the dressing for when he wasn't here and it needed to be done, once they had finished, Freddie helps her sit back up “Thanks guys!” Freddie sits at her side

Braxton stands “I am going to have a shower, I have work in the next hour, as for you sis, take it easy!” Raven sticks her tongue out at him and they all laugh “Mature little sister! Mature!”

She gives him a huge grin “THANK YOU!” Braxton heads up stairs

Raven tucks herself in to Freddie's arms, he leans his head on to hers, treating her as if she was glass and was handling her with care “God I missed you”

Raven looks up at him “I missed you too” he gently cups her face and kisses her

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