Muddled Emotions

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Chapter 28

As she backs a little more, she feels arms go around her, she starts to freak out and starts hitting out “NO!”

“Baby its me, it's me look!” Raven looks up to see Freddie and she instantly relaxes “It’s ok baby” he shoots daggers up at Ray “I think you need to leave” Freddie holds her close and walks her well away, he looks down at her “you ok ?”

“What are you doing here?”

“Didn’t think I’d miss you’re first night back did you!”

Raven gives a smile “You mean...”

He gently cups her face “Baby, I would never be against this, I want you to have normal again as soon as you’re ready for it, you’re ready and that's brilliant, I will support you whatever you choose, and while on that note, you looked incredible up there, you’re voice is so mesmerizing, I am so proud of you”

Raven just crashes her lips to his, he kisses her back passionately, she pulls away “Let's go home....”

Once they get back, she takes his hand and leads him up the stairs with a seductive look “come to bed”

He raises his eyebrow “You sure, I mean...” she stops and kisses him

“I want you, I wanna show you just how much I love you...”

He looks at her in surprise “I love you too!” his heart leaped with joy, they finally got to the stage to say it and now to show it, he just wants her body on his, for them to become one in every way, he crashes his lips to hers and sweeps her in to his arms and gently carry's her to the bedroom laying her down, she is a little hesitant “What’s wrong , if you don’t want this right now that's ok baby!”

Raven looks down holding her stomach “It’s...not that...I do so much...”

He realises she is feeling a little self conscious of the scarring left from the bullet and surgery, he takes her hand kissing it, he gently lifts her top off, he looks over her and gently kisses her scar as he sits up he looks at her “Baby you are beautiful, never be ashamed of you’re battle wounds, it makes you who you are, and I wouldn’t change a second of it or any part of you...”

That was all she needed to hear and things heat up again, he makes love to her, after they are wrapped around each other, both content, happy. He wraps her up in his arms “I love you baby...”

Raven looks up at him smiling “I love you too, more than anything in the world” he kisses her gently and they talk for a few hours before falling asleep in their bubble.

The following day Raven wakes and goes to head down stairs, as she does she hears Freddie and Braxton having a heated argument “You need to tell my sister!”

“I will, I have only just got her! I can’t lose her now, not after everything she has been through! and everything that's had to happen to get here!”

“You need to tell her before I do, or she finds out in a worse way”

Raven sits wondering for a few seconds then heads up to shower. Once she comes back down the boys had left, she shrugs and heads in to the kitchen.

A few hours pass and Raven is sit reading one of her books in the living room and the door bell goes, she heads to open it and when she does a female late 20s blonde hair, blue eyes very attractive is stood in from of her, she raise’s her eyebrow at her “can I help you?”

The blonde in question is stood looking at her in confusion too “Tiffany...and I hope so is Freddie here?”

A sickness rises in Raven’s stomach she try’s to brush it off “Ummm no, can I ask who’s asking?”

Tiffany raise’s an eyebrow “his wife...and you are, considering you’re in his house?!”

Raven feels her heart shatter, she composes herself “I’m Braxton’s sister...”

Tiffany is a little shocked but grins “I am so happy he found you!”


Tiffany nods “yeah when I was up this way last he was so excited he had a sister, and I knew he was looking, anyway don’t mind me, I need to get to work, if you could tell him I called by!”

Raven just nods and watches this woman walk off, her heart shatters “How could he lie to me....”

Raven heads up stairs she has 2 hours before the boys arrive home and she isn’t staying anymore, she is done with every one lying to her and keeping secrets, she needs to get away, she starts packing her bag once she is finished gathering everything she heads to the kitchen and writes a letter to both of them

“To Freddie & Brax

This is just a letter to say goodbye, it might not be forever, but at least for now, I met Tiffany... she seems nice...I overheard you both this morning but I stupidly gave you both the benefit of the doubt, you both lied to me, after everything the last few months have thrown at me, I never thought that the 2 people I care about the most could do what the others had, but I should of learned that by now, if things are too good to be true they probably are, Rose Corner will be left in the care of Holly of course, Brax I love you big bro, but you still lied too, I can’t and probably won’t be mad at you forever please keep an eye on Holly for me please, I will reach out when I feel a bit better, and thanks for giving me a home for the last few months!

goodbye, Raven xx

Raven grabs her bags and heads out.

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