Muddled Emotions

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Chapter 3

The next morning, Raven wakes heading down stairs Theo had obviously gone to work, he left a note telling her if she wanted to hang around tell he got back she was welcome to, she walks around and she finds a office tucked away at the back of the house, she heads in walking around, as she gets up to the desk a sick feeling tugs at her, scattered all over the desk surveillance pictures of her from months before he had even met her, pages and pages of info on her, her life all in front of her, what was this, who the hell was he, she digs through it all page by page, everything had been a lie, he knew who she was, every little detail about her was there in black and white, but clearly she knew nothing about him...but why.

Raven runs back through the house grabbing her stuff and running out in tears confused and let down.

Raven lay’s at home in bed terrified and confused, was she in danger, he had been hunting her, she didn't like the word hunted but that's exactly what it looked like and felt like, and for weeks before they even spoke that's why he was there every week before hand, he knew everything there was to know about her, including her mums death not all of it but some of it and everything in between, there was even a little info on Ray, this man had played her like a fiddle.

Her phone buzzes off she checks it “Hey baby, saw you wasn't here when I got back, I miss you so much, I love you” she runs to the bathroom and throws up, he didn't love her, how could he, he was after something but she wasn’t sure what and to make it worse he had lied to her to worm his way in, she had told him all her weakness’s things she didn't tell no one not even her mum, he gained her trust fed off her, then kicked her where it hurt, he abused her trust.

The next few days pass and she ignores every call text and attempt of him contacting her, this hurt her more than anything, she took a chance on love again and he promised the world, set it alight then left her there to burn in it.

Raven sits reading her book at her desk, as she looks up a panicked Theo was heading through the door, her heart shatters all over again, she stands and heads in the back.

Holly stands with rage rising in her, Theo rushes over to the desk “Can I speak to Raven please”

Holly laughs sarcastically “you can but she ain't listening sweetheart, HOW DARE YOU RUIN THAT GIRL! HOW COULD YOU! WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?”

Theo looks at her confused “Excuse me?”

Holly looks him up and down “she knows about you’re little conquest HUN, she found you’re little catalogue of photos and info on her, like some class A STALKER, gaining that poor girls heart and trust and then getting a hammer and smashing the shit out of it, as if that girl hasn’t been through enough, who the hell do you think you are and where the HELL do you get off doing that to someone it's cruel and heartless! and to think I told her to take a chance on you, she was right to run, and if I have my way she will keep running”


Raven is sat in the back listening on, balling her eyes out, after Holly had given him the biggest ear bashing of all time she shuts up and heads in the back and they talk together for a few hours until Raven feels a little better.

Later that evening, as she wraps up she heads out, and Theo comes out of nowhere “Wait please!”

Raven picks up her pace, he relentlessly follows she spins round “BACK OFF! I DONT KNOW WHY YOU’RE MAKING THIS HABIT OUT FOR STALKING AND FOLLOWING ME, BUT IT STOPS NOW! YOU STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM ME DO YOU HEAR!” Raven runs out and jumps in her car speeding off home.

As she gets home she pours herself a glass of wine and heads out on the balcony trying to wrap her head around everything.

The next couple of weeks go in a blur, Theo tried to talk but Raven was so hurt, she heads in to work, half way through the day Theo shows again “RAVEN!” Raven get’s up to leave “BEFORE YOU DO, JUST LISTEN, YES I WAS SENT TO FOLLOW YOU, BUT AS TO WHY, I CAN’T TELL YOU...AND THAT hurts me to say that, I will, just now isn’t the time, but I did the worst thing ever and started to fall for you...Every feeling, everything we feel is real, and I want to be able to explore that together, I love you that’s real too, please...”

Raven is rooted to the floor “so you regret falling for me...” the light leaves her eyes

He looks at her panicked knowing he never meant it like that “NO GOD no... never...I could never regret it for a second...”

She turns back and he walks over to her, he cups her face “Please, give me a chance..”

Raven fights with her thoughts for a few minutes “I...I...”

He gently kisses her, running his fingers through her hair. He rests his head against her “Let me show you, how great we could be, let me protect you!”

She looks up at him confused “protect me? from what?”

He panics a little “I mean in general!”

She looks up at him “Why...”

“I’ve never met anyone like you Raven, you look at the world with different eyes it is so refreshing, you’re smart, beautiful, intriguing...” He goes to carry on but she crashes her lips to his, she feels him relax under her touch, relief washes over them both just holding and feeling each other once again. He leans his head back on to hers “let me come over tonight, I will cook for us....I will do whatever it takes to make it up to you” she nods against him, he kisses her again “Thank you! for believing in me"

1 YEAR ON...

Raven and Theo are completely smitten and planning their future and have been inseparable, and things seem to settle down as time went on.

Theo heads out to work as does Raven, on her way in though she is confronted by the same man she saw Theo having that heated conversation with before at the club, he walks over to her with two men behind him she felt completely intimidated, and uneasy “can I help you?”

The strange man smiles “actually yes...Theo isn’t who you think he is, you should stay away from him, If I were you, he will only hurt you!”

Raven laughs in shock “why does that concern you?”

The man squints at her, treading carefully “It just does, he isn’t good enough for you”

Raven starts to feel uneasy and sick “excuse me?”

The man thinks for a second “if you want answers meet me here tonight at 8”

Raven takes the card with an address on it and his name Aaron “I'm guessing you’re name is Aaron? by the card, and why should I trust you? I don’t know you from Adam? or well Aaron”

The man nods “Yes I am Aaron, and you’re Raven right? because this would be a little embarrassing if I had the wrong person....and if you want answers then I guess you will show, but please, I can promise you now, you will be safe”

Raven looks at this man confused but with curiosity “how can I know, you will keep you’re promise?”

Aaron gives her a serious look “I’m a man of my word, my word is my bond, and if I am warning you off some one, surely that means I care for you’re safety?”

Raven nods in agreement and understanding but still cautious “I guess but why would my safety be you’re concern?”

Aaron takes her hand in his “Please come tonight, I’ll explain everything to you...”

Raven looks up at him and nods “ok...”

“Thank you Raven I’ll see you tonight...” Raven heads off to work, thinking over that conversation.

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