Muddled Emotions

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Chapter 30

Raven wakes hours later, early hours still and it’s still dark outside, she looks over at a sleeping Freddie beside her, she gently brushes her fingers through his hair and then heads down stairs she makes herself a tea then heads in to the living room she puts the radio on quietly , and plops down on the sofa, resting her legs on the coffee table and nursing her tea, she rests her head back, after a couple of hours she noticed its starting to get light, she stands as she does, Freddie comes in “good morning baby”

Raven smiles up at him “good morning” he leans down gently kissing her, brushing his fingers through her hair

“You sure you’re ok?”

She smiles up at him “of course...”

He raise’s his eye brow “hmmm”

She giggles at him, putting her arms around him, she looks him in the eyes “I’ve missed you so much...” she leans up planting her lips to his

He smiles down at her “Not as much as I have missed you!” as he kisses her again her door goes, she heads out to answer.

As she swings it open a complete stranger is stood there, a good looking one at that and extremely good looking one, after a few seconds she speaks “sorry can I help you?”



“I'm so sorry Raven, where are my manners” he holds his hand out “I am Keith!”

Raven stands confused “Should I know you?”

“No of course not, but I really hope we get to know each other... maybe we can meet up somewhere and chat...”

Raven raise’s her eyebrow “Ummm.. ok.. I think that should be ok” how did he know her name...she had to get answers

“How about the café by Rose Corner? 12?”

Raven nods, from behind Freddie comes out “Raven you ok?”

he looks up at the stranger with a familiar feeling “Who’s this?”

Raven looks back at him then back at Keith “This is Keith...”

After introductions are made and arrangements made for lunch Freddie and Raven heads in. Freddie remembers who it is and doesn't want her meeting him but can't express it without raising suspicion “You aren’t seriously going are you?!”

“ummm.. yes! why not?”

“His a complete stranger for Christ sake!”

“This isn’t up for discussion Freddie...”

“oh so you’re making all the decisions now?”

“for myself yes, like the grown ass woman I am! a man comes to MY door and gives MY name and you expect me to walk away”

“why would you jeopardize everything! you’re safety, us, you’re life!”

She looks on in shock and laughs sarcastically “us? so if I go you’re going to end it?”

“If that’s what it takes!”

“fine, show yourself out”


“Get off me, and get out!” Raven heads up to shower, as she stands under the water, her tears are washed away “how could he do this...."

A few hours later she heads out to meet Keith.

As she enters the coffee shop, Keith is sat in the corner, she heads to get a drink then heads over to the table, Keith stands and kisses her on the cheek and then they take a seat, after a little bit of a silence, he begins to talk “I know you must have questions, and I promise to answer them all....”

Raven nods and thinks “ok who are you and how do you know me is a start....”

Keith nods and smiles of course “Well I am Keith and I’m 30 and....I temporarily lead the gang you’re mum used to be part of...” Raven stands to leave, panic goes through Keith “PLEASE WAIT...I PROMISE I WON’T HURT YOU!”

Raven laughs “that’s what my dad said...”

Keith raise’s his eyebrow “his been in contact?”

Raven raise’s her eyebrow and nods “yes, shot me too...after promising just that...” she lifts her top up to show the scarring

Horror goes across his face, then replaced with anger “then you haven’t met him...”

Raven laughs “sorry?”

Keith looks at her “Simon? you’re dad?”

Raven looks at him in horror.... “Simon? you mean Aaron?”

Keith shakes his head “NO, oh my god Aaron shot you!”

Raven loses colour “I can’t do this..”

Keith stands, Raven backs away but she goes faint and collapse’s, Keith is straight to her side.

A few hours later she wakes in her house, feeling a little woozy, she stands and heads down stairs as she does Keith is stood in the front room “Hey....”

“Hey.. there was me thinking it was some messed up dream....”

Keith looks down sad “I am afraid not...”

“I need to know everything and soon, because I'm so confused right now... and my head can't be scrambled anymore”

“I completely understand...I promise you, I will take it slow ok...” Raven nods and sits and waits for him to start “So, you’re dad is Simon Andrews, he is on my side of things... so to speak I imagine you know what I mean?” he looks at her and she nods “well Aaron is the head of the rival gang...and you were betrothed to his son...”

Raven looks up in horror “BRAXTON!”

Keith shakes his head “That isn’t his son, his just one of his men...”

Raven shakes her head in disbelief “so Braxton isn't my brother?”

Keith shakes his head “god no! you are an only child....”

Raven can’t help but laugh in shock “so who is his son...”

Keith looks down “I...”

Raven starts to freak a little “WHO”

Keith looks down biting his lip “Freddie...”

Ravens hand fly's to her mouth as she screams, she starts to cry, Keith sits beside her holding her hand “Hey...I am so sorry..”

Raven shakes her head “Just tell me the rest please....” she wants to hear it quick because she isn't sure how much more she can hear without running

Keith nods “Ok, well as I said you guys were “meant” to be together, you’re mum made the arrangement a deal so to speak, just after you were born, but you’re dad Simon who was leading this gang originally and you’re biological dad, wasn’t having any of it he refused point blank, anyway they fought and you’re mum fled with you and I am guessing that deal was made, you name only appeared recently we had to trace it back a bit as you changed it, but we found you and clearly there is a lot we didn’t know on our part...”

Raven sits in shock listening “so a man who was willing to do anything to get me to marry his son, pretended to be my father, had someone pretend to be my brother, and I Walked in to the arms of Freddie willingly... they manipulated all this to their will, then I got shot, and now I get why...I...even falsifying a DNA test”

Keith pulls her in to a hug, she takes it and cry’s in to him “It’s ok and I know it may be hard to believe we are willing to do tests and stuff to prove it but we will make sure you have control on it so you know they can’t be tampered with” she just nods, he door goes “wait here ok... I will get this” Raven just nods and puts her head in to her hands, As she looks up Ray comes in with Keith

“Oh god not you too...”

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