Muddled Emotions

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Chapter 31

“Hey Birdie...”

Raven rubs her temples “and who’s side is he on...”

Ray looks down “Keith’s... so is Tiffany...”

Raven looks confused “let me guess you two..”

Ray chuckles “God no! she’s my sister!”

Raven shakes her head “Of course she is....”

Ray sits beside her “ Keith and the gang only found out recently when I first joined Aaron's side, I had to drop all communication with Keith and was only allowed to find him again when it was absolutely necessary, and I call you being shot as necessary, Listen birdie...Aaron arranged the marriage for me and that horrendous thing she is on his side of course, his daughter.. he was trying to get you with Freddie from the start... he had to keep throwing us all off, that’s why my beautiful sister played wifey to Freddie to try get you away, then everything with Holly happened and you came back and then it started again, I had to get back to Keith with the info and they are still not fully aware of everything yet, which is why this was all dropped on you, Freddie was going to propose and soon.... the amount of times I wanted to blow cover, to protect you, my feelings haven’t changed Birdie...”

Raven sits as everything that didn’t make sense starting to fall in to place “that’s why he was so dead set on me not meeting Keith today...”

Keith raise’s an eyebrow “OH?”

Raven nods “Yeah, said it was unsafe, that I was risking everything...” Raven rubs her head “how could I have been so stupid....”

“Birdie, don't you blame yourself...” he cups her face looking at her “For what it’s worth I wouldn’t of let that marrige happen, I would of thought of some mad distraction!”

Raven laughs or she would of cried “You know how to be that alright!” they laugh then a thought hits her “Theo?”

Ray nods “his on Aaron’s side, and for the record NOT my brother! Aaron had that story played too...”

Raven nods “Wow, even through all this I am glad someone is constant...” Ray gives her a comforting smile, she leans in and he cuddles her

Keith sits with them “I’m sorry we had to drop it on you like this Raven...but we saw the damage and chaos going on once Ray finally got in contact, we couldn’t let it go're dad Simon is furious”

Raven sits up and looks over at him “hang on, If my dad was leading the gang, what happened to him...”

Keith smiles “his still about, he stepped down to concentrate on well you...finding you and bringing you back...we couldn't get hold of Ray without blowing cover and even then we struggled to get hold of him”

Raven nods “and will I get to meet him?”

Keith and Ray smile and nod “Of course, in you’re own time though...this has been a lot already...but..”

Raven sinks back “this doesn’t sound good....”

Keith chuckles “we are going to have to move you out of here, you’re safety is to compromised here"

Raven nods understanding “I get that.. I will miss it here. But I get it....”

Keith nods “Thank you for being so understanding” Raven heads and gets packing and soon enough they moving her.

Later that evening Raven is in a new place, her head still fuzzy and messed, she pours a massive glass of wine and sits trying to catch a breath, Keith and Ray enter Keith smiles “How you feeling?”

Raven shrugs “I’m not...pretty numb about now...”

Keith nods with a remorseful look “I can’t tell you how sorry I am...for everything that's been happening, if we had found out sooner we would of got involved sooner”

Raven shakes her head “It’s ok....”

Keith nods “Right so I know today has been rough but I need to explain a few things and a lot to take in but I need to give you a little bit more" she nods before he continues "Ray is gonna be one of 7 guards around the place”


Keith chuckles “It’s ok, all outside and around, they know not to intrude on privacy...but you’re safety is key especially now that they probably know we have found you...”

Raven is a little shocked “I get it...I guess I am going to have to give up a lot...”

Keith looks down saddened by that comment “You don’t need to give up what you don’t need to, this doesn’t have to change much... well at least not permanently...”

Raven nods “I know, it’s ok..” Ray sits beside her holding her hands, comforting her

Keith continues “Camera’s are also set up ONLY on the outside of course!”

Raven can’t help but laugh at Keith being nervous, was he getting shy, Raven just smiles up at him, he grins down at her “thank you guys seriously...”

Keith nods “we will let you get settled if you need anything, here’s my number” as he hands her the paper, and his hands brush hers the spark comes alive, and he quickly pulls his hand back

“Thank you...”

The next day Raven wakes up, still spinning from the day before, she sits up in bed and takes another look around, letting things sink in, after a bit she gets up and showers, and decides that maybe she should sell Rose Corner. It broke her heart but she needed to be away from the danger and they all knew that was hers, she gets ready to go there and collect everything as she is about to leave, Keith is about to knock “you ok?”

Raven nods “I just have to go to Rose Corner and pick up some papers...”

Keith smiles “Can I accompany you?”

Raven gives him a warm smile “Of course, let me just grab my bag..” She heads in to the other room and grabs it and heads back in to Keith, he offers his arm and she takes it and they head out to the car.

Once they get to Rose Corner, Raven takes a long last look around, Keith disappears to the toilet, she stands at the desk, and thinks about Holly and all the times they shared, she is brought back to her earth when she hears Freddie “BABY THERE YOU ARE!” Raven freeze’s “babe?”

Raven turns and backs away “please leave me alone...”

“Babe please!”

Keith comes out “She said leave her alone!” he say’s it with small growl, he is protective of her and pulls her close “she knows everything, the truth, who you are, who Aaron is and who her real father is!”

Freddie slightly panics “Babe please, that doesn’t mean my love for you isn't real!” and in his panic she knew everything was true

Keith pulls her close and whispers only so she can hear it “ok, when I tell you, run ok... get back to the car and I will be with you as soon as ok...” he can feel her tense under him “It’s going to be ok, I promise me, I know that’s a lot to ask...”

Raven swallows the lump in her throat “I trust you...” she knew she sounded crazy but she did

He smiles against her “Thank you...3....2...1...” he takes a deep breath “GO!”

Raven takes off running, and Keith leaps forward tackling Freddie to the floor and pinning him down as more of Keith’s guards appear.

Raven gets to the car, trying to catch her breath, she sits in the car and try's to catch her breath. She sticks her head between her legs, after a few minute's, she feels someone rubbing her back, she looks up to see Keith “you ok?” he looks scared

Raven nods “Yeah, thanks to you” he gives her a smile and hug. Keith drops her back to her place and she heads inside, after a few hours, she has her music fall blast and she is singing in the kitchen while she cooks, singing is her getaway every time she is stressed. She jumps as she turns to see Keith stood there, she feels completely embarrassed, but he gives her a smile “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you!”

Raven laughs “No it’s ok! is everything ok?”

Keith nods “I was checking in...” Raven smiles then her face turns for a second “Hey...” Keith walks over to her and puts his arm around her “You can talk to me I hope you know that?!”

She nods “I was just wondering, If I can meet Simon...”

Keith gives a huge smile “OF course you can! I know his been eager to meet you!”

Raven gives a genuine smile “Thank you, seriously for everything you’ve done...” Keith gives her a cuddle, she hugs him back then looks up at him “Would you maybe stay for dinner...”

Keith nods “Of course I would love that!” Raven smiles and carry’s on with cooking as they continue to talk, they are soon sat down having dinner and chatting away “can I ask you something Raven?”

Raven halts eating and looks up at him “of course...”

Keith smiles “you have such a beautiful voice, why don’t you share it!”

Raven has a pained look for a brief second “I did, then I gave that up, I used to sing every Saturday night at the local bar in the town...”

He nods understanding “Well, if you would like... I own a club called “Kings & Queens” you could sing there....”

Raven lights up “really!?” Keith nods “Thank you so much, that would mean so much!”

Keith sits for a moment “How about this, to kill 2 birds with one stone, I will arrange the meeting with Simon there, and you can get to know the staff there too! we can do it Saturday night!”

Raven grins “that would be amazing I look forward to it!”

They finish off their food and Keith takes his leave after helping her clean and she heads up to bath, wondering what Saturday would bring.

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