Muddled Emotions

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Chapter 32

Saturday night rolls around pretty quick and her nerves were building as she finishes off getting ready, her door goes, she heads to get it “Hey...”

Keith gives her a grin “You look incredible! shall we?”

She looks down shy “thank you and yes..” they head down to the car and start the drive

Keith looks over at her, and can see she is extremely nervous and on edge “It’s going to be ok, I will be there with you the whole time...” Raven gives him a nod and swallows the lump in her throat, soon enough they are pulling up outside the club, she shuts her eyes taking a deep breath, Keith takes her hand and gives it a squeeze “I am here ok..” Raven nods, and Keith get’s out and helps her out the car, he offers his arm and she takes it, they head in side.

As they enter she takes in her surrounding's it was a beautiful she had never seen anything like it, he looks down at her and smiles, she gives him a smile back, they head towards to a table where an older guy is sat, nervously playing with his drink, tapping his foot, as they get closer she see’s that this must be Simon the resemblance was uncanny she couldn't doubt he was her dad, she couldn’t believe it, as they get close, Simon turns, he gives a massive grin as he stands, he towers over her “Raven...”

Raven gives him a smile back, she doesn't know why but she throws her arms tightly around him, Simon and Keith are a little shocked, but smile, Simon holds her just as tightly, she knew in her heart this was her dad, and she was grateful to have got to him finally, after a few moments, Raven stands back “sorry..”

Simon chuckles “oh don’t be, please sit!” Raven nods and sits down next to him, Keith goes off to get drinks, And Simon just sits looking over his daughter, finally he had her in front of him again, they get to talking, and she fill’s them in on everything that happened over the last couple of years, everything that happened from the kidnap right up to now. They spend hours talking and getting to know each other and it was the best she had ever felt in so long, her dad was sat in front of her finally.

As it grows later, Raven starts to feel a little tired, Simon can see that “You look exhausted, Keith would you make sure Raven get’s home safely please. I have some things to get sorted here, Raven it has been so good to meet you finally, and I hope we can build our relationship. I’d love to have a father daughter bond with you, I have so much to make up for too...” he goes of trail a little bit

Raven pulls him in to hug, he squeezes her back “Thank you, and I would love that so much Simon, thank you for meeting with me”

He leans down kissing her on the head like he was making a mental note of that moment something he and she would treasure forever “It’s been a dream come true” they say their goodbyes and Keith drives her home.

As they get to the front door, Raven smiles up at him “thank you Keith..”

Keith grins, then goes bashful “Ummm... Raven...”

Raven stops fiddling with her keys and looks up at him “Yeah?”

Keith looks down, then back up at her “I was wondering...if would like to go out some time...”

Raven giggles “why sir, are you asking me out on a date....”

Keith bites his lip nervously trying not to laugh at her mocking tone “If I say yes will you?”

Raven pretends to think for a moment “yes...”

He cocks his eyebrow up “are you just saying that?!”

Raven gently cups his face and looks in to his eyes, his breath quickens as he gets nervous “I would love to go out on a date with you Keith...” He can’t help but smile up at her he wants to kiss her but didn’t wanna push it

“How does Wednesday sound?”

Raven giggles “Perfect, I mean I do hope I will see you before than too”

Keith goes red and then nods “I wouldn’t have it any other way!”

They say their goodbyes and Raven heads in feeling amazing.

The following day, as it hit lunch time her door goes, she heads to get it, as she opens it, Keith is standing there, she couldn’t help but let a small sigh, she knew he heard it but he didn't say nothing, he looked gorgeous his past the shoulders brown hair pushed back, stubble across his strong jaw line, black mirror sunglasses, she couldn’t help but pretty much drool over him, he pulls a smoulder at her, then wiggles his eyebrows “Like what you see aye!”

Raven chokes on her laughter “you doofus” she nearly falls down laughing

“you likkkke it!! Don't deny it” he says it in a teasing way, winking at her

she laughs even harder “YOU ARE TERRIEBLE!” After she composes herself she looks up at him, raised eyebrow “and what do I owe the pleasure of you’re gorgeous presence...” she winks at him

And he chokes in shock “Miss I believe you are flirting with me!”

she smirks at him “and you’d be right!”

He bursts out laughing “Touché...” after they laugh it out, he looks over at her “well if you’re ready to I want to introduce you to the rest of the gang...”

Raven smiles “really?...”

He nods “Of course, these are you’re dad’s men, including me..” he smirks at her, she starts uncontrollably laughing again “Although I’d be hurt if you were to find them more attractive....because I gotta say I love the affect I have on you...”

Raven bursts out laughing harder “hmmmm you saying there’s more attractive men to be seen! when do we leave!”

Keith looks at her mouth wide open “SAY WHAAAT!” Raven is laughing even harder she can’t stop he smirks then says “I think I have changed my mind the date needs to be tonight!!!”

Raven has to hold on to the side, He laughs along with her, she stands and raises an eyebrow “I wouldn’t object to the date being tonight....”

He stops laughing instantly “really...” She smiles and nods “then tonight it is!”

Raven smirks “so about these”

he gives a half smirk “ok ok lets go, Simon will kill me if we are any later!”

Raven smiles again as she thinks “my dad you mean?”

he smiles nodding “Of course..”

Raven runs back in grabbing her bag and back out to Keith they drive off to the safehouse where the gang can always be found.

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