Muddled Emotions

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Chapter 33

Once they get there she starts to feel sick with nerves again, he reaches over “It’s ok you know, me and you’re dad will be there, and these guys some have been there since the beginning... and will be the ones protecting you for the rest of it ok, there is no reason to be scared... I promise you”

Raven smiles “I know, I will be ok...”

They climb out and head in. For the rest of the day Raven spends the day with everyone getting to know them and them her. She found her ground and everyone made her feel so welcome, she even showed them what she could do with the self defence stuff she learnt and it amused most of them to see some of the men put on their arse.

As it gets to a bout 6pm, she sorts herself out getting ready to leave, Simon comes over “leaving us already!”

Raven giggles “actually dad, I have a date....” she winks at Keith as he blushes

Simon turns his head and smirks “Oh is that so...” he turns to Keith “taking my daughter out are we!”

Keith looks like he wants the ground to swallow him whole “Ummm...Y....y.yes sir...”

Raven and Simon burst out laughing “I'm joking, I know you’re a good guy! you guys have fun”

Keith breaths out and smiles they all say there good byes and Keith drops Raven home to get ready for their date.

As her doorbell goes a few hours later, she finishes adding the finishing touch’s and grabs her bag and heads to the door, as she swings it open, Keith’s mouth pops open, Raven giggles “Do I look ok...I think you like what you see this time...”

Keith snaps his mouth shut “umm..yes sorry!”

Raven bursts out laughing “Not to bad yourself...”

He grins over at her, he can’t help but look at every inch of her, as she does him, he takes her hand and they head off to dinner.

Once they have ordered Keith turns attention back to her “can I ask you something?”

Raven smiles “of course..”

he thinks for a few moments “do you regret coming in to so to speak...”

Raven thinks for a few seconds “I mean...I didn’t have much of a choice, everything was such a spiral from the get go, from Theo approaching, to Aaron, to the..” she takes in a deep breath “kidnap...” she stops for a second and a small flashback occurs, and something clicks in her head “oh my god....” her breathing increases

Keith jumps up to her side “what's wrong...Raven talk to me!”

Raven’s tears start, she starts to talk but isn’t making sense, Keith drops down to her side taking her hands in his, turning her to face him, then takes her face in his hands “breathe, talk to me!”

Raven looks him in the eye “Aaron was behind the kidnap!”

Anger flashes across his face “he what!”

Raven takes a deep breath “I remember the guy who gave the beatings... The voice was so recognizable, I met him as one of Aaron’s men one of the last few days I was there...but it didn’t register...”

Keith stands “come on we are going!”

Raven shakes her head “I didn’t mean to ruin the night...”

“Babe look at me you haven’t ok, come on!” he takes her hand and leads her out, they get in the car and he drops her home “go inside ok, give me an hour or so I will be back for you ok...”

Raven looks at him confused and unsure she felt maybe he had changed his mind about her maybe she was too damaged for the likes of him “It’s ok, have a good evening...thank you for trying...”

Sudden realisation hits him at what she thinks, he goes to reach for her but she pulls away and runs in, he wants to go after her but he has to sort this, he drives off to meet Simon.

Raven get’s in shutting the door, she has a bath then climbs in to bed, not wanting to think anymore of tonight. She falls off in to a deep sleep.

The next morning, she wakes still feeling a little disappointment from the night before, but trying not to let it get her down, today she had to head out to sign the paper work to finalise the sale of Rose Corner, she heads and throws some clothes on and heads out.

Once she has finished she goes to get coffee and she picks up her coffee, she goes to leave and Theo enters “Raven...”

Raven quickly pushes past and gets out to her car climbing in and locking it, she puts on her seat belt and pulls away, she gets home and locks up her car and enters her house. She shakes off the morning and heads in to her kitchen, she is met with a bouquet of roses on the kitchen side with a card “To the most beautiful girl in the world.. xx”

She puts it back down and heads up stairs to get changed, once she has her doorbell goes she rolls her eyes, and heads down to get it, she swings open the door, and in one stride, Keith had stepped forward crashing his lips to hers, she is a little shocked and loses her breath, but as the initial shock wears off, she leans in to the kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck, he wraps his arms around her waist after a few passionate minutes, she pulls back “What was...that for!”

He brushes his fingers through her hair looking in to her eyes, he cups her face “because I really like you Raven, I saw that look yesterday, I don’t know what they did to you, but I think you are the most enchanting, captivating woman I have ever had the absolute luck of meeting, we met in the most bizarre circumstances, and although some of it isn't the most ideal, I want to see where this leads....”

Raven can’t help but smile “Me too...”

Keith lights up “wait really!”

She nods “yes...”

“Come round for dinner at mine tonight, me you and no distractions....”

Raven thinks for a few minutes and nods “Yeah, I would like that! oh and thank you for the roses”

Keith grins and kisses her slowly again then pulls back “I will pick you up for 8, and you are most welcome”

Raven nods and they say their goodbyes and she heads back in.

Raven for once felt like nothing could bring her down, she cant help but think that maybe Keith was going to put work before her all the time, will he always choose work first, she pushes it to the back of her mind. She heads up stairs and spends the rest of the day pampering herself, then she gets ready waiting for Keith to pick her up, she was nervous but the best kind, things were just magical the impossible was becoming possible and dreams were slowly becoming reality.

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