Muddled Emotions

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Chapter 34

8 comes around and goes half hour later, the door bell goes, she heads to get it a bouquet of flowers are on the door step “Sorry baby, something has come up, I really am sorry, rain check! (please don’t be mad, this is important!) Raven laughs to herself he really let her down again, the first two dates and work has taken over twice, she picks the card up with the flowers and throws them down the path as well as shredding the card and throwing it with it, she couldn't be second best and she certainly wasn't going to make him choose so she chooses for him.

Raven heads back in and pulls out a glass of wine and sits on the sofa she had just been pushed aside again, she knew it was probably to do with “work” but if he couldn’t be bothered making time with her for even the first couple of dates, twice then why should she bother giving him the time. Soon enough she heads off to bed.

Saturday rolls around, she had hardly heard from Keith but she pushed it aside, Ray paid a visit or two to see how she was getting on, and herself and Simon became closer. It’s her night at the club singing and she was looking forward to being there one place, she always felt free and able to be herself was on the stage and singing other than when she had her nose in a book. As she heads out she climbs in her car and heads to the club.

The night goes well and everyone around lapped her up and she got nothing but amazing praise after. Raven goes to head out back but feels someone grab her by the arm, she spins to see Freddie “No...”

Freddie looked rough and so sad, she had never seen someone look so rough “please hear us out, I know you owe us nothing...”

Raven raise’s her eyebrow “us?”

He moves aside and Braxton is stood there too, she chokes on her sob “No I need you to leave me the hell both broke my heart... and you were able to lie to me for so long...” she starts to back away, 3 of the guards that were keeping her safe step forward


Raven turns to see them closing in “It’s ok boys...I just wanna go home please...” She is still crying one of the guards put an arm round her guiding her away and out in to the car, and once the other guards give the all clear they drive her home.

Once she gets in she thanks the Guards and heads inside, she heads up and lays in a hot bath, she is soon interrupted with banging at the front door, she steps out wrapping herself up and rushing down she swings the door open “WHAT THE HELL!”

An out of breath Keith is stood there “DID THEY HURT YOU!” He goes to reach for her but she backs away


He looks a little stunned “Wait what...”

“Leave please, I don’t wanna be part of you’re games or being tugged between you and them, I have had enough over the last couple of years to last me a life time, I certainly don’t wanna keep coming second to “Work” because we both know that's how its going to be..”

Keith looks wounded “It’s not like that...or that simple”

“it is Keith, you need to concentrate on can not juggle both of us without neglecting the other, I understand that more than anyone...” she steps down giving him a long lingering kiss “just be safe in whatever you do...” She steps back and heads back in and back up to her bath.

The next day she is feeling a little more sad then usual, why can’t for once something be good and something go right...She heads down stairs, someone is knocking on her door, she groans to herself, and heads down to the door “Ray!”

“Hey birdie hope I am not intruding!”

Raven gives him a smile “No come in, would you like a coffee?” he gives her a small smile and a nod and she goes in with Ray following, she potters around the kitchen making drinks and then sits down in the living room handing Ray a coffee “What brings you round?”

Ray gives a smile “No particular reason, I still care about you Birdie, always have and always will, that hasn't or wont change”

Raven gives him a warm smile “I know me too....” the miscarriage comes back in to her head

Ray notices “What’s wrong...”

Raven shakes her head “Do you ever think about if we had our baby...”

Ray nods and looks down “All the time...could you imagine a little version of us running around”

Raven can’t help but giggle “we’d be in for it!”

Ray chuckles along with her “we really would of been amazing though...”

She smiles “Yeah...”

“do you not think so?!”

“things were pretty messy back then, I mean it still is, could you imagine a baby being caught in all this...I couldn't do that”

“Birdie if you had the baby, I would protect you both with my life, like I always will...”

Raven smiles wiping the tears back, he pulls her in to a hug, she leans her head on his shoulder, she never realised how much she had missed him, they sit and chat for hours, they have a laugh and reminisce and its been perfect, she hadn’t laughed with him for so long, like this, it was like nothing ever changed or happened in between, they were back in to the loved up teens routine

They both lay back on the sofa next to each other, in fits of laughter, the door goes “ooo foods here!” Raven jumps up and runs to the door opening the door she is stunned to see Aaron there “What are you doing here....”

“I just wanna talk”

Ray can hear and hides so he didn’t know he was here so if need be he could attack “Please leave, we have nothing left to say to each other...”

“I was promised a bride for my son, and I am sorry we have had to go around the houses about it...”

“That is not the case anymore...”

“I am sorry its come to this! but if he can’t have you like promised then I need to make sure no one can” in one swift movement his holding a knife to her stomach

“You don’t have to do this...”

From behind him a voice shouts out “RAVEN!”

she cant get any words out, the next thing she knew Aaron was pinned to the floor, she stumbles back and drops to the floor as she looks down a knife is sticking out of her stomach “no not again!” she starts to panic, Ray has rushed out, holding her in his arms, Simon and Keith are holding Aaron down, and with in a few minutes sirens are blaring out

Ray is brushing her hair back “It’s ok, concentrate on me ok Birdie...”

Raven nods “you should just let me go, I am not even worth...”

Ray gently leans down kissing her “You are worth it every time, I just wasn’t quick enough...”

She gently lays her hand on his cheek “don’t you blame yourself... ever”

Soon she is taken in to hospital.

A few hours later, Ray enters her hospital room, she is sat up smiling “Hey you!”

“Birdie!” he rushes over to her side and sits down

“I’m ok.. surprisingly, it didn’t go in too deep...I was initially in shock”

Ray shakes his head chuckling “you are unbelievable!”


“You amaze me every day Birdie, you’re strength and courage, you’re fight and will, you just got stabbed and you brush it off like its a normal thing to happen, you are just damn right incredible!”

Raven smirks “I remember I owe you something”

Ray raise's his eyebrow “oh?”

Raven beckons him over and she leans in and plants her lips on to his, he gently cups her face kissing her back. They break away as someone clears their throat at the door, Raven looks up to see her dad and a furious looking Keith “Hey dad, hey Keith”

“Sir, Keith” Ray takes a seat by her and takes her hand in his, Simon and Keith come further in

“Oh sweetheart!” Simon comes over cuddling her “I thought I had lost you...”

“No chance...I wasn’t sure what to think when it happened...if I'm honest”

Simon nods “well believe me his gonna pay massively for ever touching even a hair on my daughter...” he sits by her side “I want you to come stay with me after this...”

“No dad. I will be fine at home...”

“please... or at least I will up the security!”

“Fine, but I won’t let that man determine anymore of my life...”

Simon just smiles and leans over kissing her on the head “how’d I get so lucky to have a daughter as amazing as you”

Raven shakes her head laughing “behave dad...”

Simon looks back and fourth between her and Ray “so is there something I should know about you two...”


Ray stands “Sir, I have loved you’re daughter for so long, she is the most incredible person ever, I lucked out when I learned she loved me just as much even when I screwed up, she still loved me and my flaws and mistakes...Although I messed up today, I promise to protect her with everything I am and have...this is going to sound ridiculous and only if Raven should choose too, I would like permission to date you’re daughter....” Keith leaves

Raven is crying and Simon is grinning, he stands holding his hand out “I know how much you love her, I see that, and I see how much she loves have my blessing you have been nothing but loyal to me for years, you have proved you’re trustworthy, but I will warn you, If you ever hurt her I will kill you...”

Ray nods “and quite rightly so sir!”

Raven is looking back and fourth “Ummm hello?!”

Ray and Simon laugh, Ray turns to her “So Birdie...what do you say, give this fool a shot a proper more secrets lies, clean start me and you....”

Raven grins and nods “of course I will!” he leans down kissing her passionately she winces “ouch”

“Shit sorry birdie...”

“No its ok, I think the pain relief is wearing off”

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