Muddled Emotions

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Chapter 35

After a few days Raven is released, and sat in the car on the way home, with Ray by her side, she leans back in the seat “mmmm fresh air....”

Ray chuckles, then he turns serious “I have missed you so much...”

Raven turns to look at him, she places her hand on to his leg “Hey...what’s wrong...”

He shakes his head “I just thought I was going to lose you again, I mean I keep losing you....”

Raven giggles “you shouldn’t be so careless then... maybe connect us with bungee rope!”

Ray bursts out laughing “you always make light of things...”

“I’m sorry, I guess that's how I cope, but I have missed you too Ray... and I guess so to speak we are kinda attached by a bungee rope, we always seem to find our way back to each other some way or another...”

She see’s him smile, and he places his free hand over hers “Well I hope we never lose each other again, it sucks...”

“I love you Ray...”

“I love you too baby...more than anything... I will always find my way back to you..” he gently lifts her hand always keeping an eye on the road he gently kisses her hand.

After a drive and a comfortable silence they pull up outside hers, she gently opens the door, and gently climbs out, Ray runs round to help her out, he helps her in doors and to the sofa and heads back out to get her stuff as he comes in “look who I Found on the way in”

Raven looks up “Dad!”

“Hey you feeling, I am sorry I couldn’t meet you at the hospital!”

“I am good dad, and it’s ok, Ray is taking very good care of me...”

Simon grins “and that’s what I like to hear!”

Ray grins over and them “can I get anyone a drink?”

Raven smiles up “Please baby, tea...”

Simon nods “Same for me please”

Ray nods and heads in to the kitchen.

“Listen sweetheart...”

Raven looks up at her dad as he sits “Oh no what is it.....”

Simon grimaces “It’s Aaron...”

“Oh no what...”

“nothing too bad but we have him in holding....”


“do you wanna see him before he...ummm...leaves...”

Raven thinks for a moment and shakes her head “No, I just wanna move on, I have you, Ray the people that matter, I want my life to go forwards not back”

Simon is almost welling up he pulls his daughter in to a cuddle “I'm proud of you darling, I love you so much and I promise you as long as I am breathing, no one is gonna touch you again”

Raven snuggles in to him “I love you too dad..” she had dreamed of a moment like this for so long and now she finally has it.

Some time later her dad leaves and Raven sits back, she feels Ray come in and sit beside her “you ok baby?”

Raven gently slides in to Rays arms and he carefully wraps his arms around her “mmmmmmm”

Raven giggles “you ok there?”

Ray chuckles “never better, missed you and this and it feels incredible to have you in my arms again, I could get used to this...”

Raven laughs a little harder but stops when pain shoots through her “Ouch!” she is still laughing a little “I have missed you too sunshine...and I hope you do, because I don't want to lose you again”

Ray leans down and kisses her “you never have to again, I love you so much!”

“I love you too!” they curl up and enjoy the rest of their evening.

A few days pass and Ray had to get back to work, but he made sure he had his phone on him at all times in case she needed him at any point and in her eyes that was the difference between Ray and Keith, with Ray she would always come first.

Raven potters around the house doing a little cleaning, as she gets down stairs, someone knocks at the door, she heads to it and looks through the peep hole and see’s Keith, she takes a deep breath and carefully opens the door making sure to hold on, fear washes over him “Should you be up and about like this!”

“Please tell me you’re taking the knocked on my door remember...what was the invisible man gonna answer?”

“Fair point sorry...” he looks down embarrassed

She takes a deep breath in, she turns to head in and gently sits down “what can I do for you?”

“Raven... I really miss you...”

“You had you’re chance Keith, work was always going to come first let’s face that, besides I am with Ray...”

He sits beside her “But can he make you feel as alive as I do...I know you feel it...” he gently cups her face, she can’t help but whimper against him, she knew she still felt something for him as much as he did her, and with out missing a beat, his lips crash to hers, the most intoxicating moment ever, for a few moments she kisses him back, then reality hits and she pulls back

“Why are you doing this....” her bottom lip goes as tears fill her eyes

“Because I am falling for you Raven, since the day I knocked on you’re door, Ray had his chance, I hardly did, I know we could be amazing together, I just want a chance please Raven....” he looks in to her eyes with desperation and pleading


Her door goes and she gets up to get it “Hey baby you ok...” She just walks in Ray following “What’s he doing here....”

“I was just leaving, think about what I said please...”

He leaves and Ray sits beside her “What’s he talking about...”

She bites her lip after a few moments she speaks “Keith kissed me...”


Ray jumps up running out after Keith and can hear screaming and a scuffle, She try’s to get out there quickly, but as she does she catches her stomach “OUCH!” Raven grips her stomach and gets outside, and Ray is on top of Keith “GET OFF HIM... NOW...” Her hand starts to feel wet and she looks down she popped a stitch “I’m...ble...” within seconds guards are there pulling them off each other and Raven can't stand anymore she drops to her knee’s “I... want my” The guards call Simon immediately and Keith gets a glimpse of her “RAVEN!” he goes to run towards her as does Ray “No...I...want my dad.” she starts to feel a little woozy and drops unconscious.

Raven comes to a couple of hours later, Simon at her side “Oh sweetheart! Jesus you gave us a scare!”

Raven is crying a little “Dad...”

Simon brushes her hair from her face “It’s ok darling I am here ok! what the hell happened!”

Raven begins to get emotional “Ask Keith and Ray..”

Simon starts to get a little furious as if summoned both enter, Ray is the first to speak “I am so sorry Birdie”

“I both to stop, you wouldn’t listen...I tried to tell you something was wrong you didn’t listen, you were so worried about you’re egos that I was pushed aside...yet again”

Simon looks at them both “Fighting! honestly what the hell is wrong with you both! my daughter needed you and you're jobs are to PROTECT HER and YOU WERE FIGHTING!”

Raven takes her dad’s hand “It’s ok dad...”

“No it’s not! I wanna know what the hell happened now!”

“Dad please....”

Simon stops and calms “Ok sweetheart, you 2 outside now! I will be back in a minute ok...” he leans down kissing Raven on the head and heads out with the boys.

Raven moves to get comfortable, and pulls out her phone to play music, she does and gently lay’s back, her dad eventually comes back in, he sits back down at his daughters side “I don’t want everyone fighting because of me...”

Simon raises his eyebrow “I am just looking out for you...”

“I know but you all were tight and close before I came along, maybe..”

“Don’t you dare say it...I wont lose my little girl now, not after so long and all the aggro we had getting here... they will sort it out, ok don’t you worry about a thing”

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