Muddled Emotions

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Chapter 36

A few days pass and Raven is starting to feel better, she was up and at it again, and decided she was going to give the boys the answer they wanted today if she was going to choose Ray or Keith to be with, this was so hard for her, Ray who she had a complicated past with or Keith a new found love, clean slate. She decided to invite them both over and tell them to their faces it's the least they deserved, she was so nervous because either way, they are still going to be in her life and she was about to hurt one of them.

Once they are both there she begins talking “This is one of the hardest things I have had to decide, and you have both been patient and after the last couple of years the madness of it all, and if I am honest I have had more downs then ups, and once I say who I wanna be with, I don’t want gloating or anything like that, for once I just want to be happy, and I hope the other can understand my choice....” Both men are watching in anticipation “I have given this so much thought, I’ve decided I want to try see where it goes with...” she is practically shaking she takes a deep breath “Keith...”

Ray jumps up walking out and Keith is sat in shock “wait what...” Raven has to sit, Keith rushes to her taking her hands in his “you mean it...”

Raven nods “you were right, I hardly gave you a chance and that wasn't fair on me, and although I will always love Ray, I want to be able to explore what we have and could have...”

Keith is in tears he gently pulls her to him “Thank you...”


He looks down at her “for giving me a chance, for giving us a chance...”

Raven looks up at him and crash’s her lips to his, he cups her face pulling her closer. As he pulls back he looks down at her and brushes his fingers through her hair and she brushes her cheek against his hand, she looks up at him “you ok?”

He smiles down at her “of course, I will spend my life showing you, how much this means, how much YOU mean to me...”

She gently kisses him and pulls back “I count on it...“.


Things are amazing finally for Raven, Aaron didn’t bother her anymore, not that Simon gave him a chance, the relationship between Simon and his daughter was stronger then ever and it was everything she dreamed of, how she always imagined a father and daughter should be, Ray stuck around and Raven was able to call him a friend again, although she will always have love for him, Keith was the one she wanted her future with and he always made the effort to balance work and her and they made it work! she brought a library café, she had never been happier she mixed her love for books and coffee in to one, and she named it Rose Garden after the library, she also built a literal rose garden in the back gardens of the café, with a little piece of Holly there in with the memorial bench among it, so she was with her always, she made new friends Amy and Kayla who also worked for her, she was also closer to Kayla but she loved them both and they three amigos they called their self’s, and Amy and Kayla are married and were childhood sweethearts. Life was finally smooth sailing for her.

Raven is finishing work, and heading home excited to see Keith, as she gets in its very quiet and she walks around to look for him and finds a note on the side, she smiles to herself and begins to read, her heart shatters and her stomach sinks, she begins screaming and throwing things off the side, then collapses to the floor, by this time, 3 of the guard's ordered to keep an eye on her by her dad had kicked the door in and already called Simon, they head in to the kitchen to see smashed up glass everywhere and a distraught Raven on the floor blood dripping down her legs where she had dropped to her knee’s “Raven what's wrong!”

Raven doesn’t say anything, one of the guard's pick her up and take her in to the other room out of the mess and start cleaning her wounds, the door fly’s open and A panicked Ray and Simon rush in “SWEETHEART!” he pokes his head round and see’s his daughter sat slumped in the chair tears dripping from her face, used tissues with blood scattered round her and one of his men stitching her wound on the leg

one other guard comes behind him “Sir, you need to see this!”

Ray and Simon follow in to the kitchen his startled at the mess, then the guard hands him a letter

“Raven, I am sorry to do this, and by letter too, but I can’t be with you anymore, I don’t feel nothing for you, I never have, I wish you had picked Ray that day....we was a mistake and I know that now”

The letter goes on but Simon throws it in the bin “FIND HIM NOW!” The guard's file out along with Ray, Simon heads in to the living room where she is sat “Baby..”

“Why dad...Why am I not good enough...”

Simon tears up and sits beside her pulling her in to him “Oh darling of course you’re enough, just because that stupid man thinks he can treat people like they aren't! I will find him”

“Don’t worry...honestly he isn’t worth it..” Simon just holds her there until she falls asleep.

The next day Raven wakes, the memory of the night before floods back and her heart breaks all over again, she sits up and pulls her legs in to her chest, she look's at her bedside and see’s the photo of her and Keith together at Christmas, she picks it up tracing her fingers over the frame then hurls it out her open window, she gets up and goes around the house, packing all his stuff in to boxes and puts them in to the garage, then heads up to shower.

Once she is out, she heads down stairs, her bell goes but she ignores it, she heads in the kitchen to prepare for work, she hears a voice call through the letter box “BIRDIE I KNOW YOU’RE IN THERE OPEN UP!”

She rolls her eyes and goes to the door “what Ray?”

“Don't shut me out!”

“I am not, I am tired of being screwed over, I am pushing back I wont end in a bad place because of... him! now if you'll excuse me I have to get ready for work” she shuts the door and takes a deep breath pushing the sting in her eyes back.

Later that evening she gets dolled up and heads to her dad's club “Kings & Queens” as she walks in all eyes turn to her, she walks in with confidence and heads to the bar “my usual please!”

The guy who worked at the bar Jake is stunned at how beautiful she looked, he just nods and makes it giving it over, she knocks it back, Simon comes over behind her “Ummm... you ok darling?” he looks at her with concern

She gives him a long a confident smile “Of course dad, tonight's my night right?”

Simon raise’s an eyebrow then nods “well yes...”

“Well then shall we!”

Ray is watching from a distance in shock, he loved her so much and she looked so incredible, he was going to do everything in his power to win her back.

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