Muddled Emotions

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Chapter 37

Raven takes the stage as the doors open, she begins her night of singing and as usual everyone was hooked on her.

Later that evening she wraps up ready for the next entertainer to take over for the last half of the evening she goes and sits at the bar exhaling, she needed that, that was her release, the bartender Jake walks over “Brilliant as always! defo you’re dads daughter!”

Raven raises an eyebrow in surprise “oh? my dad keeping a hidden talent!”

Jake chuckles “yes, you should hear him!” he winks at her and she giggles

She feels an arm wrap round her she looks round “Hey dad!”

“Hey sweetie you ok? you was spectacular as always”

Raven grins up at him kissing him on the cheek “thanks dad, and Jake here tells me you have a set a lungs too...”

Simon raises an eyebrow, looking over at a giggly Jake “did he now? well you had to get it from somewhere right?” he smirks “well maybe once the club shuts I will give you all a private show!”

Raven and Jake burst out laughing “I'm holding you to that dad!”

Simon chuckles “Please do!”

“Not interrupting am I?”

They all turn to see Ray stood there, Raven smiles over at him “No, dad was telling me and Jake about the private singing show his putting on for us when the club shuts!”

Jakes bursts out laughing again, which sets off Raven again, Simon is stood shaking his head “you two are terrible!”

Ray joins in “you were amazing up there by the way birdie!”

Raven smiles over at him “Thanks sunshine...”

They all spend the evening drinking and laughing, and as he said he would, Simon takes to the stage and begins singing, and Raven can’t help but beam up at him, proud of him, and halfway through she joins him and they sing together, all the staff and her dads men all stood around watching in awe, and filming it, once they finish everyone erupts in to cheers and claps, and Simon pulls Raven in to a hug and kisses her on the head.

Some time later gone midnight as the music softly plays in the back ground while the clean up is happening, Ray and Ravens song comes on (Shayne Ward- No Promises), she can’t help but smile as she turns she is met by an outstretched hand, she looks up to see Ray, she giggles and takes his hand and he pulls her in close as they sway slowly, they moved slowly to the beat and she rests her head on to his shoulder as he holds her close, and everyone around them stand to watch on everyone is grinning at the site before them, Raven shuts her eyes and just listens to the music, she even hears Ray singing quietly to her, after the song wraps up she stands up straight and kisses him on the cheek, then heads out back to get her stuff to go home.


Normal was resuming for Raven and she finally felt she got past the damage Keith had left in his path of destruction. Saturday afternoon swung round and Raven was at work and Ray enters “Good Morning Birdie!”

“Hey you, you ok?!”

Ray nods “you still on for tonight?”

Raven nods “of course!”

“I will pick you up for 7”

“I remember where you live you know!”

Ray chuckles then gives her a bashful look “I just want things to be perfect!”

Raven smiles “it already is..” he leans over and gently kisses her her customers give an “AWWWW”

Amy cuts in “GET A ROOM YOU TWO!"

Ray pulls back smiling “see you tonight”

“Bye sunshine...”

“Bye Birdie” Ray leaves grinning with a spring in his step.

Raven stands in her own little world, Amy gives her a playful nudge “going well with you two then....”

Raven laughs “maybe...”

“What's wrong...”

“I don't know just been a weird time, I mean I have missed Ray and always will love him but I can’t help think what would of or could of happened with Keith, It’s crazy and probably stupid but I miss him...and he left so suddenly, it seems weird is all”

“Oh honey” Amy pulls Raven in to a cuddle “he clearly wasn’t worth you’re time and you deserve so much more, maybe give this a chance... if it really isn't for you then that’s ok to...but no harm in testing the waters”

Raven gives a smile and nod “I guess you’re right..”

“You know it!”

Later that day, Raven finish’s getting ready, and takes one more look in to the mirror as her door goes, she takes a deep breath after smoothing out her dress, she heads down and swings open the door. Ray is stood completely stunned by her beauty “wow is that the dress...”

Raven nods “It is...”

“WOW, the same dress from our very first date! and you look more breath taking then the day we first met! if that is even possible”

Raven shy’s away “behave will you, but thank you”

He takes her hand “Shall we” Raven nods locking her door and they head to his.

After their meal they sit down on the sofa and Ray suddenly lights up “OH WAIT I FORGOT!” He jumps up and disappears reappearing with a shoebox

Raven looks up at him raised eyebrow “What’s this...”

Ray grins at her handing it over “take a look!”

Raven gently takes the box from his hands as he sits next to her, she lifts the lid placing it to the side and lifts out the tissue paper, her breath catch’s as her eyes begin to water, in front of her a box of them, photo’s, little memory’s he had collected from each of their dates little trinkets and different objects with different meanings from different moments that they shared of their time together “Oh Ray...” she gently lifts photo by photo as they both laugh and chuckle at different memories that each were for. “I remember this, our first Christmas...” she holds out a photo of Ray with arm arm wrapped around her in front of a Christmas tree, in Christmas jumpers laughing away, with one hand holding mistletoe above them

“Yeah that was one of the best Christmas’s ever!” Raven smiles as they go through each, she eventually puts it all neatly away and turns to him, she leans in, he meets her half way cupping her face they melt as one in passionate warm gentle kiss, she straddles him and he cuddles her tight “Stay with me tonight Birdie?”

She looks down at him and nods, she leans back in kissing him harder with urgency, he wraps himself around her, then he takes her to bed.....

The next morning Ray is the first to wake, he wakes and see’s Raven curled in to him, he pulls her closer, kissing her on the head, he had wanted this for so damn long, losing her the first time was one of the biggest mistakes he had ever made, then having to stay under cover and being “married” seeing the hurt on her face killed him, then when she lost their baby, he just wanted to make it all better, then when Keith left her he knew he had to do everything and anything to get her back and now he has her, he never wanted to lose her again, which is why he knew it was soon, but not soon enough he was going to ask her to marry him, but he lost her more than once he wasn't going to make that mistake again he had a meeting with her dad in the afternoon to get his permission this weekend was going to be the day.

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