Muddled Emotions

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Chapter 38

Saturday evening comes round and Raven is finishing getting ready for her night at the bar, as she is about to leave there are rose petals on her door step leading down to a limo, she raise’s an eyebrow and nervously follows, as she climbs in the driver starts the car, as they pull up to the club its not busy as usual, as they pull up the driver hops out and helps her out and she nervously walks in, and heads down, her and Ray’s song is playing as she enters the main room her friends and dad, and staff are all hovering round the stage, she try’s to get a peak but they block her, after a few minutes she hears Ray say ready, they all move.

Raven’s hand fly’s to her mouth as everyone parts out of the way, Ray is on one knee, and there is a massive banner behind him spelling out “Marry Me Birdie?” she walks over to him and he begins talking “SURPRISE! I know we have not long rekindled what we had, but I have lost you one toooo many times, I love you so much Birdie you have been my first love and only love, and I never want to lose you again, so lets make that bungee rope permanent? Birdie will you Marry me?”

Raven is still trying to get to grips with what was happening but she couldn’t be happier she runs at him knocking him to the floor kissing him “YES!” Ray pulls her in to the tightest hugs and slips the ring on to her finger and they all cheer in celebration.


Raven ready and waiting for her dad before heading to the church, she takes a deep breath she was excited but nervous, her door goes and she heads to open it “Oh darling look at you!”

Raven smiles over at her dad “Do I look ok?”

“OK?! MORE THAN! you are beautiful like always darling, Ray wont know what hit him!” Raven smiles as Simon takes her hand leading her and helping her in to the car. She was so nervous but so excited to start this new chapter of her life and for once it was a positive one

Once they are at the church they wait for their cue to go in, she grips on to her dad and he holds her hand “you got this.. I love you sweetheart, I am so proud of how far you have come, and I am so proud I get to be here and part of this day”

Raven turns kissing her dad on the cheek “I love you too daddy”

“ready?” Raven nods and they head in.

Ray is beaming chuffed as anything, but he looks a little on edge, but Raven smiles on putting it all down to nerves, as she gets to the top and by his side, he kisses her cheek "You look beautiful birdie!"

As the ceremony goes on, just before the vows begin the church doors slam open "STOP THIS WEDDING NOW!"

Everyone turns gasping including Raven and Ray...

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