Muddled Emotions

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Chapter 4

Later that evening after her and Theo finishes dinner, Theo says he has been called in to work, she smiles and nods knowing she had to go meet Aaron anyway, she gets ready and heads to the address Aaron gave her, she feels crazy for doing it but she had to get to the bottom of it, and maybe Aaron had the answers to why Theo was tailing her before hand, as she gets there one of the men that was with Aaron this morning is standing at the door “Miss Taylor..” she smiles and nods, he opens the door and shows her to Aarons office, after a little time

Aaron enters the room “Raven you came!”

Raven gives him a nod “Yeah...”

“It’s ok I swear you’re safe, but lets get down to it shall we....” Raven nods “Would you like a drink?”

Raven nods “Sure”

Aaron talks over a speaker “Can we get my guest some water please...”

A few minutes later to Ravens surprise Theo walks in with a tray “Here Sir....” as he looks up, the colour from his face drains “Raven....what you doing here”

Aaron starts to speak in a irritated tone “I think it’s time, don't you Theo?”

Raven squints between them “Someone please tell me what’s going on....”

Theo reaches for her “Wait Raven please don't...”

Aaron stands “HUSH BOY! we either tell her the truth....”

Theo flinches back “OK OK...Raven remember I love you ok.. don’t forget it ok!”

Aaron rolls his eyes, Raven is watching on in horror “SOMEONE TELL ME WHATS GOING ON NOW! OR I SWEAR TO GOD”

Aaron can’t help but smile and before he realises the next set of words slip from his mouth “That’s my girl!” he instantly stops

Raven looks up at him “I’m sorry what?”

Aaron takes a deep breath “please sit...” Raven does because she feels if she don’t she would unwillingly “I’m you’re father sweetheart....”

Raven lets the tears prick her eyes “W...w...what....”

Aaron sits beside her but she moves a little, he feels a little hurt, but understood that she was in shock “I know it’s a lot to take in but I’ve been looking for you for so long...and when Theo said he had found you...I...”

Raven puts her hand up “is this some kind of fucked up joke....because jokes over and this isn't funny”

Aaron looks down hurt “of course not... I have proof...”

Raven looks up as Aaron hands her a DNA test result, there in black and white it was 100% no mistaking it. “How did you get my...” the penny dropping when she realises that Theo had been tracking her meaning he probably got her DNA to.

Theo is watching every move she makes tears in his eyes "you have to hear my side baby, I promise you...”

Raven stands not able to fathom anything “I need an explanation from both of you now....or I am gone and none of you will see me again, and when I hide away it will stay that way, that is a promise” she starts to cry

Aaron wants to hug her, he’d waited so long, but he also wanted to give her space. He sits beside her “OK, so long story short, I met you’re mum, and she was beautiful, it was going so well for so long, then we found out she was pregnant and I was over the moon, I couldn’t wait to be you’re dad... anyway you’re mum found out what... line of work I was in... and didn’t approve, which I completely understood, I wouldn’t of wanted you to suffer at my expense, at first we agreed to have you both live in secrecy and out the way, but that wasn’t enough for you’re mum... she took you and fled and she did a great job hiding you, I mean I found you before when you was about 20, BUT I heard you’re mum died, I am so sorry Raven... I didn’t want to put anymore pressure on you...”

Raven cuts in “How did you find me...then at that time?”

He looks down then after a few minutes looks up “BRING HIM IN!”

Raven sits back and nothing could prepare her as she see’s Ray walk in with one of Aaron’s security guards, Raven chokes on her sob “Of course....”

Ray looks over at her “Raven...god you look incre..”


Ray looks guilty, Aaron sits her down handing her water, she takes a massive swig “So where does Theo come in to I even want to know?”

Theo is in tears “Please baby!”

Ray turns to him “baby? don’t tell me my brother is with you now...”

Raven’s jaw hits the floor “BROTHER!”

Ray snaps his mouth shut and Theo turns to him throwing daggers, Raven stands but her legs are shaking Aaron stands putting his arms around her, she wants to fight it but she can’t she just holds on to him, relief washes over him, he turns to the guards “take them two away for now please” they do, Aaron sits down and Raven follows "as for Theo, I paid him to track you down find you for the second time, I never expected him to get close well that close, I am not sure of his intentions for you, I know this is a lot for you to take in right now, and if you don’t want do with me I understand...but...I really hope you do...”

Raven looks up at this man, she felt so bad for him but at the same time a little angry for invading her space and life just like that without a thought “Why not just come to me yourself? why send in people to do the job for you....” she looks a little hurt

He takes a deep breath “I know, I’m sorry but could you honestly believe me if I didn’t have proof? or the fact my job isn't...Ideal to say the least...”

Raven thinks for a few moments “You haven't really told me what you do, It can’t be good if mum left... its not like the mafia kinda thing is it...” she gives him a nervous laugh, He swallows a lump and looks down, she is stunned and panic goes through her “oh god it is isn’t it!”

Aaron pulls a face "would it make you're choice final, and cause you not to be in my life?”

She tilts her head as if wondering for a few seconds, after giving it some thought “No..” she shakes her head at him

He grins “really?!” she nods “but no I’m not, but its not far of that...”

“then that's all I need to know for now, I need some time to get my head round this, I am not saying I don’t want a relationship with you Aaron, but please give me at least process this”

Aaron nods, he pulls her in to a hug and she hugs him back, although everything is weird and up in the air she was so happy to have a parent again, he kisses the top of her head “My darling girl, we have all the time in the world, I’m just happy it’s all out there..” She looks up at him and smiles, then she decides to head home.

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