Muddled Emotions

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Chapter 40

Raven doesn’t miss a beat and nods as she stands her dad holding her hand “Well Mrs Jones, you’re husband is just out of surgery, the bullet was inches away from hitting his heart, I am very please to say he will make a full recovery, right now his still sleeping and will need to be on plenty of bed rest there was a few injury's, does he fight or box or anything like that??” Raven can only nod “well that would explain the other injury's, you are welcome to go through now though”

Relief washes over her as she cry’s “thank you doctor!”

Raven heads in to a sleeping beaten Keith, her hand fly's to her mouth “what has he done to you...” she walks over and gently kisses his forehead and sits beside him, everything she felt for him was resurfacing it never left, not really, seeing him there laid up like that and because of her, guilt started eating at her

Simon comes in behind her “there are gonna be guards watching over him and you at all times, and I am going to pop home and get you something more comfortable to change in to ok darling?”

Raven looks up at her dad nodding “thank you dad...for knowing he needs me”

Simon leans down and kisses her on the top of her head and heads out, Raven turns her attention back to Keith, she brushes his hair out his face “god I have missed you so bad, I wish I knew what he was doing sooner, I can’t believe he got away with it for so long, I will never forgive myself for this!”

Raven jumps as he begins speaking, he opens his eyes gently “don’t you dare blame yourself for this!”


“Hey beautiful!”

She stands and sits right next to him “I thought I had lost you for good this time!”

“No chance, I will always find my way back to you baby...if you would still have me...” She leans down planting her lips to his, he brings his hand up cupping her face kissing her back “You know, you looked beautiful today...”

Raven laughs a little “you never give up do you? even when you're injured”

Keith grins “on you? never!”

She leans down kissing him again “forgive me?”

He looks up at her as she sits down “for what?”

“you have gone through hell, and He was behind it all, and I didn’t see any of it, I thought I thought you really didn’t love me and it was all a lie...and that maybe I wasn’t good enough...and maybe I am not, you wouldn't be here if it wasn't for me”

Keith pulls himself up and pulls her in to his arms, just feeling her there was all he wanted he leans his head on hers “I will love you always, you are good are my perfect fit my better half... my everything and getting through that time in there, I only had one thought and that was you, coming home to you, and when he said you two was getting married, I knew I had to get to you...even if you choose not to get back with me...I took that bullet for you because I love you, I wouldn't change what just happened, and I don't regret taking it either”

Raven stops him talking by pressing her lips in to his “I want you, all of you, and if you would like, I want you to move in...I want us clean slate start over? but back to how things were before any of this happened”

Keith lights up “really?”

Raven nods “Even when I was with Ray, something was missing and it was never the same without you, I still loved you and missed you so much...and part of me didn't wanna believe that you meant that letter, and I didn't”

“then yes, I would really like that fresh start baby...”

He leans in kissing her a little more harder with urgency.

A few days later Raven is heading to in to hospital to pick up Keith, as she is about to enter someone grabs her from the side, she kicks out “PLEASE! GET OFF ME!” who ever has her is knocked to the floor, and try’s to make out what’s going on around her, a pair of arms pick her up “NO PLEASE!”

“It’s ok sweetheart its me” Raven instantly relaxes hearing her dad, as he takes her inside to get checked out, she sits on the bed still spinning

“What the hell was that?”

Simon grows angry “Ray.. but now, you going to be ok, I am going to go up and meet Keith ok? these two will be here the whole time” Raven just nods.

A little time later the door bursts open Raven jumps and turns as Keith enters “BABY YOU OK!”


“I don’t care about that right now you are my priority...”

Raven walks over to him and leans up kissing him “and you are mine..” he pulls her in to hug “let’s go home” once she gets cleared they all head back to hers.

Later that evening, Raven is cooking in the kitchen, thinking over the last few weeks, and every little detail she can think of that maybe she should of caught to start with, after a few minutes she is interrupted by Keith coming in “baby, you ok?


Keith pulls her in to a hug “baby, look at me...” Raven looks up at him, he cups her face looking in to her eyes “It’s ok... you couldn’t of known, its going to be ok, I promise you, nothing could stop me getting back to you don't ever forget that, I love you and that hasn’t changed baby, this last year or so has been hard I know, and I wish I could of got to you sooner, but I want us to start fresh...but that also means you have to know that none of this is on you”

Raven nods “But there is something I need to do first” Keith raises his eyebrow in confusion “I need to see him...”


Raven shakes her head at him “It’s ok, I just need some answers from him....”

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