Muddled Emotions

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Chapter 41

Keith gives her a pained look “then I can’t be here then...”

Raven looks up at him confused “meaning?”

“If you go see him, I won’t be here when you get back”

Raven’s heart shatters is he for real? but she is done with people making choices for her and expect her to roll over and take it “then that’s that then” he reach’s for her to stop her leaving “don’t, well you have spoken, you have made you're choice, I think I'm gonna go stay at my dad’s”

“Wait! I didn’t choose!”

“You just gave me an ultimatum, you made that choice, I am sick of people having more of the decision's in my life than me, it seems to be everyone else's way or none...”

Raven heads out and upstairs and starts packing her bags. A few minutes later Keith comes in “baby wait please?” Raven drowns him out and grabs her bags and leaves.

Half hour later she is at her dad’s door “hey darling?! YOU OK?”

Raven nods through the tears “is it ok to stay for a few days?”

Simon pulls her in to a hug “of course darling! come in” he brings her inside and they both sit in the kitchen “sweetheart what’s wrong?”

Raven shakes her head and wipes her tears “me and Keith are over”

“why?! you two are so good together!”

“Because I wanted to talk to Ray and he didn’t like it”

Simon mulls over that for a few minutes before talking “if that’s what you want darling...”

“I just need answers...” Simon pulls her in to hug.

The next day Raven is up early and nervous for seeing Ray again, everything has been up in the air since their supposed to be wedding day, Keith kept messaging but she turned her phone off. She hears someone knock on her door and her dad comes in “you ready darling?” Raven takes a deep breath and nods “I will be there every step ok, and my men will be on guard to ok” Raven nods and they head out and start the drive.

An hour later they are in the middle of nowhere and pull up to an abandoned building, they step out and head inside.

As she enters her dad at her side, she see’s Ray tied to a chair and beaten still in wedding attire, he looks up at her “BIRDIE! YOU’RE REALLY HERE!”

Raven can’t say nothing, she chokes on her sob, she is not sure if its shock of the state he was in or relief he couldn't cause anymore destruction, then something takes over her “DON’T EVER CALL ME THAT AGAIN!”

Ray can see in her eye’s that the same girl he once knew was no longer in there, she takes a step closer, all guards including her dad watching her intensely in case something was about to go down, from no where she pulls a kitchen knife out and stands behind him pulling his head back by his hair and puts the knife to his neck “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” Ray says it in a panicked state tears streaming

Simon steps forward “baby you don’t want to do this!”

“Don’t I?” Raven has tears streaming “what’s to stop me hur?! he took everything from me!”


She holds it closer “DON’T! LOVE!” she laughs bitterly “LOVE, YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THAT IS! EVERYTHING YOU PUT ME THROUGH! The first time, the baby, everything in between, then you took the first man who ever loved me and locked him up away from me and you watch me hurt....”

Simon is crying looking at her relive her pain “Come on baby...”

A voice comes from behind “BABY....”

Raven’s arms dart up and see’s Keith “No leave me alone! everyone stay the hell away from for you I want you out of my house”

She leans down “ever come near me again, and I WILL KILL YOU MYSELF...” she looks back at her dad “let him go....”

Ray knows she isn’t joking and nods, the knife drops to the floor, and Raven runs out, Keith and Simon try head out after her.

Raven walks for ages, she felt better, she eventually makes it back to her house and goes in, she packs up all of Keith’s stuff and as she is heading down stairs her door goes, she opens it to Keith, she throws his stuff out on the door and slams the door. That made her feel a bit better she heads in to the kitchen cracks open a bottle of wine and sits on her sofa she can hear Keith at her door “BABY PLEASE OPEN THE DOOR!” she ignores him and turns her music up louder.

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