Muddled Emotions

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Chapter 42

The next morning by 9 she is up and ready for work as she goes out, she see’s Keith asleep by the door surrounded by his stuff she can’t help but feel awful especially since he was still recovering, she decides to help him, she texts Kayla and let’s her know she is going to take the next couple of days off, she looks back down at him, his frozen, and looks rough, she bends down, and gently strokes his face “hey...” Keith is startled awake “sorry...come on lets get you warm and comfy...this doesn’t mean we are together either...”

He looks up at her, his heart shatters when he hears the last part “please Raven...”

“let’s not do this right now, lets concentrate on getting you fit and fighting...” she gently helps him to his feet, and in on the sofa “let me get you a warm bath on ok..”

Keith nods, she heads out bringing his stuff in and putting it in the hall, then heads up to put a bath on, once it finishes she goes down and helps him up stairs and in the bath “if you need anything I will be down stairs”

he gently takes her hand she looks back at him “thank you...” Raven nods then heads down stairs and cooks him some breakfast once she is done, she heads back up to see if his ok, he is in pyjamas, she helps in to bed, and goes down getting his food and makes him a coffee and takes it up to him

“Here..” she hands it to him and he takes it gratefully, she stands and heads back down stairs, she whacks the radio on and gets on with cleaning, after a couple of hours she takes some pain killers up and some water she enters and see’s him sleeping peacefully, she lets out a sigh as a tear spills over, she carefully places the water and pain killers down, and pulls the cover over him and he comes too he takes her hand “lay with me?” She is hesitant “please...” She nods and lays down beside him, he wraps his arms around her, her breath catches, she missed him so much...she missed this, her tears come on a little harder “baby look at me....” she looks up at him tears in her eyes “hey...” he brushes her tears away “talk to me...”

Raven bites her lip “I have just missed you...but you all of you treat me like a child and keep giving me these choices to make...I..”

Keith gently leans forward crashing his lips to hers with urgency, she wants to pull back but she can’t, she tangles her fingers through his hair, she pulls back like he is in pain, as she pants against him “you need to rest...”

Keith looks her in the eyes “I can’t rest until I have you by my side again...”

She lets out a nervous laugh “technically I am...”

Keith chuckles in surprise “so sarcastic...”

She looks up at him like she was nervous all of a sudden “ love it..”

he gives her a smile “and I love you, more than anything...”

She can’t hold back from him, she crashes her lips back to his he gently pulls her over him she looks down at him “maybe when you’re better...”

He looks up at her holding her waste “I want this baby, I want you...I have waited so long...please...” he almost whimpers his words, she leans down and begins kissing him he holds her close, he slowly removes every piece of her clothing, she gently runs her hands over him, then sits up enough to remove his bottoms, he watch’s every move of hers with anticipation, she looks him in the eye as she slides on to him, he let’s out a satisfied and pleasured moan “that’s it baby!” she slowly works him up he grips on to her, as she cry’s with pleasure, she picks up her pace some more, until they both reach the edge, they ride it out moaning against each other and she collapse’s down next to him “god I missed you...”

Raven turns and looks up at him “I’ve missed you...”

“Marry me?”

Raven chokes and her mouth pops open “W...what...”

“Marry me Raven....I want to spend the rest of my life with you, the other day, I was terrified I would lose you again, the time we spent a part I don’t ever want that again, I want to spend the rest of my life by you’re side... there is no one I would rather have by my side...”

Raven still trying to wrap her head around it after a few seconds, one wedding went wrong what’s to say this won’t “I...I can’t” she stands dressing and backs out then takes off out the house running.

She heads to a bar and sinks in to a seat after grabbing a large drink, she can’t hold back and her tears go “Raven?”

Raven turns “Not now Jasper...”

“What’s wrong.. I am not gonna leave you in this state!”

He takes a seat opposite her “what do you want from me...”

“I just wanna make sure you are ok...”

“WELL I AM NOT!” Jasper flinches away “I'm sorry....”

“Don’t be you are clearly going through a to me...please”

Raven goes in to everything, including running away from Keith’s proposal “Wow, that’s a lot, no wonder you’re stressed” He heads to the bar and buys them another drink as he sit’s “I know I have no right to have an input but, as much as it pains me... maybe you should accept deserve to be happy honestly and anyone could see you guys are meant for each other”

As the conversation goes on, Keith is outside watching in, and turns on his heel angry. Raven chats a little longer “maybe you’re right, I need to go back to him! thank you!” Jasper gives her a cuddle as she takes off home.

Once she gets in she runs straight to the bedroom to see Keith was gone. Her heart breaks his stuff was gone to. She try’s to ring him but he cuts it off. She collapse’s to the floor and let’s the sobs escape.

The following day she goes to her dad’s office, Keith is there but goes out of view when she enters, she goes in to to her dad’s office “hey darling you ok?”

“actually I have some news...”

Simon looks up at her “oh?”

Raven feels the tears forming but pushes them back “I am leaving...”

Simon’s mouth pops open “W..what...but you can’t I only got you back...”

“I’m sorry dad...but things are too much for me to cope with right now...I can’t be around it anymore!”

“but I thought you and Keith had sorted things...”

“I thought so too, He asked me to marry him, I ran away, but someone talked sense in to me...and I went back he was gone, now his avoiding me like plague...I can’t physically or mentally be around any more drama...”

“well when are you leaving?”


“that soon?!” Raven nods, Simon pulls her in to his arms “I wish you would stay...”

“I’m sorry’s too painful”

They chat for a little longer, then she gets up to leave but she is met by Keith “RUNNING BACK TO HIM HUR?!”

Raven turns “excuse me?”

“I saw you two all cosy in the bar!”

“hmmm right, the same man who convinced me that I deserve happiness and that I should marry I came home, you were gone...but don’t worry I am leaving Sunday, I am no longer you’re problem!”

Keith goes pale “wai..”

Raven snaps “NO DON’T EVEN BOTHER!”

Raven leaves and heads home, she spends the next couple of days packing.

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