Muddled Emotions

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Chapter 43

It’s Saturday night and Raven is feeling crap in herself and goes to bed early, she lays crying, then outside she could hear music blaring, she wonders who the hell would be partying at this time, and goes to her window to see what’s happening, she is shocked to see Keith standing there in a suit and “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” In petals around him, she slides her dressing gown on and goes to the door “what do you want...”

Keith rushes to the door “Raven, don’t leave please, I love you so god damn much, and I shouldn’t have assumed...that was wrong of me, you freaked out I get it, with everything that happened before hand, I can’t lose you again, I will follow you if that's what it takes, but I am not gonna lose you again....”

Raven giggles a little “that’s called stalking you know that right!”

Keith chuckles “I don’t care I will do it if that means I don’t lose are my forever and I know I have fucked up this more times then I deserve chances for but please please.....” he gets down on his knees and literally starts begging

“will you get up before you cause yourself an injury! or give the neighbours something to talk about”

“be my wife of course only if you want to be...then maybe I will”

Raven shakes her head at him smiling “I love you...”

He stands “is that a yes?!”

she nods, he gently pulls her in to his arms “I love you baby!” he gently kisses her and sweeps her in to his arms and carry’s her off to bed.


Raven and Keith married the year after the engagement after giving birth to triplets Simon Jr, Damien and Jaxson, then 2 years from then on gave birth to a little girl Holly they become the happy family unit, she became friends with Jasper and never saw Ray again, he got her message loud and clear at least it seemed that way, Simon dotes on his grandkids and daughter. Her business kept growing, and she always kept the memory of Holly alive.

Braxton tried to get in contact but Raven did not want to know.

Aaron died in battle with another gang 2 years ago.

Theo also tried to contact her but eventually gave up and Keith made sure of it.

Amy and Kayla adopted 2 babies of their own and stay close with Raven and hers.

She finally got her happy ever after....

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