Muddled Emotions

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Chapter 5

Once she is home she sits on the sofa, shock has set in, this morning things had been “normal” quiet, just her and her boyfriend, now she isn’t sure about Theo, and has now gained a very powerful father and her ex is thrown back in to the mix, who also turns out to be Theo’s brother, she doesn't know what to think and bursts in to tears, she lets it all out.

A couple of weeks later she is sat at work and a bunch of flowers arrive, she hadn’t heard from Theo so thought it may be him, as she signs for them and reads the card “Hey Raven, I really hope you’re ok, I really hope we can catch up soon, or at least you have an answer....


She puts the flowers to the side and sighs and decides she is going to see him tonight, she had to put herself and Aaron out of their misery.

Later that evening she was ready as she is leaving Theo is there “Not now Theo, I’m just on my way to Aaron’s...”

Theo looks down at her “Please, I miss you so god damn much....”

“Not lied to me, snuck around behind my back, and lied RAY IS YOU’RE BROTHER FOR CHIRST SAKE! and I can bet that there is something else I don’t know...” Theo looks down “Oh god there is isn’t there.... you going to tell me or do I have to wait for daddy dearest too?”

Something snaps in Theo “YOU KNOW WHAT FUCK THIS, I CAN’T DO THIS!” he throws a punch at the wall beside her, Raven is in shock and someone tackles him to the floor Raven can’t believe, it happens so quick “RAVEN I WOULDN’T HURT YOU, JUST KNOW THAT! I AM SORRY! I LOVE YOU SO DAMN MUCH”

One of Aaron’s guards had appeared and had tackled him, he looks up “you ok miss?!” Raven just nods, they drag Theo out to the car kicking and shouting, Raven follow’s, they head to the same place from before, and Aaron is stood outside, he rushes over “DID HE HURT YOU!”

Raven shakes her head “No...I”

He pulls her to a hug “GET HIM INSIDE NOW!”

Theo looks up at Raven “PLEASE BABY... I LOVE YOU...”

The guards start to drag him inside, Raven turns to Aaron “Don’t hurt him...”

Aaron looks at her annoyed “HE WAS GOING TO HURT YOU!”

Raven steps back a little “He wouldn’t hurt me...and if you hurt him, then you will be the one who is hurting me...” Aaron halts the guards, they stop and push him to the floor, Theo scurry’s to his feet, rushing to her, she push’s him off “Doesn’t mean I forgive you either..” she turns to her Aaron “can we go inside I think we need to talk” Aaron nods and leads her in.

Once they are both sat down, Aaron goes to talk but Raven jumps in first “Before you say anything, I want so much for this to work, to have you in my life, to have my dad in my life.. BUT... I have some condition's”

Aaron smiles and nods “Name them...”

Raven takes a deep breath “I don’t want to be mixed up with all this, Don’t throw you’re weight around because of who you are, or you think you know best, let me make my own mistakes, and I want all the truth now, everything out in the open...”

He nods listening to her “Done, I will try, I can’t help but feel protective of you Raven you’re my only child, I just want things right”

She nods and smiles "try is better then not, and is there anything else to know....”

Aaron takes a deep breath “No.. you know all there is..”

Raven nods “Ok, then...”

Aaron claps his hands together “A TOAST! TO MY DAUGHTERS HOMECOMING!” Raven can’t help but smile, they toast with his men and sit chatting for the evening.

After celebrations are over, Raven gets up and gets ready to leave, Aaron calls out “one of the boys will drop you home”

Raven turns “It’s ok..”

“Please.. I just wanna make sure my daughter is safe...”

Raven rolls her eyes “fine just this once”

He nods and kisses her on the head “goodbye sweetheart”

One of the guards walk her to the car and drive her home, once she is in after 15 minutes there is a knock, she heads to it and is stunned to see Ray there “Oh hi”

“Hey birdie...”


“what, I always called you that....and I was you're sunshine...”

“yeah when you were part of my life...and I thought you cared...and when I didn't seem so easily disposable to you...when I thought you...loved me”

“That’s not how it is...I want to be apart of you're life again... I do care about you... you are not and never will be...I did and still do that has never changed... 5 years of my life, our life...please can I come in...”

Raven thinks for few seconds then moves aside “fine” they head further in and she turns “do you want a drink...”

Ray nods “thank you...”

She heads in to the kitchen, she makes the drinks and heads back in to the front room handing him one and taking a seat opposite him, she looks up at him, he is watching her closely, like his seeing her for the first time all over again “it’s so good seeing you again birdie... honestly you look as amazing as you did before....”

She shakes her head “what do you want Ray...”

He looks down “I just had to see you again... I can’t believe you’re seeing Theo...”

Raven rolls her eye’s “was...and you sound shocked yet the whole 5 years we dated you forgot to mention you even had a brother...”

He smirks “Touché Birdie Touché, this is one of the many reasons I love always said it how it was, and was never afraid to speak you’re mind”

She shakes her head “listen if there isn’t anything you wanted, I’m going to bed..”

She stands to show him out, he stands towering over her, her breath hitches, he looks down at her giving her a playful, flirtatious look “I still have the effect on you...the very same one you have on me...” She bites her lip and looks down, he cups her face tilting her head up to face him “god you’re so beautiful, I have missed you so much Birdie” he gently meets her lips, briefly she kisses him back and its like they were back at the beginning when they first met 10 years back, like the last 10 years hadn't happened

It takes everything in her to pull away but she does “goodnight can show yourself out” she walks off to the bedroom shutting the door, she exhales and shakes off that night heading to bed.

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