Muddled Emotions

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Chapter 6

The next day, as Raven heads in to work, she feels like someone is watching her, she was being followed, out the corner of her eye she notices security watching over her, she rolls her eyes, she is angry she specifically told her dad she wanted none of this, as she gets in, she dials her dad’s number “DAD, CALL OFF YOU’RE DOGS, I DON’T NEED WATCHING!”

Aaron is a little shocked “did you....”

Raven is also little shocked at her outburst “sorry I didn’t mean..”

Aaron chuckles “no not that darling, you just called me dad!”

Raven thinks it over for a second “I guess I did...sorry...I”

“Don’t be darling! I love that you did, although didn’t expect the first time to be screaming at me....”

Raven can’t help but laugh and Aaron starts laughing with her “I’m sorry... I will call the boys off, I promise, I just can’t help but worry you know... I just got you back”

Raven smiles to herself “It’s ok dad...” she hears Aaron start getting choked up “I didn’t mean to upset you..”

“Oh you could never upset me sweet, just, missing out on you’re life for so long and now I have you back, and hearing’s all I've ever wanted..." after a brief pause "BUT ENOUGH of that sorry darling, as I said I will call them off, have a good day at work ok, Bye sweetheart”

“thank you and bye dad”

She heads in to work with a spring in her step and gets on with her day. She spends the day thinking about being in her dad’s life and why he would be concerned, she gives some serious thought and comes up with an idea.

Later that evening she heads to her dad’s, he welcomes her with open arms as usual “dad...”

he looks over “yes darling...”

“I have been thinking about protection... and you’re line of work, my safety and all that....”

“oh? have you changed you’re mind?”

she shakes her head “not exactly, I was thinking.....maybe” she pauses

“what is it?”

“well maybe I can train in fighting area? you know self defence, to protect myself? you have the men you need to train me right...?”

He ponders on this thought for a little bit “you know what, I think that is a brilliant idea...but the only person I have trained good enough for that is...” she looks over raised eyebrow, he takes a deep breath “Ray...”

She thinks for a moment “if it gives you peace of mind that I can defend myself when no one else can, then its worth it...”

He smiles “Ok, I will arrange it ok...” she smiles and nods and hugs him.


True to his word, he arranged it all, and she trained hard for 3 hours every day after work, with Ray, and things felt natural with him and they seem to fall back in to how they used to be always laughing and messing around, she also knew Theo was watching from the distance but she never let it distract her, as she finishes up, she heads in to her dad “hey dad!”

“Hey darling, all done?” She smiles and nods he gives her a hug “good to hear... how did she do Ray?”

Ray chuckles “if we ain't careful she will have us on our arse's in one go!”

They all burst out laughing and Raven rolls her eyes she shoves him, he pretends to be really hurt “OUCH, LEATHAL TOUCH MUCH!”

Raven smirks at his dramatics “Drama queen!”

Aaron smiles “listen Raven there is something else, I kinda want you to get practice with.....”

Raven looks at him with concern, she notices everyone has gone silent “what...”

Her dad looks a little cautious “Guns...”

Raven looks over at him almost with a laugh “NO! NO OH AND NO, OUT OF THE QUESTION!”

Aaron takes her hands “Please...its one thing for self defence, but against a bullet you will lose, I need to know you’re safe in all aspects Raven, this isn't for discussion!”

Raven raises her eyebrow “excuse me?” she backs away “then maybe, I shouldn’t be you’re concern anymore may own everyone in here, but not me...self defence is one thing but guns nope! if you knew me at all, you wouldn’t ask that of me”

she turns to leave, he grabs her by the arm to pull her back not realising his own strength she whimpers out in pain, he instantly lets go “I’m so sorry...Raven please..”

She looks up at him with pain in her eyes, the look of betrayal “I’m sorry that I am not good enough to be you’re daughter...” tears spill over and she runs out in to the night.

Aaron shouts at his men “FIND HER! I NEED HER SAFE! FOR CHRIST SAKE!” His men scatter around and out.

Raven feels rejected, it clearly meant his way or no way, she was heartbroken, she sits down in her spot she found not long after her mum died and looks at her arm, it was forming a bruise, she pulls her sleeve down to cover it, she knew he didn’t mean it, and she knows he only cares about her safety and wellbeing, but this is what she didn’t want, feeling like he was controlling her life and if he knew everything about her how could he ask that of her.

She wonders around for hours, she knew if she went home, they would find her, she didn’t wanna be found right now, she just keeps walking, she turns her phone off, and finds a little pub and heads in, she enjoys her own company for once, and starts knocking back the drinks.

She ends up making a new friend at the bar Braxton, little older than her dark hair, blue eyes, broad, tall and muscular, they sit laughing and joking “so Braxton, what brings you out at this time...”

He laughs at her as she squints at him suspiciously “Late night at work, what about you?”

she rolls her eyes “asshole dad!” she pulls off her coat and throws it on the side

he bursts out laughing at her being dramatic, but notices her arm “how did you hurt you’re arm!”

She suddenly remembers “Oh, been practicing self defence, would you believe it, I’m so clumsy!”

He raises his eyebrow “No I wouldn’t believe it, did someone do that to you...”

She dismissively waves her hand “No don't be silly, honestly I’ve been practicing self defence, I can show you” she winks at him, he chuckles, a little time later she speaks again “Soooo Braxton....what is it you do for work...that keeps you out so late”

He grins at her “I’m...a doctor..” she bursts out laughing and realises the irony and why he didn't believe the bruised arm excuse

“Makes sense!!!” he chuckles “let me get you a drink!” they order another round and after a few hours, Braxton is getting a little concerned for her, he takes her phone whilst she is distracted, and Dials the last person to contact her, which happened to be Ray and explains where they are and the state she is in, he also sneaks his number in.

Half hour later, Aaron comes charging through the door with Ray and 2 guards behind them, Raven spots them and with a giggle starts to “OH WHO CALLED THE ASSHOLE BRIGADE! JIGS UP!” Braxton heads over to them and explains the night, Aaron turns to Ray can you pick her up please.. concern washes over him, but relief that they found her

Ray heads over to Raven “come on Birdie, party’s over!”

Raven jumps in to Ray’s arms “I missed you, I hope you know that....” her legs go from under her as she falls unconscious, Ray picks her up in one swift movement and carry’s her to the car

Once they are back at Aaron’s he turns round to Ray “Put her in my room, I need to keep an eye on her...” Ray nods and walks off. Once everyone is gone, Aaron checks on her regularly over night.

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