Muddled Emotions

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Chapter 8

The next morning she wakes with a yawn, she stands gets up and smells someone cooking, as she enters her kitchen her dad is working his way round cooking up a breakfast “hey dad”

“Good morning Darling, did you sleep well?”

Raven smiles over at her dad “yeah, what smell’s good”

Aaron grins over “Come sit! I made us breakfast, I’ve taken the day off! don’t worry no security, just us, we are gonna have a movie, quality dad, daughter time....”

Raven chokes on her sob, he rushes giving her a cuddle “You ok?!”

She smiles up at him “dad you didn’t need to do all this...”

Aaron smiles “I have many years of making up to do, this is just the start..” he cuddles her

Raven smiles “You’ve done more than enough” she could see this day meant as much to him as it did her and they enjoy the day together just one on one time.

A few days on things are getting back on track again, she had been texting Braxton back and fourth, it was nice to have another friend that seemed to have her back, things were still so complicated between the brothers, as for them they were trying to get every opportunity they could to be on their own with her.

It hits the weekend and Raven had spent some well earned time with Holly filling her in on everything that's been happening, and soon enough is heading home, but as she gets home, her door is a jar, she pushes it open but as she does, someone runs out knocking her to the floor winding her, she falls back hitting her head, she fumbles around for her phone and dials her dad “”

“BABY WHAT’S WRONG, I’M COMING OK!” He knows straight away something is wrong and rounds up his men and heads over, as he gets up to her flat he see’s his daughter on the floor, blood dripping from the side of her head “OH GOD BABY GIRL, GET IN THERE CHECK THAT HOUSE NOW, RAY, GET MY DAUGHTER TO MY SAFEHOUSE NOW! AND GET THE ON CALL DOCTOR! ”

Ray kicks in to action immediately, sweeping her up and carrying her to his car, strapping her in and jumps in, with two guards with them, as they drive, Ray watches her out the corner of his eye “Birdie....” Raven turns her head a little, she feels a little woozy “Birdie talk to me ok...”

Raven nods a little “ happened so quick...I...”

Ray is a little concerned “Birdie stay with me!” Raven drifts off in to a sleep.

Some hours later, she wakes as her eyes adjust her dad is at her side holding her hand, there were also heavily armed guards near by and Ray was on her other side, Theo at the end, Aaron see’s her stirring “baby, can you hear me....”

Raven clears her throat “”

“I’m here baby...god why couldn’t you have security like I said!”

Raven shakes her head “Now is not the time for I told you so’s dad, besides I don’t think that would of made a difference...”

Aaron looks at her confused “what happened... god I didn’t know what I was going to walk in to....”

Raven gathers her thoughts “I was out with Holly for the day, I got door was open, as I went to push it all the way, I was rushed and thrown backwards...”

Aaron feels anger rage through him “did you see what he looked like...”

Raven shakes her head “No... I’m sorry...”

Aaron cuddles her “it’s’re staying here from now on..” Raven nods, Aaron is a little shocked she agreed, but he knows this probably had her shaken up.

The next morning, she screams herself awake, as she sits bolt up, dripping in sweat, Ray is at her side holding her hand, she is crying, he pulls her in to a hug “hey, shhh”

Aaron bursts in to the room “WHAT’S HAPPENING!”

Raven catches her breath “Sorry dad...”

He rushes over and pulls her in to a hug “talk to me baby” he holds her face in his hands looking at her wiping her tears with his thumbs

She sits up looking between everyone “sorry, I get nightmares, usually replays of mums murder...” she swallows the lump in her throat

Aaron pulls her in to a hug “It’s ok, you are safe here ok.. none of us will let anything happen to you!” after she has calmed down everyone leaves

Ray stays put looking at a little shaken to see her in that state, Raven looks at him “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you....”

He shakes his head in disbelief “You have nothing to be sorry for, Me though I do, that's set some serious trauma for you... and I just left you! what kind of person does that! it’s got to you so much that you wont protect yourself fully” he starts getting really angry at himself, she reaches for him, and he calms to her touch, he stands “I’m sorry you deserve more...” he walks out. Raven sits in confusion not sure how to feel or think.

The next morning Raven eventually gets up showers, she stands and looks at herself in the mirror, this is the time she decides enough is enough, she is going to take control of her life, and she was going to make her dad proud, the old her was gone now, her old life was gone now, she needed to embrace her new life the new her. She gets herself ready and heads down to get her plan in action, she says goodbye to her dad, taking security with her.

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