Muddled Emotions

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Chapter 9

Later that evening she walks in to the safe house in a whole new look and new attitude, she felt amazing and so alive, and her confidence was back and it showed, the guys couldn’t help but stare, Raven smiles “Hey guys” she winks walking through and heads to her dad’s office and knocks.


Raven walks in boldly “Hey daddy” she walks over to his desk giving him a kiss on the head and hug “’s my plan!”

Aaron can’t help but look at his daughter “Makeover?”

Raven smiles “ like? a daughter you can be proud off and no dad that isn’t a dig” she spins on the spot

Aaron is a little shocked “You shouldn’t do it to be a perfect daughter, you’re my daughter and proud of you for just being you sweetheart”

Raven takes a long inhale “I know dad, but It’s time, I feel good and more confident, oh and I should mention that I’m signed up for gun practice! I start tomorrow!”

Aaron raises his eyebrow “darling, I..”

Raven puts her hand up “No more miss nice girl dad, I’ve been screwed over so many times, it's time to take one mess’s with us not anymore, oh and by the way you will be getting a letter later this week”

Aaron smiles “You are defiantly my daughter, I love you darling”

She smiles “I love you too dad, Oh I got you a little something...” she hands him a box he looks at it suspiciously

He opens the box and pull’s out a bracelet with a little bar on, with an engraving “Dad, I love you always, you’re daughter Raven xx”

Her dad well’s up “oh darling that’s beautiful” she helps him put it on “what did I do to get this?”

She smiles “because even though you didn’t get the chance to be there through my life. You’re here now and you have done and doing everything to make it up to me, and that’s more special to me than anything, you never stopped loving me, and so you know, you are not alone anymore, you have my back, and I will always have yours, us against the world, I love you”

He jumps up pulling her in to a hug she hugs him back “I love you too sweetheart!” after a bit more of chat, Raven heads up to her bedroom.

As she sits back on her bed, her door goes “COME IN” She turns to see Ray “Hey, you ok?”

Ray comes further in, shutting the door “yeah, are you?”

She looks at him confused “never been better” she stands and begins unpacking her stuff, Ray watch’s her in fascination, with lust, he had never been with another girl since her, not sexually at least, she was the only one for him, he missed her, and seeing this side of her was a massive turn on for him, god to feel her again, to call her his again

“You gonna keep staring at me, or come and get it....” she turns to face him looking up at him through her lashes

He looks at her shocked, but with a playful look written across his face, he walks towards her taking her by the waist, she looks up at him smirking and he looks down at her with a mischievous look “I have to say, I am kinda liking this new side to you Birdie.....”

“What happened to not being good enough...” Pain shoots across his face, she gently pulls his face towards her, for once he seems speechless, he backs her in to the wall planting his hands either side, his breathing increases rapidly, she leans in a little closer as if to tease him within kissing distance and whispers “kiss me....”

He closes the gap, pulling her to him, she wraps her arms around his neck, the kiss gets deepens and things get more heated, until a knock at her door comes, she smirks, he lets out low growl, biting down on his lip, after a few seconds he composes himself and sits down, Raven goes back to unpacking “Come in”

Aaron enters “Hey sweetheart, oh Ray there you are, I need to have a chat with you too, meet me in my office, while I talk to my daughter please”

Ray stands nodding “Yes sir” Ray heads out shutting the door and

Aaron comes in further “You ok darling, honestly”

Raven turns “Dad I promise you, I’ve never been better!”

He smiles and hugs her “Ok if you need anything or to talk at any time, my door is always open ok!”

Raven nods “I know dad, I love you”

“I love you too”.

Later that night, after dinner Raven stands cleaning in the kitchen, she feels someone come in and she is all to aware its Ray she smirks to herself, he walks up behind her pressing himself against her “I’m not done with you...not by long shot!”

He smiles against her shoulder, she giggles “I should think not....” she feels him getting excited as he pushes himself harder against her, he press’s kisses along her back and neck, wrapping his arms around her, then he hears someone coming down and he quickly makes himself busy.

Her dad comes in “Hey sweetheart, listen Saturday I’ve been invited to this masquerade ball thing, a yearly meet up kinda thing, and If you’re ready to, I kinda want to introduce my daughter to my world?...”

Raven spins “I’d love to dad, I am guessing, the dress code is formal with a mask...”

He chuckles at her and nods “I no weird for me, but it’s time the world knew, my daughter is now by my side”

“I look forward to it dad what time?”

Aaron thinks for a minute “we will be leaving here for 7”

She nods “Ok” she smiles

Aaron kisses her on the head “thank you sweet heart”

Ray waits for Aaron to be completely out of the way, he strides straight up to Raven spinning her round and pinning her to the side, as he grinds against her slowly “You still drive me wild” he growls in to her ear, she looks up at him smirking “let me take you out birdie? properly, start over?”

Raven looks up at him and after a little consideration she nods “Ok, yeah”

He smirks, he cups her face with one hand, gently leaning down planting a kiss on her lips.

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