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After the death of her father, Luna is constantly abused by her drug addicted mother and her lover. She has known nothing but pure hate and resentment towards people. She believes every human is as cruel as her mother. She walks in the shadows learning to trust no one but herself. Luna is shattered when she discovers her younger sister, Izzy, suffers the same fate. Taking up the responsibility as a young teen, she decides to fight for her and her sisters freedom.. Would she manage to escape the devil's den or would she end up being killed?

Drama / Action
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Chapter 1

Luna's pov.

"let me go!" I screamed as i struggled to break free from his grip.

I punched his hand and slapped it with all my might to no avail. His grip only grew tighter on my hair. He was too strong. My tiny hands and weak punches could do no harm to him. He dragged me by my hair towards the door that led to the basement where Izzy and I now lived.

Spencer was one annoying piece of shit that wouldn't let Izzy and I have our freedom. He was always sticking his nose in our business. He stalked me most times when I'm on my way to school. My guess was he was afraid I'd report his abusive nature to the police. I was planning to though, but not just yet. Not when Izzy was still living there. I had to find a place where we could live happily alone, away from Spencer. I couldn't make a move just yet, until I was sure Izzy was safe.

Mom wasn't much of a help either. She was depressed when dad had died two years ago. She started taking drugs which messed with her head. I remembered getting back from school one time, and getting a real beating for doing nothing. She drank alot as well and took her rage out on me whenever the mood struck. Yes! My mom was violent.

Spencer sold drugs to mom occasionally. I followed her once but she never knew. I needed to know why she changed. Why she was being mean and uncaring towards Izzy and I. Towards Izzy at least. I could manage. Izzy was just nine years old. She deserved better than being illtreated by her own mother. I thought I could handle mom being cruel until, one night, she brought Spencer home. I hated it.

Looking at Spencer's face, you'd know he wasn't one to mess with. He was huge and muscular, about 5feet, 7inches. Much bigger than my dad was. He had dull hazel eyes that held nothing but violence. His black hair pouring down his shoulders. His plump lips seemed twitched and his pale skin didn't respond under the heavy light that lit the room. He was good looking I'd admit but dangerous.

The next morning, mom had announced that Spencer would be living with us for a few days. I wasnt pleased with her decision. When I confronted her, all I got was a slap from Spencer. He hadn't even been here for long and he was already flaunting his authority. That night I overheard Spencer telling mom that he'd move into our home eventually, if mom didn't settle her debt. I wondered what debt he was talking about. Wait...

'Drugs! '
'Spencer was a drug dealer and mom bought drugs from him. It could only mean mom wasn't able to pay him.' I had figured it out. It wasn't the most pleasing news but what could I do. I was just fifteen..

Seeing how rough things were when Spencer moved in, the cold dick he was, I had to keep an eye on Izzy. So I moved her to my room. At first, mom was against it but I convinced her that Izzy was having nightmares and needed some attention. Mom didn't care, she just waved it off. It didn't bother me much cause I had gotten used to her being cold.

" shut the fuck up bitch" Spencer's voice came interrupting my thoughts and sending shivers down my spine.

"I just need to get some food for Izzy" I spat. Ignoring the pain he was inflicting on my head.

"when I'm ready to feed you, I will. Now shut your hole and get back into your den..."

" we haven't had anything since morning you deep shit. And where the hell is Marietta Shaw?" I screamed almost like I was ready to trash him until he begged for mercy. I wasn't ready to show him my weakness.. He suddenly stopped. Shoving me into the wall, he smirked, then removed his hand from my hair, relief pouring through me. He looked at me intently as he slowly put his right hand in his pocket and pulled out his phone. His eyes never leaving me the entire time. He slowly turned his gaze to his phone and tapped on the screen for half a minute then put it back in his pocket.

" pizza it is. Will be delivered in the next..... twenty minutes."

" where's Marietta?" I asked again ignoring his statement .

Not like I cared where mom was but I was worried. If he had killed her, then he wouldn't spare us either. He'd have forgotten us down in the basement and left us to die of hunger. I raised my head slightly, my eyes meeting his.

" she went to attend to some business." he said. His gaze still holding mine. I wonder what gave me the courage. I only knew one thing, that I wasn't going to let him know I was weak.

"what business?" I asked confused. Mom never worked. At least for the last two years. She spends her time drinking and getting high.

He looked down now, rubbed his eyes and said,

"she'd be back by tonight. No need to get worried." he replied ignoring my question.

"I'm not worried!" I snarled "I just wanted to know why we didn't get breakfast today." I lied.

Truth was, I was worried but not because I cared about her. It was because I was afraid she left us with this lunatic. I squeezed my brows at my thought. Wishing I could spit the way I felt to his face.

" well--...... "his voice trailed off as the door bell rang.

We both stared at each other alarmed. I was hoping it would be the police though. While I was trying to figure out who could be at the door, Spencer grabbed me. His right hand locking both my arms behind my back and his left palm over my mouth. He dragged me violently towards the door that led to the basement. He shoved me in and slammed the door shut. Stumbling down the stairs, I fell face flat on the basement floor. For a moment, I thought it was a dream. I couldn't recollect how I ended up on the basement floor until I tried getting up. It happened too fast. Holding my head, I groaned. As I heard tiny steps coming towards me.

"Luna?.." the voice was gentle and soft. It held so much emotions. "Luna are you okay?" the voice was shaky now.

I squeezed my eyes shut tightly as though trying to swallow the pains I felt in my head. I opened my eyes and blinked a couple of times before meeting Izzy's gaze. Her tiny face wet from crying.

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