The Seven Sins

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When Hirisama Koji died he was given a choice to go to heaven or hell. Naturally you assume he'd go to heaven right? Wrong. This dumbass willingly walked into hell like he owned the place. And this my dear friends, is the story of all the shit he caused in his time after life on earth.

Drama / Fantasy
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Introduction or whatever

Hi! Author here :)

You already read the summary right? Good. I don't have to waste my precious time explaining it again.

(If you didn't go back and read it, it's there for a reason dipshit.)

Now, my name is Juno and I'm the author of this story. I just wanted to say hi before we jump into the story and let you know a few things.

I'm not going to apologise for the way I speak. If you don't like it, leave :D but if you're chill I'm chill. And uh all characters in this story are my own blah blah blah end of speech.

Anyway I hope you enjoy and without further babbling I'll let you get reading ;)
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