The Bayou Katt Murders

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Chapter 34

“I’d like to speak to the Big Katt.”

“She’s not available right now, she’s out feeding.”



“What do you mean, feeding?”

“You’ll see.”

“Do you know who this is?”

“That murdering fiend ex-husband of hers -- yes, I know.”

“And do you realize I have Spud in my capture?”

“Yes, but I am little concerned.”

“I could kill him at any instant.”

“I am well aware of that, but the Katt has a very large appetite, and my guess is, you’re at the very top of her menu. And you should know that nobody will come to save you when you have blood gurgling out your throat.”

“Are you crazy?”

“Of course, you could surrender immediately and save yourself. But you won’t, I know your kind too well.”

“Don’t you want to know where I am?”

“I don’t know where you are, and frankly, I don’t care. But I know where you are going to be and going to be soon unless you give yourself up.”

“And where is that?”

“A place called hell.”

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