Life of Kaoru Book One

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Read about the days and life and of Commander of Combat Unit One, Kaoru "Hime" Koto. The adventures with her friend's Ally, Captain Higashiyama and Yukimoto and Rumiko. As things are going great, a new commander named Aoi Yoshida comes in and breaks her peace. What will happen next?

Drama / Romance
Reve Avaritia
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Kaoru “Hime” Koto is currently Commander of the Combat Unit One of the Headquarters. I feel as if the world is on her shoulders at times. The ranking has its benefits. She feels she needs something interesting to happen to her life every once in a while. She calls up her childhood best friend, Alice “Ally” Rosalite. Furthermore, she is currently the Commander of Combat Unit Two. They always hang out every once in a while. You look so bored and tired, you need some excitement? Ally asked. You could say that. I replied. I need a man. So let’s go out tonight. Ally replied. I don’t know, Ally. I replied. Kaoru, you are such a worry-wort, we are twenty-one. Ally replied. I haven’t gone out since “him”. I replied. Yes that disgusting mother of my ex. Ally replied. We should go out for fun. No man chasing, Ally. I replied. I am single Kaoru, not desperate. Ally replied. The way you said it made it seem you are desperate. I replied. Whatever, we are going to the party in Avaritia or Luxuria? Ally asked. How about downtown Dionysus? I asked. Yes, I can drink to my heart’s content. Ally replied. You have a problem. I replied. Meet up at my house? I asked. Yes. Ally replied. As the day went by, I was looking forward tonight. I would be “me” again. I thought. Soon as my day was done, I arrived at my house. Furthermore, I walked inside and dropped my keys on the counter. Ally arrived in her car. She parked and brought out party dresses and makeup. She really is ready for tonight. Ally knocked on the door. Kaoru open the door. As I opened the door she came in with make up in one bag and a gym bag in the other hand. I grabbed the gym bag. Let’s go upstairs and get ready! Ally yelled. Yeah! I yelled.

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