What Happened

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At a festival, 18-year-old Remy overhears a very private conversation. He listens as two people talk about killing another person. He is compelled to follow them and witnesses as a boy about his age murders another teenager. But was this taking of another's life justified? Remy soon finds that he is unable to separate himself from these people and must get closer to this boy in order to find out what brought him into a situation where he needed to kill someone. Warning: There are mentions of sexual assault throughout this book. The actual act is not explicitly described, but if you are sensitive to that kind of thing, you might want to skip this book. Also, if you have any title suggestions, I would love to hear them.

Drama / Humor
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Remy heard the plot as he was leaning against a tree at a festival. Two people, a man and a woman, were talking about something that Remy knew they didn't intend for anyone else to hear.

"I know you don't want to do this, but I need you to! You know I wouldn't ask something as awful as this unless it was absolutely necessary!" The woman proclaimed passionately.

"And murder is absolutely necessary?" The man exclaimed incredulously.

"It's not murder. It's justice."

"Renee... " He sounded like he didn't want to relent, but he had nothing more to say.

The woman sounded ashamed, yet persistent, "Landon, I need this. I just feel so alone, and this is the only thing that could make things right. I can't live knowing that he got away with that! So this is the only way for me to feel okay again. I just can't let him get away with it." Towards the end, her voice started shaking and Remy could tell that tears had started to well up in her eyes.

The man, Landon, hesitates for a second, then, in a voice that sounds like his heart is breaking, he says, "I know... I know. But if I do this, we've gotta get out of here. We can't stay."

"So you'll do this for me?"

"Y-yeah... I... guess I will. But where are we gonna go?"

"Anywhere. As long as it's out of the state."

Remy can tell that the couple is about to leave, but any movement he makes would definitely alert them. They'll come out from behind the tree and make their way back to the crowd. He makes himself as small as possible and hopes that the setting sun provides enough darkness to conceal him.

The two people walk back towards the festival, so lost in their thoughts that they didn't notice Remy. Once they're a good distance away, he gets up and begins to follow them, careful not to get too close. He watches them rejoin the crowd, and though their eyes are turned toward the band, he can tell that their attention is elsewhere.

For the first time, Remy gets a good look at the couple. The woman has dark brown skin with short, curly brunette hair. The man has pale, slightly tanned skin and straight hair.

Remy walks through the crowd until he's only separated from them by a few people. He pretends to watch the band on the stage. Renee takes out her phone and makes a call. When the person on the other line evidently picks up, she looks at Landon with a guilty look on her face, but Remy is close enough to hear that her voice sounds casual and carefree.

He hears part of the conversation, "Yeah, so it'll just be a girls' night. It feels like we haven't hung out in forever, and I really miss you. I know we didn't talk much after what happened, but I'm better now, and I just want things to return to normal... Yeah. Thanks... Okay, I'll see you then."

Renee hangs up and sighs, "Okay, so you're sure you know the whole plan?" Landon nods solemnly with a frown and she continues, "Alright, so I'm gonna text him now to meet me at the river at 8:30. I'll already be at Hanna's and then you'll go over there and... yeah."

Landon doesn't say a word, unsure of the morality of the terrible act he's about to commit.

"Landon, I love you. And whatever happens, we'll still have each other. You know that deep down this is the right thing to do. He hasn't just suddenly become a better person. He's still the fucking monster that... did what he did. And he's not sorry. He would do it again."

As Remy sneaks a glance at them, he can see anger flashing in Landon's eyes, and the tumultuous feeling seems to convince him. Before they split up, he stares at her with a caring look and says, "I love you too, Renee." He kisses her softly and then hugs her, burying his face into the crook of her shoulder, holding onto her like he's afraid to let go. He then quickly pulls away, and with one last glance at each other, they walk away in different directions, as if they were strangers.

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