What Happened

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As the couple quickly diverges, Remy promptly makes the decision to follow Landon. He checks his phone. The time is 7:45. Less than an hour until Landon and the mysterious guy are supposed to meet. When Landon makes his way to his car, Remy knows he can no longer follow him. He turns around to find his own car. When he reaches it, he drives to the park where he assumes Landon is going. There's a river there surrounded by a forest. It's a discreet area, just off the forest trail. And there's a small waterfall that's just loud enough that you can have a private conversation.

Remy pulls over on the side of the road next to the park. It's closed now that the sun has fully set, and nobody's supposed to be there. But Remy spies Landon's car a little ways up ahead. He checks his phone. 8:05. He makes his way to the river, not entirely sure what he's doing or why he's following this guy. He's not sure if he should call the police or tell someone or confront Landon. No. Definitely not confront Landon. That's how you get yourself killed. Not that Landon seems like the type to murder. He's about 5'10" with light brown hair and innocent blue eyes. Besides, he didn't seem like he wanted to kill this guy.

And maybe that's why Remy was so entranced by this couple and their lives. Usually, when you picture someone killing another guy, it's just in cold blood and the murderer is nonchalant -- or even psychotically joyful -- at the thought of ending someone's life.

But it seemed that whatever cause Landon had for what he was about to do, he wasn't too thrilled about it. And from the bits and pieces Remy could gather from their conversation, this guy was going to get what he had coming to him. Renee said something about this guy doing something to her and the cops doing nothing. And though Remy was pretty sure that he wasn't going to call the police, he couldn't bring himself to turn away and forget he ever heard anything. He needed to see how this played out.

When he had a good view of the river, he stopped and watched from the safety of the trees, careful not to make any sounds. He quietly walked up and down the river, looking for the two men who were supposed to meet. He checked his phone once again. 8:15. He turned down the brightness all the way and silenced it, then continued to scout the river.

Finally, at 8:25, he saw a man who he didn't recognize stop at the banks. He didn't look all that evil. He was about 6 feet tall with pale skin and blond hair that shone in the moonlight. He was dressed all in black.

Suddenly Landon appeared wearing the same outfit as earlier, only now he has a pair of black gloves on. He was about 10 feet away from Remy, and he could see that he was trembling. As Landon walked toward the stranger, Remy saw something that made his heart beat faster than it already was. He could see the handle of a knife sticking out of the back of Landon's jeans.

"Hey, man," The stranger says with a nod at Landon. "Did Renee invite you, too? I thought she just wanted to talk to me one-on-one. Ya know... discuss what happened."

Landon is now about 3 feet away from the stranger. "Yeah. She... uh... changed her mind. She's not coming."

"What, so she sent her boyfriend to talk for her? She couldn't face me again?"

Landon's nervousness turned to rage. "Shut the fuck up. You have no right to say that after what you did. If she couldn't face you, it's because you don't even fucking deserve to see her. What you did was unforgivable. Did you think that she was just going to come out here to meet you and you guys were gonna talk things through and then everything would go back to the way it was?" He talks like he's wanted to say this for a while, spitting out the words with venom. "Because you went ahead and made sure that there was no possibility of that ever happening. What you did to her... She fucking trusted you and then you go and... do something like that to her? She told you that she didn't want you, and you wouldn't take no for an answer! You are the fucking worst type of person. Do you even have anything to say for yourself? Because there's nothing that could ever excuse the fucking vile thing you did. You are fucking sick, you know that? Do you have anything to say at all?"

As Landon continued to rant at the blond, he got closer and closer, turning redder and yelling louder as he went on, reminding this guy of everything he did, almost as if he was making an argument for why the stranger deserved to die. His rant was like fuel for his anger and by the time he was done, the stranger only had to say one thing for him to explode.

The boy looked eerily calm at Landon and said, "All I have to say is..." He looked him dead in the eye and spat, "... I'm not sorry. I don't regret any of my actions. I'm actually gl--"

The stranger is stopped from saying any more when Landon's fist lands in his face. The blow knocks him to the ground. Landon goes in on him and kicks him in the side over and over. Remy physically cringes as he hears the sick cracking of ribs. Landon goes to kick him again, but the boy takes hold of his foot, and he falls back. The stranger struggles to get up, but before he can, Landon takes out his knife and slashes it through the air towards him. The stranger's eyes grow wide, as if he's only now realizing the severity of the situation. He hadn't understood what he brought him out here for until now, and as he's about to plead for mercy, Landon unhesitatingly plunges the knife deep into his chest.

Landon's eyes widen instantly. He's shocked at his own actions and immediately lets go of the knife, letting himself fall back into the mud of the river bank. Without Landon's hand to hold onto the knife that was currently lodged in the stranger's torso, the boy fell back, dead before he hit the ground, eyes still open in a look of pure terror. From his hiding spot behind a tree, Remy thought he could make out a smirk that seemed to be permanently plastered on the dead guy's face, and that, combined with the petrified eyes, made for one disturbing image. Luckily for Landon, he never had to see this disturbing, contradicting expression as the stranger's body slid down into the river, slick with mud and blood. The river carried his corpse downstream, leaving a trail of blood that was quickly turning pink in the water.

Landon, still lying in the mud, could only stare at the spot where he ended a man's life. He could only sit in shock with tears in his eyes. Then, trembling in a sudden fit of hysteria, he started sobbing, the tears running down his cheeks uncontrollably. He wept for a long time, and all Remy could do was watch as if this was all some sort of nightmare. When he finally stopped crying, he just laid down on his back and stared up at the stars, shining bright and beautiful. But he was staring at those stars with a glazed look in his eyes as if, though staring right at them, he couldn't really see them. Almost like he felt that he didn't deserve to see them.

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