What Happened

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After looking into it, Remy discovered that he was too late to enroll for the semester. He was devastated. How would he ever get in contact with the couple now? He felt fated to find them, but if they were thousands of miles apart, it seemed pretty hopeless.

He heard the grating noise of the garage door and knew that his dad must've just gotten home from work. He rushed down the stairs to him so quickly that they ended up opening the door at the same time.

"Woah!" He laughed. "What's got you in such a hurry?"

"I actually need to talk to you, Dad." For some reason, he suddenly gets nervous, "I um... want to go to college. UB to be specific. That's the University of Bronxville. But the deadline for enrolling has already passed. And I really want to go. Like, need to go."

For a second, his face is blank. This was a lot of new information to him, especially considering that it was new to Remy, too. He took a moment to process what was just blurted out, then calmly said, "I thought you were gonna take the year off to decide."

"Not anymore."

A smile spread across his father's face, and he said, "I'm proud of you, Rem. I know it's a lot to make decisions for the future, especially when they feel like they're set in stone, and if you make a mistake, you can't go back. But I really appreciate you taking this step and adding some direction to your life."

Remy smiled back. He knew that his parents didn't like the thought of him taking a year off. They respected his choices, but they still had their own ideas of what was right for him. But now he was doing what they wanted for him, and while he preferred the idea of doing the opposite of that, it felt really good to have approval from them.

That good feeling vanished when Remy remembered to remind his dad, "But it's too late to apply..."

"Hmmm. Well, you could always just enroll next semester."

Remy looked at him with a childish pout, "But I can't wait that long."

"You were already planning on waiting a year. Now you just have a few months shaved off of that."

Remy sighed deeply, "Okay..."

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