The Unknown Daughter

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Aaliyah Charles was a girl who suffered a lot in her daily life, alone forever is what she thought she'd be yet always wanting to be free. But her life is about to change wheather it's for the best or worse we still don't know.

Drama / Fantasy
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There were so many things that I did not understand about my own life. Sometimes I would feel like I was all alone as though I didn't belong among my own family. A stranger in a full house filled with many people telling me they love me. From what I can remember my father wasn't around since he lived in a foreign country working on his studies and career. He would visit me once every blue moon which was not much at all, considering the years in between each visit. I remember being afraid of him as a child, anytime he would visit I always ran away and hid in the closet. I knew he was my father but I had never seen him before or should I say much, so I didn't know anything about him except the fact that he was my father. My grandmother Avi would always scold me about running away but everyone else just laughed it off as though it were nothing. My aunt Fergie was very bipolar in my eyes because she would be nice one minute then mean the next. I don't hate her that's something that I am unable to do because of my personality or should I say it was just my nature. She had me terrified of her as a child and to this day I still am. I lived with my grandmother since it was best for me. My father and my mother were no longer seeing each other because of misunderstandings caused by there friends and relatives. From time to time I would visit my mother very often she had a new boyfriend he was like a second dad to me Griffin and I got two brother out of that Zendell and Benjamin. Technically four since Griffin already had two other sons. Anyway things weren't to great between them they would argue and fight a lot and at that age I would huddle up with Zendell and Benjamin since griffins two other sons weren't living with them at the time. Whenever I did something wrong I would get in trouble of course I understood this but my aunt Fergie would take thing a bit to far. She would always say thing like " your mother one way and your father the next, who do you think is feed you and take care you?" Seriously are these things you would say to a child. It hurt every time she would say things like that because it made me feel unwanted sometimes and just a burden most nights I would cry myself to sleep wondering why I was even born. There were some good things to but it wasn't enough to stop me from thinking about it. Even though all of this was going on even some things I haven't mentioned yet I always new I was different maybe even odd I saw things differently threw my own eyes. I remember making a promise to myself never to fall in love because I didn't want to be hurt ever again. Unfortunately things don't go the way we want them to because I think a week later something unexpected happened mind you I was in grade 6 at the time. Let's just say since that day apart of me I thought I tried to get rid of wasn't really gone. So besides family problems, being bullied since primary school straight through, plus love among other things, Yes. My life is has more drama and complications than lifetime movies.

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