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The Kula Girl's: Book One

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Hey there. I'm Kristin Kula. I'm a little bit different than more teenagers. You see I've been through quite a lot in the past couple years. I have the maturity of an adult. Even though I just turned 18 in December. And this year I'll be taking on the world with a positive attitude. For the most part I keep to myself. Not really much of a friend maker, though I'd like to be. It's not that I don't want to have more friends, it's just that I'm a little shy. Approaching people I don't know is not easy for me. I'm going to be working on trying to make new friends though. It'll be good for me. Anyways my Mom, Sister, and I we all stick together. We go out to eat together, go to the mall together... You name it. And we call our selves The Kula Girls. We live right outside Bourbonnais Illinois. Follow me as I tell you our stories. I'll be telling you about school, the new friends we all make, a love interest I might end up having, issues at home that sometimes pop up, issues at school with other students, issues that my mom and sister face at work, and me as I face challenges with my job. I don't know what we'll face this year, but as Kula Girls I know we'll face it together. Plus I know I've got my friends who always have my back. I know some days will be dark, but other days will be bright. I'll tell you about it all.

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Kristin Kula
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Chapter 1

Hey there. I’m Kristin Kula. I’m a little bit different than more teenagers. You see I’ve been through quite a lot in the past couple of years.

I have the maturity of an adult. Even though I just turned 18 in December. And this year I’ll be taking on the world with a positive attitude. For the most part I keep to myself. Not really much of a friend maker, though I’d like to be. It’s not that I don’t want to have more friends, it’s just that I’m a little shy. Approaching people I don’t know is not easy for me.

I’m going to be working on trying to make new friends though. It’ll be good for me.

Anyways my Mom, Sister, and I we all stick together. We go out to eat together, go to the mall together... You name it.

And we call our selves The Kula Girls. We live right outside Bourbonnais Illinois.

Follow me as I tell you our stories. I’ll be telling you about school, the new friends we all make, a love interest I might end up having, issues at home that sometimes pop up, issues at school with other students, issues that my mom and sister face at work, and me as I face challenges with my job.

I don’t know what we’ll face this year, but as Kula Girls I know we’ll face it together.

Plus I know I’ve got my friends who always have my back.

I know some days will be dark, but other days will be bright. I’ll tell you about it all. About it all.

So do you want to know what us Kula Girls are up to? If so, then stick around...

“The Kula Girls” A Brand new series by Author Kristin Kula. Coming January 2015"


January 1st, 2015.

Kristin awoke and rolled over to the left side of her bed. Not yet ready to get up and go downstairs.

After a minute, Kristin sat up and saw Junior laying at the foot of her bed.

The young girl smiled at the white-furred cat, that looked up at her with his blue eyes as if he was asking “What’s going on?”

Then the young girl got out of bed and headed downstairs, expecting to see her mom.

However she was no where in sight. Kristin CHECKED the Linen room, the office, the garage, and suddenly she knew there was only one other place that the woman could be; upstairs.

As Kristin went out of the kitchen and headed to the staircase she heard a voice. “I’m right here! Just had to go get some pants from my room. The furnace is out again, and I was cold,”

“Oh,” Kristin sighed. “Again?”

“Yep,” Lois (Kristin’s mom) replied.

“Well happy new years day!” Kristin added, as she went up to the stair that her mother was standing up, and kissed her.

“Happy new years day to you too,” Lois responded, kissing her youngest daughter back.

After their short yet sweet kiss, Kristin and Lois went back to the kitchen.

“I gotta get this thing fixed again,” Lois said. “But before I do that would you like your Coffee?”

“Yes I would!” Kristin chanted, as the feeling of no heat got to her.

“Get a jacket, Sweetheart,” Lois said, while she made Kristin her coffee.

“May as well,” Kristin responded, walking over to the coat closet and opened it.

Kristin took out a heavy blue jacket. This was one of her favorites.

After putting it on, Kristin sat down at the kitchen table and Lois brought her her coffee.

“Thank you,” Kristin squeaked..

“Oh. You are very welcome, Baby,” Lois said.

Then Lois got her cup of coffee and joined Kristin at the kitchen table.

“Have you heard from Kate?” Kristin questioned.

“No. Not yet,” Lois replied. “I just got a little while ago, and she’s probably still asleep,”

Kristin nodded. Her older sister Katie had gone to her friend’s house for a new years eve sleepover, and she wouldn’t be back home until that night. She had work at China Chef. A Chinese restaurant. Katie did not yet drive, but since her friend Hailey worked the same shift and at the same place, she’d be giving Katie a ride.

“This is great coffee, Mom!” Kristin cheered, after taking a sip.

“Thanks, Hun,” Lois smiled.

Kristin sighed in content and began to think about everything that January would bring: Going back to public school, getting more exposure for her books, attending her very first meeting with The Book Club Reading List; that would allow her to talk with other authors.

Then the young girl thought of her current crush. Frankie...

The girl worked at the local beauty SHOP called Sally’s. Kristin and Frankie had flirted with each other non-stop the last time she had been there.

Lois was going to take her Friday so that the two girls could see each other again, and so Lois herself could get some more hair PRODUCTS that she needed.

Frankie and Kristin both had their eyes on each other. It had been that way since the very first time that laid eyes on one another.

Frankie was a few years older. College aged.

But since Kristin had turned eighteen in December on the 11th, she could now legally date Frankie!

Kristin smiled at the thought of seeing her crush again. She was planning on STARTING up a causal conversion, and of course flirt a bit.

She’d wink, and smile at the older girl. It was one of her best flirt tricks.

The two had got a bit rapped up in each other the last time... Frankie was helping Lois pick out a hair dye, and then after Lois had put it in the cart, Kristin was standing on one side of the cart, as Frankie standing at the other side.

Both girls locked eyes, and smiled at each other for god knows how long... The moment lasted until Lois had cleared her throat, breaking the girls out of their trances.

Then Frankie went back to work and Kristin CONTINUED to SHOP with Lois.

“I can’t wait to see her again...” Kristin thought, as she finished her coffee.

After their Coffee, and relaxing for a little bit, Kristin’s back began to hurt. She knew just the thing to help with her BACK PAIN. A nice hot shower.

“Mom, I know there’s a lot to get done down here, but can I go upstairs and take a shower?” Kristin asked. “My back hurts and it will hep me,”

“Of course, Hunny!” Lois said, coming out of the lining room.

“Awesome!” Kristin replied, as she headed out of the kitchen. “I love you!” Kristin added, as she went upstairs.

“I love you too!” Lois called out in response.

Once up in the bathroom, Kristin changed out of her pajamas, and got into the shower.

After the shower, Kristin got dressed in a nice bra, a blue t-shirt that had three blue rose flowers on the left side, a new pair of underwear, and grey and black pants.

Then the rest of the day went on. Lois prepared a nice New Years Day dinner. Which Kristin ate right up. Katie wasn’t hungry so she didn’t eat, after all she had just gotten home from work, where food was everything.

So she had already eaten.

Anyways about an hour before picking Kate up from work, she began to think about something that had happened on New Year’s Eve...

Kristin and Lois had gone to Jewel to do some grocery shopping. They split up the list, each took their own cart and split up to get the items that they needed. That way they’d spend less time in the store!

However as Kristin was going along through the store, getting the items that she was to collect she froze... There walking right past her, until of course they had seen her as well stopped and stared at her.

Kristin couldn’t handle this... She couldn’t even speak to this other girl...

So she quickly pushed her cart down an i, hoping that the Redhead would not follow. And she didn’t.

Now the brunette couldn’t think straight, she could hardly breathe... She needed to find her mom and fast.

Kristin had ran into one of her childhood friends. Eileen.

She was Irish American. She had read hair, freckles, was a bit tall for a girl. She had green eyes, nice white skin...

The young girl had been in love with Eileen for a few years now...

So that was one of the reasons that every time she saw Eileen in the halls at school, she couldn’t talk to her, but their were other reasons too.

Oh yes there was...

Back at the start of 7th grade, Kristin found herself feeling things, seeing things, doing things, saying things... That she had never done before, it was as if Kristin had... Died.

The sweet natured girl became anxious, losing sleep, snapping at her family, and lying to her friends at school, who knew that something was certainly wrong.

Her father and mother had just divorced, but due to Kristin’s father being a little bit crazy, well... He wasn’t making things easy for Kristin, Lois, or Katie.

He had a girlfriend named Jenny, who was helping him harass them. Mike, Kristin’s father was a huge abuser, but this was taking things to a whole new level.

He stalked his daughters and his ex, kept texting them threats, etc. The police were involved quite a lot. And then Jenny tried to break into Kristin’s house...

She almost got in... The screen door wasn’t locked, so she got to their front door, and pulled on the knob, but it was locked... She then started ringing the door bell over and over again... Kept trying to get the door open, but she couldn’t.

After about half an hour Jenny gave up and left. Kristin, Katie, and Lois then came out of hiding.

This had just made it harder on Kristin. She began to have nightmares of Jenny and her Father breaking in...

One of them got the young girl scared for life... She still remembers it to this day.

Down in the basement, Kristin, Lois, and Katie were hiding in the closet which they locked, but somehow... Their protection wasn’t enough to keep them safe.

Jenny and Mike had figured out that they were hiding in the closet... And to Kristin’s horror a note was slipped under the door with a stock monkey tapped to it. The note said this: “We’ve found you...”

Then the closet door began to open... Just as Lois had called 911 just a minute ago...

The nightmare ended there, but it scared the hell out of Kristin. Ever since she’s had a fear of Sock Monkey’s... Because every time she sees them, she thinks of that nightmare... Of Jenny and her father.

Anyways shortly after this dream, Kristin couldn’t stand to be in school anymore. She had even tried half days, but that didn’t work either. So once she was officially going on home bound. (Where a teacher comes to the student’s home to teach them their lessons) Kristin became so very depressed, her friends would call and text her, Eileen included... But she ignored them. She couldn’t talk... She was too down. Too lost...

And this was what caused the huge disconnect between Kristin and Eileen...

After returning to school a few years later, she had gotten the chance to talk to Eileen. Eileen seemed to be fine with Kristin then, but little did Kristin know that she was not...

As the months passed during their sophomore year, Kristin would text Eileen and ask to hang out, but Eileen would respond with answers like: “After speech team is over for the year, yes I’d love too!” But as sweet, as amazing as that sounded. Eileen was just being nice.

The more Kristin texted Eileen to say hi, the more Eileen would make the conversion short, and began to lie in order to avoid spending time with her.

Kristin thought about trying to hang with Eileen during summer, so she texted her old friend and asked about what she’d be doing, after school was over for the year.

Eileen answered in saying she’d be busy with lots of swimming and camps. And then said it was nice talking, but that she had to go.

Over the summer, Kristin would see Eileen out at Dairy Queen, and around town at other shops as well.

Of course Eileen never realized that Kristin had spotted her, but... Kristin knew what this meant. She had been lied too.

Eileen was spending her summer relaxing around town with her friends.

Hurt, angry and confused, Kristin wasn’t sure of what to do...

In the middle of summer, Kristin got a new cell phone, and texted people with her new number, but when she came across Eileen, it took her a few minutes to decide on what to do.

And yes she texted Eileen, informing her about her new number.

Eileen never did text back...

Then Junior year began in August.

On the fourth day, Kristin went to a meeting for a new club at the High School, called the Literary Magazine. It was for writers, and authors. And since Kristin had already been publishing and selling books; making her an author, she wanted to join in!

Turns out Eileen had run into the teacher who was leading the club, and asked her if she’d like to be the editor for the magazine. And Eileen agreed. Another fact about her lies, they had run into each other that summer...

Anyways after that day, Kristin got really sick for two weeks, and returned to home bound, until she felt better. But then her aunt’s cancer returned, her grandma fell and broke her hip... School work even on home bound became so demanding, so did her job as an author. Since she was beginning to get more and more discovered by people.

The holidays approached, and then they left... 2015 had arrived.

As of late, Kristin found herself getting anxiety attacks a lot, crying, and nightmares about her father returned for a little while.

Even though on December 11th. Which was Kristin’s birthday, and she had turned eighteen, the dreams kept up with her for a few more days.

Then they ended and Kristin felt relieved.

After the new was celebrated, and 2015 began, Kristin couldn’t get the thought of Eileen out of her mind.

From time to time she’d think about Eileen a lot, and missed her like crazy... If only... If only the other girl had felt the same.

But she didn’t... The evening of New Year’s Day, after her shower, and after taking her anxiety pill. (Because the thoughts about Eileen were making her crazy)

She texted the girl... And spilled out all of her feelings, because now she just had to know... Did Eileen really not want to be around her anymore? What was up with this lying?

Kristin felt like that was the message she had been receiving, but even so she wanted to tell her old pal how she felt.

So she texted Eileen, who to Kristin’s surprise did text back. It was all over when Eileen had pretty much told her, that she wanted nothing to do with her anymore.

And yikes did it hurt... But that night after talking on the phone with her friend, Shaunte. Kristin fell asleep and slept alright even though Eileen seemed to be blaming her for their friendship falling apart.

Yes it hurt, but Kristin did learn something that evening: Eileen had changed... And not for the greater good.

January 2nd-.

Waking up at 3:30 am much to Katie and Lois being a little bit too loud... Well it was enough to get Kristin go downstairs and see what was going on.

“Oh, Kristin!” Katie greeted, seeing her younger sister enter the kitchen.

“Hi, Baby. Did we wake you?” Lois asked. “We were just laughing about how Katie embarrassed herself at the sleepover the other night...”

“Oh. Well yeah you did wake me, but it’s okay. I just wanted to make sure that everything was okay,” Kristin replied.

“Yeah everything’s fine,” Katie said.

“Good. Well I’m going back to bed. Goodnight,” Kristin chirped, as she padded towards the stairs.

“Night, night!” Katie said.

“See ya in a few hours for our coffee!” Lois added.

Kristin laid back down, but no matter what she tried, she found herself unable to fall back to sleep.

Soon she got hungry and was in the mood for coffee. It was around 4:25. Kristin texted her mom about the coffee and being hungry, to which her mom said “Come on down my sweet angel,”

Then the both of them had coffee together and some quiche Lorraine for breakfast.

the morning passed on that included a phone chat with Shaunte, watching an episode of Frasier, doing chores, changing into a day outfit-, brushing her teeth, brushing her hair, washed her face, cleaned her ears, and then she did her chores.

After Katie and Lois left for work, Kristin was alone, but it gave her a lot of time for her own work too.

She continued writing the first book of her new series. Once and a while she got up to nibble on a little food, or listen to some music.

Thoughts of Frankie entered Kristin’s mind once more; she decided she’d put a little something together for the older girl. And so she did.

two notes, three little colored pebbles, and two fake red roses.

Kristin put all the items into a little white box, and then took a piece of paper and wrote “Frankie” On it, then tapped the paper to the top of the box.

A few minutes later, Lois called Kristin and the two of them talked for a little while. Kristin told Lois about how she had put something together for Frankie, then both of them made a plan of when Kristin should give it to her.

So everything for their little ‘mission’ was set!

After their call ended, Kristin continued to write and kept thinking about Frankie... And how lovely she was.

That night when Kristin and Lois went to Sally’s it was like a dream come true!

Frankie and Kristin flirted with each other again, but this time they also talked to one another, and to top it all off couldn’t keep their eyes off of each other.

Kristin and Lois both observed Frankie’s interactions with other customers, and she did not have the interest in them, like she had for Kristin.

When Kristin was close to the older girl she literally had trouble breathing. She felt her face heat up... Yep she had it bad.

Even though Frankie had shown interest in Kristin before, both Lois and Kristin had wanted to see if Frankie flirted and acted this way towards everyone, but she didn’t... She was only like this to Kristin.

And this meant one thing... She liked Kristin too.

On the way home, Kristin couldn’t contain herself! She liked liked a girl, who finally did return those feelings.

Now Kristin was going take this slow, but she was confident that soon enough she’d have herself a girlfriend.

Anyways the rest of the evening went by very well. Kristin and Lois went home, Kristin took her evening shower, then Lois and Kristin ate dinner, and talked.

Then a little bit after nine Kate’s friend Hailey dropped Katie off at home, after her day of work had ended.

The three Kula Girls talked and laughed together, then they all got ready for bed about half an hour later.

And as Kristin drifted off to sleep that night, she felt so very very happy.

January 3rd-.

Kristin awoke at around 8:30 and went downstairs, where she was greeted by Lois.

“Good morning!” Lois said cheerfully, smiling at her youngest daughter.

“Morning!” Kristin replied back with a grin.

“Ready for our coffee?” Lois questioned.

“Of course!” Kristin responded, as she took a seat at the kitchen table.

That morning was great! Kristin had coffee with her mom, they chatted about anything and everything, and then Katie came downstairs for breakfast about fifteen minutes later.

“Hey, Y’all!” Katie greeted, as she entered the kitchen, with Junior following right behind her.

“Hey, Sweetie!” Lois said.

“Hey, Katie!” Kristin chimed in.

“Hey, Momsy! Hi my Lone!” Katie replied to both her mom and sister.

Katie had many nicknames for Lois and Kristin and those were just two of them.

Then Junior meowed and Katie turned to her cat.

“Ohhh, My Junior!” Katie cheered, leaning down and petting the white-furred cat on the head.

Kristin grinned at her sister and then looked at Simon. Who was nicknamed Little Sigh, and nicked named Miss Little.

When they had adopted her, they thought that Simon was boy, but when they took her to the vet to get declawed and stuff, the vet had surprised them by saying “You have a little girl,“Simon was one of Kristin’s cats. She was currently laying on the middle of the kitchen table, stretching her body out. Kristin had been petting her, and talking to her all sweet. By saying things like “Miss Little! My Little Princess of a sigh!”

Simon was a brown and black furred Siamese cat. She was a bit fat, but she was still very adorable. She had Blue eyes, and a stubby little black tail.

Junior was a Siamese too, but he was a white-furred cat, though he did have a little bit of brown on his tail.

Katie called him Her Toasted Marsh mellow.

Don Kristin’s other cat was only five years old. So he still acted a lot like a little kitten.

He was grey with black stripes, and he had brown and white fur. He had a long tail, with grey stripes and black fur.

Little Dude Katie’s other cat, was an orange tabby. He was chubby and had big golden eyes. He had a long orange strpied tail. But he also had spots too. That were on his back. Anyways so Junior and Don were the skinny cats in the house.

But Little Dude and Little Sigh were not.

So yeah that morning passed on very peacefully. Katie went back upstairs to take a nap with Junior. At twelve she was get up so she could get ready to hang out with some friends, before her shift at China Chef that evening.

Kristin finished her chores, Lois started on some of her work for her job, and then Kristin began to work more on her book.

Yes. Everything was going quite well!

The rest of Saturday went by fine. Katie went out with her friends as planned, then went to work. So Lois and Kristin just hung around the house together.

Everything that evening was going pretty well, until certain thoughts dominated Kristin’s mind...

The words that Eileen had said to her... God they hurt... They hurt so very much!

“I don’t have time for new people or friends in my life right now,”

That’s pretty much saying “Fuck off,”

Kristin couldn’t believe it. Another friend turned on her. What happened in 7th grade it wasn’t her fault! Eileen had no idea how hard it had been for her.

Yup... Another friendship down the drain. And it wasn’t because of that... Kristin felt like Eileen did still blame her for not being able to stay in school, however when she was younger, Eileen was a very opened minded and accepting person... But being raised in a highly religious family, they got the best of her... Eileen’s mother had even tried to convert Kristin’s mom into their religion once!

Kristin felt like crying, as these thoughts continued to race through her mind... Eileen had now dropped her because she was a Lesbian.

Finally, Kristin opened up to Lois, who had asked her a little while ago if something was wrong.

Kristin was terrible at hiding her emotions, when she was upset anyone could easily pick up on it.

And so Kristin told her mother about Eileen, who then grew angry at Kristin’s old friend.

The two hugged, after Kristin had finished evening and then the young girl get anxious. Due to what had happened back in 7th grade, Kristin now had an anxiety disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder as well.

So she had anxiety attacks at times. Sometime some were rose than others though.

After taking an Anxiety pill, Kristin went upstairs and took her evening shower. Afterwords she felt a little bit better.

That night as Kristin got into bed, she thought of something her mom had told her a years back. “People that judge don’t matter, but people who don’t do,”

It was so very true. So very true indeed.

Kristin smiled at the words that Lois had told her, as she drifted off to sleep that night. No matter what, she’d have her true friends and family beside her. And really... That’s all she truly needed.

January 4th-.

Kristin awoke at about 7:30 am.

She went downstairs for Coffee with Lois, who was already making it.

So as usual mother and daughter had their coffee, they breakfast Kristin did her chores, checked her book sales, then Lois and Kristin watched two episodes of Frasier, and not too soon after that Katie came downstairs. A little while before Katie had come down, Kristin grew anxious. She had found out that they had a winter storm watch, and that the high for the night coming was... Zero. Kristin knew a lot about the weather, and she this wouldn’t of upset so badly, but since Mom and Katie both worked the days when the storm could possibly hit them... Well it scared Kristin to death. But after an anxiety pill and the two Frasier episodes she felt better.

Anyways Katie did some chores. Then her and Kristin watched Degrassi together. They had just gotten season 9 on DVD. It was Kristin’s favorite show, but after getting Katie and Lois to watch it, they too fell in love with the show.

It truly was wonderful!

The episode had aired was not yet on demand. Lois and Katie did not get to see it, due to work hours Katie had and Lois picked her up.

Kristin however stayed behind to watch it. Seeing that one of the episodes were supposed to go off at midnight, Kristin knew that meant that the episode which her family had missed, would be on tomorrow!

So after a few episodes of season 9, Katie went upstairs to nap for a little while, Lois did some more work for her job, and Kristin did some more writing on her current book.

This Sunday was going along pretty well.

However things soon took a turn for a little while.

Kristin got a wave of nausea, and her tummy and head began to ache.

For about almost a week now, she had been fighting off a little bit of the flu. So was Lois and Katie as well.

So Kristin had to lay down on the sofa for a while, and soon enough she began to feel better and better. Then when it passed, the young girl happily got up.

Then the rest of the day went by fine. Kristin, Katie, and Lois took the ornaments off the tree, took the Christmas Tree apart, (Since it was a fake one and came apart in three pieces)

After that they brought everything upstairs.

That evening, Kristin took her evening shower, and hung out with Katie and Lois.

And as Kristin fell asleep that night, she felt pretty good.

January 5th-.

Monday had arrived and Kristin awoke at 5:00 am.

The day was very busy!

Lois and Kristin dropped Katie off at work, then they had plans to go to Jewel to get grocery’s, since the winter storm that was going to hit their area, would start at six that very evening.

However just as mother and daughter were almost at the store, Lois’s work phone began to ring.

It was one of the social workers at Sliver cross hospital. She needed Lois to come up there for a referral.

So Lois and Kristin drove up to New Lenox, where Silver cross was located. Lois went in to do her work and Kristin waited in the car.

Kristin texted with Katie, who responded when there wasn’t customers at China Chef.

After Lois was done with her work in Silver cross, she stopped at the hospital’s cafeteria and bought her and Kristin some lunch.

Kristin ate her lunch on the way back to Bourbonnais, when the two arrived they went right to Jewel.

Afterwords they headed home where Katie was happily waiting for them.

Katie’s work shift had ended at two, but since Kristin and Lois were still up at Silver cross, one of Katie’s friends gave her a ride home.

The three Kula Girls put the groceries away, then Kristin took her evening shower, and changed into a night-time outfit.

As she fell asleep that night, Kristin felt tired, but happy.

January 6th-.

Tuesday had come. Kristin awoke at 7:30 am.

When she got up she saw all of the snow that now covered the driveway, and front yard from her window.

The storm had really packed a punch!

Lois called a company that cleared snow, they came and cleared the driveway and shoveled up to the front door too.

Now the family could get in and out of the driveway and use the walkway without any issues.

For the rest of the morning and into the afternoon, Katie and Kristin played My Little Pony themed Monopoly, which Kate had bought for Kristin when she was out with her friends on Sunday.

They played for while, then did their chores, and Kristin prepared to get ready for her first home bound session of the new year.

Her teacher was coming today, so she went upstairs and got ready.

After she was done she came back downstairs, had a snack, but as this happened Kristin began to feel a bit sad. Well... To be honest she’d been feeling a little down all day.

Eileen... She couldn’t get that girl out of her mind! The cold harsh words that she had spoken to her, the lies she had told her...

It hurt so much. Kristin on the verge of having an anxiety attack from all of this, as she began to cry, she decided that it would be a good idea to take an anxiety pill.

Lois came out of her office, just after Kristin had taken her medicine and saw her crying a little.

“What’s wrong, Sweetie?” Lois asked, with a look of concern on her face.

“I-I-... I just keep thinking of Eileen today. I’m trying to not let her get to me, but... It’s hard,” Kristin managed to choke out, as Lois pulled her in for a tight hug.

“Oh, Honey. I know you’re hurting, but It’ll get better I promise,” Lois added.

“Thanks, Mom,” Kristin replied, while finally being able to stop crying.

“No problem,” Lois responded. “Now how about a cup of coffee before your teacher gets here?”

“Yes please!” Kristin squeaked, smiling weakly.

Then Kristin had some coffee before her teacher came, and when she did come they had their session. Kristin’s teacher handed back a huge stack of graded tests and homework sheets.

When she and Lois went through them after her teacher had left, they both smiled proudly. All one thundered percents. on everything! Yup Kristin was going to get a straight A report card for sure.

A little bit later, Kristin and Lois dropped Katie off at work, stopped at Wendy’s and got four burgers, since Kristin was having a taste for them, and then they went on home.

The evening went by in a flash so it seemed. Kristin had her evening shower, changed into some PJ’s, then got ready to watch the new Degrassi episode. Lois had surprised her by making some popcorn, but to add to that Kristin headed herself up a Wendy’s burger and then Lois left to go get Katie, as the episode started.

Kristin ate her popcorn and her burger while she watched her show. She had some nice ice cold sweet tea as a drink.

Soon after the episode ended, Lois and Katie arrived home.

Not too soon after that the three ladies went to bed.

And as Kristin fell asleep that night, She knew that everything would be just fine. No matter what pain she’d endure, she’d survive.

January 7th-.

Kristin awoke at 7:30 am, went downstairs had coffee with Lois, who after their normal morning routine, went upstairs and got ready for work.

Soon the woman came back down, and Katie jumped into the shower for work too! During this time Kristin did her chores.

After they left a few hours later, Kristin worked more on her book, with a plan in mind for the rest of the day: After working more on the book, she’d eat some lunch, take a shower, then do the homework that her home bound teacher had left for her the other evening.

And would this plan work? Only the rest of the day would answer that question.

Kristin did get most of her homework done that day, but not all of it.

Lois came home from work around 12:30 PM. She helped Kristin with an assignment that she was having trouble with. But yeah Kristin soon decided to finish the rest of her school work the next day.

So the rest of the day went by nicely.

And after her evening shower, and getting into bed, Kristin felt pretty good right before drifting off to sleep.

January 8th-.

Kristin awoke at 7:30.

She went downstairs had coffee with Lois, did her chores, then took a morning shower. After being all freshened up, Kristin began to feel sick. She was still fighting the little big that she had off.

She rested on the sofa for a while and soon enough it passed. Later that afternoon in the cold and the snow... Lois took the garbage out to the end of the driveway. Kristin didn’t feel up to finishing her homework yet, school had been due to the weather. So Kristin knew she’d have more time to finish it.

After that Kristin and Lois took Katie work, came back home. As always, Kristin took her evening shower, then hung out with Lois until it was time to pick Katie up from work.

Then after arriving home, the three Kula Girls got ready for bed. And as Kristin got into bed that night, she felt just fine. -

January 9th-.

Kristin awoke at 7:57 AM.

She went downstairs, had her coffee, did her chores, promoted her books, and took a morning shower. However feelings of dread came over the young girl.

Due to the snow and the ice, Lois was having a hard time getting back from a meeting, that she had to attend for work. The plan was that she’d be back at 11:15, pick up both Katie and Kristin drop Katie off at work then she and Kristin were to run some errands.

But this wasn’t the only even causing Kristin to feel worried and upset... Don her youngest cat was sick. He had been sick all morning, last night when she had gone to bed, Don had been fine... Which meant that something had happened to him over night.

He began to run around the living room meowing loudly, sounding like he was in pain! He pawed at his throat, like something in it might’ve been hurting him.

Kristin’s eyes were wide, while she tried to figure out what to do...

“Come here, Don,” Kristin said gently. “Let me see what’s wrong,”

Kristin got a hold of Don, brought him over to the kitchen table, and sat down to look at him.

However Don began to cry more and escaped from Kristin’s arms, running right for the staircase.

The little cat went upstairs, leaving Kristin in full shock.

And as the morning progressed things only got worse...

Don stopped crying, but he went into hiding. Popped in the guest room twice, and made his permanent hiding spot for the morning, to be the bed in the guest room.

He laid under there, and when Kristin found him he backed away like a terrified five year old on Halloween.

Kristin had decided to leave him be, but when she went to change into a day time outfit, brush her teeth, brush her hair, etc Don and Lois consumed her thoughts.

What if Lois got into an accident? What if Don was dying?...

All of this was just too much...

An hour later, after fighting back so many tears, Kristin went into the guest room again. Don was now laying on the bed. Kristin went over and smiled at him and looked at him. He kept moving his tongue in and out of his mouth, and his left eye was squinting...

Then within a minute, Don jumped off the bed and slid underneath it.

This broke Kristin...

She went to go downstairs, as Katie came out of the bathroom from taking a shower.

She saw that Kristin had been crying and asked what was wrong. Kristin explained everything to her older sister, who now looked concerned.

“We’ll keep an eye on him,” Katie said, as she went to go finish getting ready for work.

Kristin went downstairs, sat on the sofa in the living room and began to sob.

She was scared. So very scared...

Kristin was soon able to calm down, thanks to Katie helping her with a comforting hug.

Soon Kristin wasn’t crying anymore. She took an anxiety pill to help calm her even more, then soon enough Lois arrived home.

Katie and Kristin went outside, jumped into the car and off the three of them went.

After Lois and Kristin dropped Katie off, Kristin told Lois all about Don.

As Lois received this information, she wanted to go right home and check on the little cat.

And so she did. Lois drove herself and Kristin right back to their house. They went inside quickly, and both went up the stairs to the guest room.

Lois saw how sick Don was and began to get worried.

The two stayed home for a while, before going out to do some errands that needed to be done.

After they got back home, Kristin went upstairs to check on her cat.

He was hard to find, since he was hiding. But Kristin found him under the guest bed. As soon as he saw her he meowed at a little, but in the meow there was a sense of pain... A sense of fear.

As if Don was saying “It hurts and I’m scared,”

Later that night Don surprisingly came downstairs, but began to start crying out in pain again. He did this for about ten minutes.

Kristin talked sweetly to him, hoping that somehow it might help him.

After he stopped crying, Don ran right back up the stares.

Kristin and Lois decided to some research to see what could possibly be wrong.

They typed in all of Don’s symptoms to see what it could be... And two things came up that almost matched perfectly with how Don was acting...

Kidney Failure, and Cancer...

Lois had found this information, but Kristin wanted to read it, so Lois let her.

After she was done reading, Kristin explained everything to Lois... How Don might very well be dying... And how he might not even make to Monday.

Kristin sat down in one of the chairs in the living room, as Lois sat on the sofa.

The young girl just couldn’t take it... She began to sob again.

Lois began to speak at her youngest daughter sobbed. “I’m sorry, Kristin. I’m so sorry. So very, very sorry,”

“It-It’s not your fault,” Kristin managed to choke out, as she began to cry even harder.

“I know, but I feel so bad for you,” Lois replied.

Kristin nodded in response, as she kept on sobbing heavily. This was just way too much for her to handle...

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Lois said gently, taking Kristin’s hands in her’s.

“I know... I know...” Kristin said softly, while she began to feel a lump grow in her throat. Her breathing was becoming unsteady.

Lois let go of Kristin’s hand, got up and opened her arms to Kristin, who jumped right off the chair and slid right into her mother’s arms.

Kristin continued to sob. She cried into Lois’s shoulder as she and Lois hugged each other tightly.

“Alright now, try and pull yourself together. How about I make us some coffee and we have a snack?” Lois added.

“Sou-Sounds good,” Kristin breathed out, as she wiped away the tears from her eyes, that were now red and burning.

And so Lois and Kristin had coffee and a snack. And Kristin took an anxiety pill that helped calmed her down.

Katie got informed about everything had happened, through a text that Kristin had sent her.

Due to Kristin and Lois’s emotional state, Katie got a ride home from one of her friend’s that night after work was over.

That night as Kristin went to bed, her mind was full of sadness and fear. She cried a little as she laid down and pulled the covers over her.

And within a few minutes, the young girl was fast asleep. But even in her sleep, if someone was to come into her room and look at her... That would be able to tell that she was in great pain.

January 10th-.

Kristin awoke at 7:00 am, with thoughts of Don filling her mind right away. Kristin sighed, as she got out of bed and went downstairs.

Lois and Kristin had their coffee, Kristin then went right back upstairs to check on Don, who was once again in the guest room, laying on the guest bed.

Don slipped right under the bed as soon as he saw Kristin, which made his owner feel very sad.

Then Kristin went back downstairs, told Lois how Don was doing, and then did her chores. After that she took a morning shower, brushed her hair, brushed her teeth, washed her face, and changed into a nice day-time outfit.

The rest of the day consisted of checking up on Don, Kristin doing some more of her homework, and at the end of the day she took her evening shower, changed into a nighttime- outfit, brushed her teeth and went to bed.

And as she fell asleep, Kristin felt even more fear than the night before... Don didn’t seem to be getting any better. -

January 11th-.

Sunday was here and things were actually starting to look up.

Katie and Lois told Kristin when she came downstairs for Coffee, that Don that been up and down all night. And that he seemed to be doing better!

And they were right, as the day progressed Don only shown signs of improvement, Kristin felt better, but then that afternoon, Kristin went upstairs to check on Don... But he wasn’t in the guest room, however something in the room still got her attention Kristin glanced her white and pink checkered bolting bored, that she had had since she was in the second grade. Hanging on it was a Valentine. Wanting to find out who it was from, since she didn’t even remember having any Valentine cards from her friends anymore. And the result shocked the young girl to pieces . It was from Liz. A girl whom Kristin was once in love with. Liz had loved her back, but due to her family being highly religious, she turned on Kristin. But the card said this: “Valentine you make me smile. “Kristin is the best,” From: Liz. “W-Wwhy do I even still have this!?” Kristin muttered to herself. “I should just throw it out like I did with that photo of Eileen and I,” But Don had to come first before she took care of the card. So she ran out of the guest room and went into her bedroom, where she suddenly stopped dead in her tracks. There for the first time in days, Don laid on her bed.

Kristin went and sat beside Don, who meowed at her happily, and then got up and began to rub his head against her.

Kristin petted him and kissed him on the head, as tears formed in her eyes and before she knew it, Kristin found herself sobbing again.

Was it due to finally knowing that Don was be fine? Or was it a release of tension and stress from the whole situation? Maybe it was both...

Anyways after letting herself cry, Kristin felt even better. Maybe she needed that...

So Kristin went back downstairs, hung out with Katie and Lois, finished the rest of her homework, then that night they all watched The Golden Globes together, and after the awards show, Kristin took a late evening shower, changed into a night-time outfit, brushed her teeth, and went to sleep, feeling a lot better.

January 12h-.

Monday had arrived and Kristin went downstairs, Don got in her lap as she sat at the kitchen table, waiting for Lois to make their Coffee. When it was done mother and daughter chatted and had their morning drinks together.

Then Kristin did her chores, Katie came down and they watched some TV together, then Kristin went to take a morning shower, changed into a day-time outfit- brushed her teeth, brushed her hair and washed her face.

After that the rest of the day was relaxing, however Kristin’s teacher was coming at 3:30 so the time came around she got all ready for their session.

The session went great! Kristin’s teacher collected all of the homework that had assigned to her, then gave her some homework to do, and a science test since they had just finished chapter five. “I’ll be back on Wednesday” Kristin’s teacher said, before leaving that late afternoon.

A few hours later, Katie’s best friend Joanie that lived up north, came down to Bourbonnais. She was picking Katie up because the two of them were going to spend the next few days together. Hailey, one of Katie’s friends that lived locally would taking over her shifts.

Katie would return Wednesday night.

So yeah the rest of the evening went well. Kristin and Lois had dinner. Since Katie was gone before it was served. Then Kristin took her evening shower, changed into some PJ’s. Thought she liked to call it her night-time outfit.

After that she brushed her teeth, went back downstairs, hung out with Lois for a while, but soon it was bed time. Kristin gave her mom a kiss goodnight, and then as she got into bed that night, Kristin felt really good.

January 13h-.

Kristin awoke at 6:00 am.

She went downstairs, where she and Lois had their coffee. After that they both had breakfast.

Then Kristin went upstairs took a shower, changed into day-time outfit, brushed her teeth, brushed her teeth and then came back downstairs.

After resting for about half an hour, Kristin excused herself from the kitchen and went into the formal front room, where she took her science test.

Forty Five minutes past and Kristin finished her exam.

She knew she did very well! In fact she could just see that A+ in her mind already. Happy and full of pride, Kristin went into the kitchen, told Lois how she did, then she did all of her other homework.

After that Lois and Kristin to jewel to do some grocery hopping.

When they got back, they put the food away and then Kristin and Lois had another cup of Coffee.

Since it was now in the evening hours and The Degrassi Winter Finale came on in just two hours, Kristin went upstairs and took her evening shower, changed into a night-time outfit, washed her face, and went back down stairs.

And when the time came that Degrassi came on, Lois and Kristin watched the episode, while eating some snacks that they had prepared.

After the episode ended, Kristin and Lois both went to bed. And as Kristin fell asleep that night, she felt a mix of sadness, and anxiety. She wasn’t sure why... It just came over her after the episode had ended.

Well she knew that she missed Katie, but her older sister was safe. And Katie had been checking in with her and Lois all day.

Kristin really wasn’t sure why felt this way... Maybe it was because she had been so stressed out lately... Either way she really wasn’t quite sure.

January 14h-.

Kristin awoke at 6:45 am.

She went downstairs, had Coffee with Lois, then had breakfast, and did her chores. Lois got ready for work, and left a few hours later.

Kristin was alone now, but that meant that in this alone time witch also meant quiet time, she could work more on her book! And so she did.

After writing a lot, Kristin took a break, went upstairs and showered, then came back down and began to write again right away.

Soon enough, Kristin had done all the necessary work for the book at the moment, so she stopped writing, then went to get ready for her session with her teacher.

Katie and Lois both arrived home before Kristin’s session, so they both got some food, and went upstairs to take a nap. Kristin was surprised that Katie was home earlier than first expected, but she was really happy to see her older sister. Joanie had dropped her off, then left so she could get to work which was all the way back up north where she lived. Then Kristin had her session, afterwords she ate and relaxed a little bit, before doing studying for a history test that she was too take in the morning. After studying, Katie and Lois came back downstairs, awake from their naps. The three Kula girls hung out until it was bed time, but Kristin would be up much later tonight. For she had editing to do for her book. So she went upstairs and edited way, it took about three hours and by the time she was one it was seven minutes past ten. And so after finishing her work, she went downstairs to say goodnight to Lois and give her a kiss, before returning upstairs where she’d take a very late evening shower, then call it night and go to bed.

And as Kristin slipped into bed that night, she felt very good.

January 15th-.

Kristin awoke at 7:45 am. She went downstairs, where she was greeted by Lois. “Morning, Sweetie,” Lois said.

“Morning,” Kristin replied back, with a smile.

“Ready for our morning coffee?” Lois questioned.

“Like you even have to ask!” Kristin chuckled.

And so the morning went along as always, Lois and Kristin had their coffee, Kristin did her chores, and watched some Tv... However something happened that made Lois and Kristin both scream.

Little Dude had entered the kitchen, with something in his mouth, out of the corner of Kristin’s left eye, After the young girl saw this.

“Hey, Little Dude has something in his mouth...” Kristin said.

Lois glanced over to the chubby orange tabby and she screamed: “IT’S THE MOUSE!”

There had been a mouse hiding under the stove for weeks now. Then Kristin screamed, but out of fear of the mouse it’s self... But because just a few moments later, it somehow escaped Little Dude and went running past them, into the formal front room. This scared Kristin because she actually loved Mice and didn’t want it to get somewhere, where Little Dude could get to it, before they could catch it and put it outside.

Little Dude chased after the mouse and Kristin and Lois got some shoe boxes, lids and gloves.

It took about fifteen minutes, but Kristin finally caught the mouse. It was a baby and Kristin said that it was adorable, while Lois disagreed.

Kristin put the little baby mouse outside and then went back into the house.

After that, Katie came downstairs. Like Lois, she too was scared of Mice. Then The Kula Girls hung out for a while, Katie did her chores, and helped Lois with jobs around the house that Kristin wasn’t responsible for.

Everyone in the house had their own jobs when it came to the chores.

After everything was done, Katie went upstairs to take a nap, Lois did some work for her job, and Kristin went upstairs to take a morning shower, and get some more work done on her book.

Yup, for the most part the day was going along just fine!

The rest of the hours leading up to dropping Katie off at work, were very nice and peaceful. Kristin took her History Test, and did just fine! However... Soon that changed.

After Katie and Kristin brought the trash cans to the end of the driveway, and then they got into the car, and Katie was dropped off... Well Kristin went completely south.

Her anxiety was taking over again, the hurt, the stress, and the fear she had been feeling over the past several weeks... Kristin tried to hide her emotions when they first came over just as Katie and herself went to take out the trash.

On the way back home though, Kristin broke down, cried, and vented a little to Lois.

They talked and Lois helped comfort her youngest daughter. Kristin began to feel a little better.

Then they were driving up on Burger King, which was just a few miles away from outside of Bourbonnais.

Lois glanced at the fast food restaurant, as they came up on it.

Kristin and Lois both felt hungry, so they decided to get some food.

After they did, they went home and when they arrived they ate.

Until it was time to go get Katie, Lois and Kristin watched a few episodes of Frasier.

There was this one episode that Lois knew would make Kristin feel much better.

It was called “Moon Dance”

The Episode involved Kristin’s favorite couple in the show. Niles and Daphne

And boy did it cheer the young girl up! Seeing her favorite couple dance was amazing.

They certainty were great together!

And so after that episode, they watched some more and before Lois or Kristin knew it, it was time to go get Katie.

Kristin was beginning to get anxious, all those other feelings started to creep into her mind.

She didn’t feel like going with to get Katie, plus it was really cold out, and she wanted to take her evening shower.

So did stayed home, while Lois went to get Katie and she took her evening shower.

After her shower, Kristin went back downstairs and relaxed on the sofa, as she waited for her mother and sister.

When Katie and Lois arrived home, they had KFC.

Kristin wasn’t feeling that hungry, so while Katie and Lois ate the kitchen table, Kristin laid on the sofa and watched some TV.

But as she did this, tears began to stroll down her face. Kristin quickly wiped the tears away, and sighed lightly as she continued to lay there.

Then within ten minutes, Kristin did begin to get hungry. She asked Lois for some Tomato Basil Quiche, that Lois had made herself.

Happy that her youngest daughter was now hungry, Lois got up right away and got her a slice of Quiche.

Then Kristin sat with Katie and Lois, as they talked and ate.

Kristin ate a little bit of her food, but she didn’t get too far... Before the tears began to fall again.

Katie glanced at her younger sister, and noticed the tears right away.

“Are you alright?” Katie questioned with concern.

“I-I-I’m fine,” Kristin lied.

“Yeah sure. You’re crying and everything is fine,” Katie said, before adding. “What’s wrong?”

Kristin put up her right hand, as a single to say “Stop”

The girl had to try and pull herself together before she could explain.

For all the weeks that had been pulling Kristin’s emotions left and right, running in circles, making her feel horrible. Never once had Kristin gone to Katie. She went to Lois.

Kristin did not want to worry Katie as well, but she knew sooner or later that her sister would find out.

Lois who was over at the stove, looked back at her daughters and gave Kristin a worried expression.

“Has something new developed?” Lois asked.

Then Kristin breathed in and out heavily, before she finally spoke.

“No,” Kristin answered, as she looked back at Katie.

“And, Katie it’s just that... I don’t have that many friends. I feel lonely. I just want more friends my age, ya know? People to hang out with, go places with. Also, as much as I love my job and school, it’s been stressing me out a lot lately, I want to go back to school so badly, get that socialization, like you and mom do everyday. It’s killing me being in this house all day. And I don’t even know exactly how this all started, I’m always worried that you and mom are gonna fight. And I just... I feel sad, hurt, angry, and lonely,” Kristin said.

“You know, when I was in High School for the longest time I only had Erika,” Katie replied.

“Really?” Kristin asked full of shock. “But I thought you met your other friends there too! And from there you girls were a group,”

“Yes, we met in High School, but even then I didn’t actually click with anyone besides Erika. It was when Erika invited me to go out with her and the others, that we began to get close,” Katie explained.

“Oh...” Kristin squeaked slowly, before adding “So do you remember Eileen?”

“The Redhead?” Katie asked in reply.

“Yeah! Well she turned out to be a bitch... You see she to-” However before Kristin could finish her sentence, Lois cut her off.

“Okay. If you’re going to talk about that, step out of the room please. It’s just that it makes me mad. You know when someone hurts someone that you love,” Lois chimed in.

“Don’t worry, we understand,” Katie said, as Kristin nodded.

“Good,” Lois smiled.

“I’ll tell ya tomorrow?” Kristin suggested.

“How about Sunday? That way when I get all mad I won’t have to worry about work,” Katie responded.

“Sounds good,” Kristin chuckled.

“So there’s nothing wrong with me?” Kristin asked.

“WHAT!? NO!” Lois and Katie yelled in unison.

“I-I just... I just feel like there is. And you guys, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I’m trying so hard... It’s just... Right now it’s so hard for me. After all I have Post-traumatic stress disorder, and an anxiety disorder Not to mention I deal with depression at times,” Kristin explained.

“I think we need doctor to make your antidepressant medication a little stronger. I’ll get ya in there next week. I promise,” Lois said.

“Yeah me too and thanks, Momsy ” Kristin replied.

Then Katie spoke up. “Also don’t you ever think it’s wrong of you to freak out. You’ve got two disorders going head to head here. So if you need to cry, let it out. Need to vent talk to us. We’ll always be here for you,”

“Thanks, Katie...” Kristin sniffled slowly. “And you ya’ll wouldn’t ever leave me, right?”

“Hell no!” Katie said, as she got up from her chair, as Lois walked on over.

Then Kristin began to sob heavily one again and managed to choke out “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry!”

Lois and Katie hugged Kristin, and Kristin hugged them back, though she didn’t move from her chair.

“Shh... It’ll all be alright,” Lois said quietly.

“Yes! Katie said. “It will. And when you go back to school, I know you’ll have friends flocking right to you!”

Then the comforting words continued, until Kristin was able to calm down. The Kula Girls then finished their dinner and afterwords it was time to go to bed.

And as Kristin got into bed that night, she felt a little better, because she knew she’d have help getting through this tough time.

January 16th-.

Friday had finally arrived and Kristin awoke at 3:30 am.

The young girl was thirsty, so she went downstairs to see that Lois was already awake.

The woman looked at her youngest daughter with concern, due to what had happened the night before. Did she have a nightmare? Had she been up all night?

“Oh hey are you okay?” Lois asked.

“Yeah. I just woke up and I’m thirsty,” Kristin answered.

“Get a drink then,” Lois replied. “Have whatever you want, Baby,”

Kristin nodded and then went to the fridge, where she pulled out an ice cold bottle of pure leaf tea.

“Alright I’m going to go and lay back down,” Kristin said.

“I wish that you would. It’s too early for you to be up,” Lois responded.

“Yeah I agree. But we’ll have our coffee in a few hours, right?” Kristin squeaked.

“Of course! How’s five?” Lois chuckled.

“That’s fine by me. After all it’s gonna be a busy day. Gotta be up early,” Kristin said.

“Good. Now go on and try to get some more sleep until then,” Lois said.

“Will do! Love you!” Kristin chirped, as she headed out of the kitchen and went towards the staircase.

“I love you too!” Lois called.

And so Kristin went back up to her room, where she opened her tea and gulped half of it in less than two minutes.

After feeling better, now she wasn’t thirsty anymore, Kristin laid back down in bed and pulled the covers over her.

However she could not fall back asleep. She tried, but failed.

So when five came along, she came downstairs had coffee with Lois, had breakfast, then went upstairs, took a morning shower, brushed her teeth, brushed her hair, cleaned her ears, and washed her face.

Then, Kristin went back downstairs. Shortly after that, Katie started getting ready for work.

Lois went out to do some work for her job, and would return at 11:15 to pick up both Katie and Kristin.

After dropping Katie off at work, Lois and Kristin ran some errands... And then headed over to Sally’s.

Kristin could not wait to see Frankie!

Once they pulled into the parking lot. Kristin made sure she looked all good, then told Lois she was ready go on in.

So mother and daughter got out of the car and headed towards the store.

However once they entered they both knew right away, that something wasn’t right.

No one was by the Cash Register for starters... And then within a few seconds later, Lois and Kristin saw two different workers, whom they had never seen before come up the Cash Register, to help a few customers that were in line.

Kristin and Lois went around the little shop, and realized something... Frankie wasn’t there yet. Which meant she didn’t work until later.

Still though the trip to Sally’s wasn’t a total bust. After all, Lois did need some hair products.

Anyways so after collecting all of the items that Lois needed. She and Kristin bought them and headed out of the store.

Now it was time to go get Katie, since she was on break and then the three ladies would head to Baker Square for lunch.

And my gosh! Lunch was perfect. Kristin, Katie and Lois all enjoyed their food.

After lunch Katie was dropped off at work for the second half of her shift, then Kristin and Lois headed home.

For the rest of the afternoon, and going into the evening Lois and Kristin relaxed by watching Frasier.

However due to how busy it was that night, Katie couldn’t get off at eight. So she texted Lois that Hailey would be taking her home.

After hearing this news, Kristin went right upstairs and took her evening shower, then changed into a night-time outfit, and brushed her teeth.

Then Kristin came back downstairs, gave Lois a kiss goodnight and went to bed.

And as she got into bed that night, Kristin felt pretty good over all.

January 17th-.

Kristin awoke at 8:30 am.

The young girl was shocked by how late she had slept. Anyways as she sat up she saw Little Dude and Junoir, were both laying at the foot of her bed.

Kristin raised an eyebrow at the two seeping cats.

Why were they in her room and not in Katie’s?

That’s when Kristin began to freak out.

She quickly jumped out of her bed and ran right across the hall, and entered her older sister’s room, to find that she wasn’t there...

In fact it looked like she hadn’t even come back home last night.

Now in full panic mode, Kristin raced downstairs and ran into the kitchen with a worried expression on her face.

Lois quickly turned around and saw her youngest daughter.

But before she could speak, Kristin asked a question. “Where the hell is Katie!? Junior and Little Dude are on my bed, so I went to see if she was in her room, but it looks like she never came back home last night!”

Lois’s worried look relaxed into a small smile.

“Oh baby... I’m so sorry. But you don’t need to worry. Katie went to the spend the night at Hailey’s. It was a last minute decision and you were sleeping when she came to get her over night stuff, so we didn’t want to wake you,” Lois explained.

“It’s okay... I was just worried,” Kristin said, as she breathed a sigh of relief.

“Oh my sweetie,” Lois said, pulling Kristin in for a hug.

Kristin hugged her mother back, then after they broke apart their morning went along.

“You know I was getting worried about you. If you hadn’t gotten up at nine I was going to come check on you,” Lois added.

“Sorry about that... I guess with all of my emotional issues going on I needed more sleep. After all crying, and all of that drains a body’s engery,” Kristin replied.

“That’s fine, Hunny. But I was still worried,” Lois said.

“Aww. Gosh you’re sweet,” Kristin smiled.

“And so are you!” Lois responded. “So ready for our morning coffee?”

“You know it!” Kristin replied.

And so after their coffee, Kristin took a morning shower, and began on her homework.

It took about four hours. And after it was all finished, Kristin did her chores.

Then she and Lois brought the trash cans back into the garbage and Lois wanted to change some of the bulbs outside, but told Kristin to go in, since she had a low tolerance to the cold.

So that’s exactly what Kristin did and within a good hour, Lois was all done.

Lois had also checked the mail and saw that there was something for Kristin BBCHS.

Kristin opened it to find that it was a note to all juniors about the ACT test.

Lois and Kristin began to talk about it, since the note said any 11th graders interested in taking it needed to sign up by February 2nd.

The exam was on February 6th.

Kristin was Regular Ed in everything expect Math, the subject she had always struggled with. Due to this, Lois wasn’t sure if Kristin take it... There was one given to the Special Ed Students, and Students from other countries. It was just worded differently and on a lower level.

However Kristin had gotten a lot better with math in the last few years.

Still though, Lois wanted to make sure that it would be okay. So on Tuesday (Because on Monday there wouldn’t any school) She’d call the High School and talk to Kristin’s teachers, and see what they thought. If they all agreed that she could handle the math within the exam, Lois would go ahead and sign Kristin up for it.

If not she’d take the other version of the ACT.

Kristin agreed to this. She and Lois always talked things out, never fought.

Both understood where the other was coming from and respected each other’s feelings about the matter.

Then later that evening, Kristin and Lois went out to the mall. They wanted to walk around and do a little shopping at Debs. Which was sadly closing all of it’s stores...

They found great deals on lots of outfits and bought some. However as they were shopping, Kristin began to get anxious as she moved to look around at some shirts, some girls that were around her age passed her and stopped close to her, to look at outfits.

And due to the fact that she hand’t been around many people her age in a long time, it caused an anxiety attack. Luckily though, Kristin was able to calm herself down and kept on looking.

So after Lois and Kristin left Debs they headed out of the mall, and went back home

Kristin and Lois did have a lot of fun shopping.

Anyways Katie had to work late that night again, and on Saturdays Hailey always took Katie home, so Kristin and Lois got home, and watched some TV.

Soon though Katie was home, but she brought in with her Erika and Hailey. The three girls were going to go out to eat, but Katie needed to change first.

So after changing, she said goodbye to Lois and Kristin and left with her two friends.

And not long after that, Kristin and Lois both got ready to go to sleep.

Kristin was too tired to take her Evening Shower, so as she went right upstairs she immediately changed into some PJ’s, brushed her teeth, and got into bed. And that night as she fell asleep, Kristin felt alright.

January 18th-.

Kristin awoke at 8:00 am.

She went downstairs, had coffee with Lois, and then began her chores.

However in less than one minute something happened.

Simon went running past her and Lois, chasing a mouse!

“KRISTIN GET THE MOUSE!” Lois screamed.

“I’m on it!” Kristin said, jumping right into action, by running into the Linen room, where she got gloves that she put on.

Then Lois got her a paper cup and a lid to a paper coffee cup.

But before she started going for the mouse, Kristin put Simon in the coffee and closed the door, so that way she wouldn’t have to worry about the cat killing it.

And so after Simon was in the office, Kristin tried to get the mouse, but this mouse was aggressive. It jumped all around, making it impossible for Kristin catch it. Soon enough it slid under the vent in the bathroom and wouldn’t come out.

So it was time to give it a rest. Kristin sat down and rested, while Lois let Simon out of the office. Then Kristin went and washed up, brushed her teeth, brushed her hair, washed her face, changed into one of her new outfits from Debs that she had gotten the night before. Then Katie went to get ready to go out to the mall with her friends. They were going to Debs themselves.

But a little later, after Kristin finished her chores, the mouse came back out.

Kristin quickly picked Simon up and brought her into the bathroom with her, thinking that maybe with her to help catch the mouse it would be easier this time.

However it wasn’t it. Simon couldn’t even catch the mouse! It even jumped onto her head and jumped off. Making Simon stop moving at once. She just stood there, in shock that it jumped onto her head.

Then the mouse went back under the vent.

After that it wouldn’t come back out. And not long after that, Katie left to go out with her friends.

So then Lois made Kristin some lunch, since the young girl hadn’t eaten anything yet.

And after she was caught up on her writing, she went on to editing some of the parts that needed it.

So after she finished editing, Kristin watched some Frasier. Feeling good to have gotten her work done.

Later that evening, Kristin took her evening shower, and Katie arrived back home.

After her shower, Kristin chatted with Shaunte. However Dinner was ready before their talk about over, so Kristin told Katie that she’d eat when she was off the phone.

Which she did. After her dinner, she gave Lois a kiss goodnight and went up to bed.

However this night wasn’t going to go along real well.

Kristin tossed and turned. She was feeling anxious and she couldn’t get to sleep, so she took an anxiety pill.

What else she didn’t understand was why she couldn’t to sleep, when she had taken her sleep medication.

Maybe it needed to be a higher dose?

Anyways it took until 1:30 am. For Kristin to fall asleep and once she did, she slept.


January 19th-.

Kristin awoke at 8:40 am.

She went downstairs, to find Mom on her conference call. And since Lois had her bluetooth on, she was able to give Kristin her Coffee and breakfast, as she listened to the call.

After her call, Lois and Kristin talked then Lois got ready to go to work.

Then after she left, Kristin got Katie caught up on Degrassi, then Katie took a shower, did her chores, and waited for her Hailey, whom she was going out to lunch with.

Katie had invited Kristin to come along, but the younger girl didn’t want to.

But before her work, Kristin took her morning shower, after doing her chores.

After all she did have work to do!

Soon after Hailey picked Katie up, Kristin began to feel anxious. She was worried about Lois, who hadn’t texted her back, but turned out that she hadn’t seen Kristin’s texts and was just about to call Kristin, as Kristin called her.

So everything was fine, but still Kristin felt on edge...

She took an anxiety pill, and rested knowing that soon she’d feel better.

And soon enough Kristin did fee better. Though she worried about Katie and Lois. She knew with Lois’s arthritis it was hard to dirve sometimes, and she was still up north, and Katie still wasn’t home... Had something happened with her diabetes? Though they were doing fine, somtimes things acted up and they weren’t fine.

Sometimes Katie’s Blood Sugar’s got out of control... And sometimes Lois had bad flares. Though yes, most of the time and as of lately it seemed they were both fine.

However everything turned out to be fine. Of course. Katie was on her way home with Hailey and soon Lois would be on her way home, who had promised to call Kristin when she was on her way.

Soon Katie arrived home, and Lois called Kristin telling her that something was wrong with her car, so she was at the ford dealer getting it checked out. The egnge light had came on while she was still driving on the Highway.

Now just awaiting Lois’s arrival, Kristin relaxed on the sofa, feeling content.

And when Lois got home, she explained to Kristin that there were fums coming into the car, but that it was still save to drive, but needed to be checked soon.

Soon after that Hailey left, Katie, Kristin and Lois all hung out together had their Kula Girls time, and then before bed Lois prepared some cheese soup.

Then after eating, the three ladies went to bed and as Kristin got into bed that night, with no feeling of wanting to take an evening shower, because she was already too tired to take one, she felt alright. -

January 20th-.

Kristin awoke at 9:45 am.

The young girl was startled at this.

She hadn’t slept this late since year ago.

Anyways Kristin got up and got out of bed, went into the hallway, and heard Katie say “Lone...?” In a very concerned voice.

“Hey, Katie. Don’t worry. I’m not dead,” Kristin replied.

“Good,” Katie responded.

Katie’s bedroom door was open and she was up, so yeah she could hear her sister coming out into the hallway.

Then Kristin went downstairs, expecting to see Lois but she was not there.

Kristin checked everywhere downstairs, but then knew exactly where she was.

Upstairs in her bedroom./and or bathroom.

And Kristin found her in her bathroom, getting ready for work.

“Hi, Baby!” Lois greeted, seeing her youngest daughter.

“Hi, Mom!” Kristin greeted back.

“Your coffee is all ready for ya. Just heat it up in the microwave,” Lois said.

“Sound good! Well I’ma go downstairs then,” Kristin chirped. “Sorry about sleeping so late though...” The girl added.

“It’s alright, Hun. You were emotionally exhausted, and the night before last you didn’t sleep well, so you needed your rest. So go on and have your coffee,” Lois replied.

“Alright! I love you,” Kristin squeaked, as she headed downstairs.

“I love you too!” Lois called in response.

And so Kristin had her coffee, checked her book sales, promoted her books, then soon after that Lois came downstairs.

Mother and Daughter chatted, then after a little while Kristin used the bathroom.

While she was in there she discovered something; she had gotten her period.

There was a little blood on her underwear, plus she was beginning to feel cramps.

“Oh that makes much more sense...” Kristin said slowly, as she put a pad on.

After that was taken care of, Kristin left the bathroom and entered the kitchen.

Lois agreed that it made more sense. Still Kristin was going through a lot emotionally, but with a period coming on, it made it about ten times worse.

So then Kristin had breakfast, took two Midol and rested on the sofa. Soon Katie came down to join Lois and Kristin, bringing with her a lode of dirty clothes.

“Thanks, Baby,” Lois said.

“Oh yeah! No problem, Momsy,” Katie replied.

Then Katie got a bite to eat and hung out downstairs. Soon though, Lois had to to go work so she gave Kristin and Katie each a kiss and left.

Soon after that, Katie departed to go upstairs, so Kristin got some quiet time on the sofa.

Then within ten minutes a horrible headache came over her, so Kristin got up and got two ibuprofen from the medicine cabinet, and took them.

Her cramps seemed to get worse, while getting up to get this other medication.

So Kristin laid down on the sofa and rested there a good hour until the pain in her head and lower area were gone.

Feeling better, Kristin went upstairs and took a shower, then afterwords she came back down.

All refreshed!

Kristin continued to just rest and rest.

Lois had told her to not worry about chores.

So she didn’t.

Though Kristin did get up and check somethings around the house anyways.

Like was there enough soda, tea, water, etc in the fridge?

Did the carpet need to be swept?

It all looked good. Everything did.

Kristin just continued to take it easy, though she did check her email every so often.

Soon in the early afternoon, Lois returned home from work.

Later that evening, Kristin and Lois took Katie to work.

Kristin would be staying behind while Lois went to pick Katie up, since a new TV series was premiering that night.

It was called Open Heart produced by the same people that produced Degrassi. It even had some of the actors/actresses and they were using the Degrassi set too!

Degrassi was on a break until Spring, so Kristin thought why not? She had a feeling she’d like this new show, maybe even love it.

It could very well become a new favorite show of her’s!

So after getting back home from dropping Katie off, Lois went to rest on the sofa until it was time for Kristin to get things ready for her new show, witch was around the exact same time that she’d have to go and get Katie from work.

Kristin spent this time writing and after the writing was done, she went to rest as well. She sat in one of the living room’s chairs and listened to some music on her phone, with her headphones, before taking an even shower.

After Kristin’s evening shower, the young girl began to feel a bit anxious and sad.

Bu this feeling didn’t last too long. Katie had texted Lois about going out to dinner after she got off work!

Lois then encouraged Kristin to come along, and watch Open Heart with her and Katie once it appeared on demand.

Kristin agreed to this, so she back upstairs, changed into a new day-time outfit brushed her hair, brushed her teeth, washed her face.

Lois was ready soon after too.

Then they went and got Katie, and after they made their way over to Luconi’s for dinner. Kristin and Lois both ordered BLT’s with fries, while Katie got garlic bread and ravioli.

And after the family returned home, everyone went to bed feeling happy and in a very good mood.

As Kristin got into bed that night, she felt very happy.

January 21st.

Kristin awoke at 2:45 am.

The young girl felt hungry and thirsty, so she made her way downstairs and into the kitchen, where she found Lois already awake.

“Oh hello, Honey,” Lois said, with a bit of shock in her voice.

“Hi. I’m just hungry and thirsty so...” Kristin trailed off.

“I am too. How’s about we have our selves each a slice of my tomato basil quiche and have some nice pure leaf tea?” Lois suggested.

“Sounds perfect!” Kristin cheered.

“Good,” Lois replied, as Kristin took a seat at the kitchen table.

And so Kristin and Lois had their quiche and tea, then afterwords both agreed that they’d be going back to bed.

Kristin headed upstairs to her room, while Lois went to lay on the sofa in the living room.

Despite wanting to fall back to sleep, Kristin couldn’t.

She found herself tossing and turning, turning and tossing...

Then before Kristin knew it... It was 5.00 am.

Groaning because she only able to get five hours of sleep, Kristin wondered on the rest of the day would unfold.

But wow... Did the day unfold in ways that Kristin did not expect.

After having her coffee with Lois, Kristin did her chores, she didn’t feel like taking a shower yet. And since Katie had to get ready for work... well she kinda couldn’t anyways by the time she was all done with chores.

So she just laid down and watched some TV, as emotional pain came over her once again.

She began to cry a little, as thoughts were brought to her mind, but she was able to stop the tears. However then it happened on and off through out the rest of the morning.

Kristin asked Lois if everything was okay, and she said “Yes. But stop trying to look for a problem,”

This silenced Kristin, because it hurt her... She wasn’t trying to look for a problem!

She was trying to make sure there were no problems!

Non the less, for the rest of the morning she was quiet and until Katie came down to get ready for work, Kristin could not take it anymore.

The night before Katie asked Kristin if she had taken her tale holder. Why in the world would she steal something from her sister!?

She told Katie and Lois about these things as they were getting ready to leave, yeah not exactly the best time to say this, but she couldn’t muster herself up to talking to them earlier.

Lois got angry at Kristin, but Katie said that she was sorry and didn’t mean in it in the way Kristin thought she did.

The two sisters hugged.

Lois and Katie went to leave and Kristin was on the verge of tears again, but then Lois came back inside and hugged Kristin and gave her a kiss.

Then Lois and Katie left.

Kristin broke into a heavy sob as she walked back over to the sofa.

After finally being able to get a hold of herself, Kristin went upstairs and to take a shower, but before she did she texted Lois.

Then she jumped in and showered, but half way through she began to sob again.

Yep sobbing in the shower...

After she had gotten out, Kristin saw that Lois hadn’t texted her back.

She sighed heavily, as she got into a day-time outfit and put on a pad, due to her period.

After this she brushed her hair, brushed her teeth, washed her face, and made her back downstairs, when it happened...

All of a sudden Kristin began to hyperventilate, she felt as if she was going to throw up, and her body... Her body was shaking.

She held onto the stair’s banster for support, as she made her way downstairs.

Then she headed to the living room, where she relaxed on the sofa, until she was able to calm down a little. After that she took an anxitey pill.

Around 12:45 Kristin still hadn’t heard anything from Lois, so she called her, but there was no answer...

However within two minutes, Lois texted her back saying that she wasn’t up to talking at the moment.

Kristin texted back that she understood, and told her mother that when she was ready to talk to just tell her.

A little after 2.00 pm rolled around, Lois arrived home.

Lois greeted Kristin in a friendly manner, which Kristin returned.

The two talked a bit and they were both fine, They both apologized to each other, then hugged.

Katie wasn’t home though because she and Hailey had made last minute plans, to go out for lunch at KFC.

Katie arrived just a little while before Kristin’s teacher arrived, who retreated upstairs for a nap.

When Kristin’s teacher got to the house and they sat down at the kitchen table, Kristin’s teacher reached into her work bag and pulled out a report card!

Instead of having it mailed, Kristin’s teacher had decided to bring it with, since she knew how excited the girl was to see her grades.

Kristin happily looked over her grades with a smile of pride. Her GPA was 3.8 and her marks were amazing! An A+ in Science, An A in World History, An A- in Math, a P Standing for “Passed” for her Resource class, it was one of those pass or fail classes. Then were was an A for English, An A for spelling, and a B+ for her Work class.

This had made Kristin’s day! She felt so much better, so relieved, so proud, so happy.

After the session ended, Lois who was in her office saw Kristin come bouncing in.

“Looky at my report card!” Kristin cheered.

Then Lois glanced over it, seeing the GPA score, and the marks for her daughter’s classes.

“Oh, Kristin...” Lois began to say. “I am so proud of you!”

Lois stood up from her chair, and gave Kristin a tight hug.

Kristin hugged her mother back with a huge smile upon her face.

“Can I make a few copies?” Lois asked.

“Of course!” Kristin responded.

And so Lois made a few copies of Kristin’s report card, then handed Kristin back the original one, which Kristin took up to her room and hung up on her way.

She had her report cards hanging on her wall in her room, as well as a printed copy of her author interview about her book “Bonding On A Whole New Level” From the book club reading list, that she had joined Christmas Day.

Hanging on her wall were also awards from school, and a few posters and a flower sticker.

Anyways after hanging her report card back up, Kristin went back downstairs. Lois then made her coffee and Kristin had a birthday party cupcake.

It was a white cake, with vanilla icing, and sprinkles were inside the cake, while lots of others were on the icing it’s self.

On the way home, Lois had stopped at Nana’s a cafe and sweet shop up in the city Kankakee.

She had gotten a few different cupcakes.

It was a really good cupcake!

Then after a little bit, Katie got up and came downstairs, saw Kristin’s a copy of Kristin’s report card, and had a Peanut Butter cupcake, Katie said she liked it, but said that that The Pie Lady’s cupcakes were much better.

Kristin and Lois agreed to this.

Anyways the evening went on, everything was fine. However when it was time for bed, Kristin felt too tired to take an evening shower. So she went right to bed, but that night she slept so very much better. Asleep within half an hour, and as Kristin got into bed that night, before brushing her teeth, and putting her PJ’s on, she felt good.


January 22nd.

Kristin had slept so much better from the night, however she did wake up due to a nightmare... A nightmare about a certain dark subject. She had actually been having nightmares like these for a while now. And subject was Rape... She had had a nightmare that night about a guy raping her on a street, then she found herself pregnant, the other night she had a similar dream as well. She was naked, completely naked, while being chained to a wall in this creepy room, as a guy touched her... And a few days before her 18th birthday, Kristin had had a nightmare about her father Mike Kula raping her in her house, in her room, on her bed... She remembered in the dream, trying to get away, as Mike was on top of her... But she couldn’t get him off... And Lois and Katie weren’t home. That morning when she woke up, all morning she almost threw up. Thankfully though that feeling finally did pass. On and off through out the years, these dreams of Mike raping her could come and go... This was a real fear of her’s. Was it because she didn’t trust her father at all? Was it because he has physically hurt her before? Was it because she knew he was capable of anything? Yes... It was all of these things to be exact.

But Kristin quickly dismissed this... After all she had a big day ahead of her, so she got out of bed and headed downstairs.

She had coffee with Lois, did some of her chores, then went to take her Science test, but as she got all ready to take it... She began to feel like she was going to throw up, and visions of the nightmare she had had came back to her mind. “No... Don’t think about it, Kristin... Focus just focus...” And so she did. After a little after an hour she had finished her exam. Then Kristin finished her chores, and then did her homework, which took all morning and all into the early afternoon.

After finishing her work, Lois and Kristin took Katie to work, then they went to Walgreen’s got some candy, and went on home.

Then Kristin began to work more on her book, while Lois cooked dinner. Kristin also promoted her books, and checked emails.

When dinner was ready, Kristin and Lois ate. They had Pork Roast, some veges, and dumplings.

Afterwords, Lois showed Kristin the lab that she had made and had printed out for marketing, then Lois laid down on the sofa, and Kristin moved to the floor, where finished the work she had to do on her book for the time.

Soon it was time to go and Katie.

So Lois and Kristin got ready and then left. After picking Katie up, The Kula Girls headed to Jewel.

Katie and Kristin got the groceries, then after checking out, they headed back outside to the car, put the items into the car, and headed on home.

The rest of the night went on just fine. After putting the items away, and watching some TV Lois said it was time for bed.

So Katie and Kristin gave Lois goodnight kisses, and kissed each other. Said “I love you,” To one another, then everyone went to bed.

After changing into her PJ’s and brushing her teeth, Kristin jumped into bed, feeling good for all the work she had gotten done that day.

January 23rd.

Kristin awoke at 8:45 am.

She got up slowly, as she blinked in surprise from the dream, that she had just experienced.

Shaking her head in disbelief, Kristin got out of bed, and headed downstairs.

There she and Lois had their coffee, Kristin did her chores, and Lois and Katie then both got ready for work.

After they were ready and it was time for them to leave, Kristin gave them kissed goodbye and then went to take a shower herself.

She changed into a day-time outfit after she got out, out on a pad, brushed her teeth, brushed her hair, and washed her face.

Then she relaxed a bit. Later that afternoon, Kristin’s teacher came and they their session.

After Kristin’s teacher left, taking with her finished home and leaving behind homework for the weekend, that would be due on Monday, when she came back, Kristin called Lois to let her know that her teacher had gone.

Lois was home shortly after that, then Lois took Kristin up to Sally’s... Yes she’d finally see Frankie!

Kristin was so excited!

However after arriving at the shop and entering it... There wasn’t a single sight of Frankie to be seen.

“Where is she?” Kristin whispered to Lois.

“I don’t know...” Lois replied.

After going around the shop for a little while, and collecting some items that they needed, Lois and Kristin went to check out, because afterwords they’d have to go and pick Katie up from work.

As they were checking out though, Lois and Kristin both asked if Frankie still worked at the shop. And thankfully she did! But some of the worker’s schedules were changing a little, they said she’d be in tomorrow.

But Kristin and Lois knew they couldn’t come back the very day... After all that would look rather creepy.

So they decided that they’d call the next time before coming to Sally’s

Anyways so after leaving Sally’s, Lois and Kristin picked Katie up from work and headed on home.

And that night after brushing her teeth, and changing into some PJ’s, Kristin wondered when she’d see Frankie again.

Lois and Kristin had bought some Valentine’s Day stuff... But was going too slow now for her to make a move...

“Ah well...” Kristin thought to herself, as she fell asleep. “It’ll be worth the wait...”


January 24th.

Kristin awoke at 7:15 am.

The young girl got up, went downstairs, had coffee with Lois, then Katie came down and had breakfast with them, before going to get ready for work.

Due to her friend Molly not being able to work that day, due to something that had happened with the family, which was explained to Kristin, but Kristin had forgotten what it was.

Anyways so Katie got ready for work and then when it was time Lois and Kristin took her.

After dropping her off, they came back home. Kristin did all of her work, did her chores, and took a shower.

A nice day-time outfit, a clean pad. So then the young girl brushed her teeth, brushed her hair, and washed her face.

She promoted her books, responded to some emails, and then at around 2:00 pm, Katie got a break from work. So Lois, Kristin, and Katie all got some lunch from a taco restaurant to go, since Lois didn’t feel up to eating out. So they got their food to go and ate at home.

Then after that Katie took a nap, before having to get back to work. After they dropped her back off at work, Kristin and Lois headed back home.

When they got there, Kristin took her evening shower, since earlier Katie said she’d be getting a ride home from Hailey.

She’d be spending the night at Hailey’s too. So after work, she’d come home get some over night stuff, after changing out of her work outfit, and would leave once again.

And so after her shower, Lois and Kristin had dinner, then they watched “How’s it’s made” Until “Monsters and Mysteries In America” Came on at 8:00. They’d been looking forward it for all day!

Katie arrived home towards the end of the episode, and after the show ended Lois, Kristin, and Katie all went to sleep.

As she got into bed that night, Kristin felt happy.


January 25th.

Kristin awoke at 7:00 am.

As usual, Kristin went downstairs, had coffee with Lois, who was experiencing a little flare in her hands.

Because of this, Lois knew she couldn’t go grocery shopping, so she asked Kristin if she’d ask Katie to her join at jewel.

Katie said she’d go shopping with Kristin, so when the sisters were ready Lois dropped them off.

After the shopping was all done, Lois picked them up and after returning home, The Three Kula Girls put everything away, then continued on other house chores.

It was sorta like the theme of the day. Cleaning, dusting, etc.

After everything was all done, Katie went out with her friends for the evening, and Lois and Kristin went to sleep.

It had been a really good day. No anxiety attacks, no crying, no worrying.

Yup! As Kristin got into bed that night, she felt happier than she had in a long while. A smile crossed her, as she fell asleep.


January 26th.

Kristin awoke at 5:37 am.

It seemed that her body was staring to adjust back to normal seeping patterns. Before everything that had been happening in the current month, Kristin would always awake when it was still dark out.

Anyways, Kristin got up and went downstairs, had coffee with Lois, did her chores, then promoted her books, and worked more on her current book.

Lois left for work a little while later, after giving Katie and Kristin kisses goodbye and saying “I love you,”

The rest of the day went along fine... Kristin took her morning shower, changed into a nice day-time outfit, brushed her teeth, brushed her hair, washed her face, and watched some TV. However Kristin began to feel a little bad in the early part of the afternoon.

Kristin’s mind became cluttered with thoughts and she cried a little, while having an anxiety attack. Kristin took an anxiety pill, and soon she was calm again.

The dreams... Oh god the dreams...

When was Kristin going to get the chance to tell Lois about them?

It wasn’t just that Lois was busy, she was busy too. They both had jobs, and Kristin had school as well.

The one that she had woken up to the night before, it wasn’t a nightmare... It wasn’t even scary, but why did she have it?... She honestly had no idea.

It had been a long time since Kristin had dreamt of Liz and her being a couple...

Kristin shook her head at the thought of the dream, which she did not wish to think too much ever again. She was head over heels for Frankie now anyways! And Liz... Well Liz listened to her family about everything, instead of following her heart for certain things in life.

They wanted her to be active in everything at school, they didn’t want her to be in girls. Just guys. But Liz wasn’t even interested in guys at all! She dated a lot of them, but Kristin saw it as a cover up. So people wouldn’t suspect that she is a lesbian.

Kristin had caught Liz checking her out at school at the end of sophomore year, she caught Liz staring at her, looking her up and down at the fall games for Best Buddies...

Liz was still in love with Kristin, but Kristin... Was she still in love with Liz? No of course not...

Okay so maybe she was, but was the love as strong as it had been before? Kristin just shook her head, not allowing the feeling to come into her brain, telling her the truth as it did so.

No. Liz was hurtful, she wasn’t loyal to her heart, she never did anything for herself. She did everything for everyone else, she didn’t do it to make herself happy, but to others happy.

Kristin sighed, as she tried to shake Liz out of her head. It had worked more easily than Kristin had expected.

Mom got home from work a few minutes later, and then Katie, Lois, and Kristin all had lunch together, then Kristin got ready for her school session.

Her teacher came, collected work to grade, dropped off new work for Kristin to do and said she’d be back on Thursday.

After that, the rest of the evening went on fine. The Three Kula Girls watched TV, had dinner, and Kristin took her evening shower.

Finally she was able to take her evening shower again! It had been too long.

So after her shower, and changing into some PJ’s, Kristin went back downstairs, watched some more TV with Lois and Katie, then soon everyone went to bed.

And as Kristin was getting ready to go to sleep, once she was up in her room she checked her phone. She found that there was a text from Shaunte, who wanted to chat.

So Kristin texted her that it was fine to talk, and Shaunte called Kristin.

The best friends talked for about an hour, before Kristin got too tired to talk anymore.

So their phone call eneded. So, as Kristin fell asleep that night, thoughts about telling Lois about the nightmares crept into her head again.


January 27th.

Kristin awoke at 7:00 am.

The young girl got out of bed and was going to head downstairs, but when she heard Lois walking around in her bedroom, Kristin headed in there to say goodmorning.

Lois greeted her youngest daughter happily. Lois told Kristin had her coffee was on the kithen counter, and that she had made her a bagel and cream cheese.

So Kristin departed from the upper level of the home, to the lowest level. She had her coffee, had her bagil and cream cheesee, did her chores, wanted then she watched “Open Heart”

The episode was ondemand and even though it was the poliet episode was really good! Kristin enjoyed the first episode of this new TV series, and couldn’t wait until the coming night.

Yup! It was Tuseday and Open Heart came on Tuseday Night’s!

And after watching Open Heart, Kristin began to work more on her book, just as Lois got off her conferene call.

A little while later, Katie came down to eat and hang.

Kristin was happy due to this. Because she loved it when her family was together!

So, after working more on her book, Kristin stopped so she could take a late morning shower.

Since it was now 11:45 am. And she was still in her PJ’s.

So she took her shower, changed into a new day-time outfit that she had, happy that she now also over her period.

No more pads!

However Katie had just gotten her period, but this usually happened every month. Kristin’s would just end, as Katie’s would begin, and vice versa.

Yeah that’s how it went.

Anyways so Kristin continued to freshen up. She brushed her hair, brushed her teeth, washed her face, etc.

Soon she was all good!

So she got back to work on her book, as she felt so very, very happy.

The day was turning out to be a very, very good day!

Katie did her chores and Lois worked from home by doing phone calls.

The sun was shining through the windows, as the snow outside shined brightly.

It was just so lovely. The happiness Kristin was feeling was so great, she never wanted to stop feeling it.

And so the day went on. Katie was going to work that evening, but Hailey had called her about a semaer that she was going to, about information about working in the medcail feild.

Katie was interested, so she called Molly and asked if she’d take her shift for the evening. Molly said yes, so Hailey came and picked Katie up for the semarter around 6:30, then Kristin took her even shower, changed into PJ’s, then she got Lois to watch the poliet episode of Open Heart. It didn’t take even ten minutes and Lois was sucked in. Then at eight that night, they watched the new episode together and it was awesome!

Soon after the episode ended, Katie and Hailey arrived. They were going to watch some TV on netflix in the formal front room, which was always acppected by Lois and Kristin. But before they did that, they told Kristin and Lois all about the semaer. How it was very informtive and nice.

After that talk, Katie and Hailey were going to go watch TV, so Katie gave Lois and Kristin goodnight kisses, then Lois and Kristin gave each other a goodnight kiss, and Krisitn went upstairs to bed, as Lois went to sleep of the sofa.

And after brushing her teeth, and getting into bed, Kristin felt really happy as she fell asleep that night.


January 28th.

Two figures stood outside the large glass window, their faces and hands pressed against the glass, as they started into the large bedroom, as their friend pinned the girl down, after rolling around on the floor several times, as the girl tried her hardest to get away and make a run for it...

But now their friend had the young lady pinned down, and by some force some magical force, the girl found herself unable to move, as her first enemy got off of her. She had no idea how this was happening, but somehow her legs moved... The right one all the way to the right, and the left all the way to the left, then her arms were next... They moved to be straight up against her head and neck... There were no chains, no handcuffs, but yet she was stuck in this vulnerable position, without any means of escape... Then all of the girl’s clothes just disappeared off of her... She was now completely naked. Then the figure that would have his way with her before his friends, whom still started from the window outside, began to touch her, slowly rubbing her ‘area’ with his soft furry hands... The girl looked up at the monster, who was doing this to her... The bear, glanced at her for a moment, before saying “You’re going to enjoy this...”

Gulping heavily, the girl knew she wouldn’t she was being raped... However, it seemed that the monster had found her G-spot because... She began to moan loudly... “Oh man... said the Duck that was standing beside the Bunny outside of the large window. “I can’t wait to have my way with her,”

“Me too,” The Bunny replied.

Kristin awoke with a start, she gasped loudly and sat up.

Looking around, as she tried her best to steady her breathing she groaned.

“Oh fantastic... A nightmare about three of the animatronics. from Five Night’s At Freddy’s raping me...” Kristin muttered, as she got out of bed.

Dazed from the horrible nightmare that she had just woken up from, Kristin tried her hardest to focus on everything that morning. But it was so hard... Talking to Lois, as they had their coffee, doing her chores, even doing her homework after Katie and Lois left for work was a challenge! She had to stop in the middle of her History Homework and take a break. Finally she was able to finish her work by 2:00 pm. Then, Kristin went upstairs and took a very well needed shower, and changed into a day-time outfit, brushed her teeth, brushed her hair, washed her face, etc.

After she was all cleaned up she felt a lot better!

And then a little while later, Katie and Lois came home.

The rest of the day went by just fine, as Kristin began to feel even better than she did when she got out of the shower.

And that night as Kristin got into bed, after brushing her teeth. Well she felt pretty good, even though the first part of her day wasn’t that great.


January 29th.

“Here, Kristin! I’ve got the handcuffs!”

Kristin’s eyes widened, as she glanced up at the blurry figure, that was coming towards her.

At first, Kristin couldn’t make out who it was... But then when the figure got right next to her bed... She could see the figure just fine...

“Oh... No... Please no!” Kristin pleaded, as she jumped off the bed, and backed up against the window in her bedroom.

“Isn’t this what you wanted...?” The girl teased in question, as she came towards Kristin.

“No! And how did you even find me!?” You live in Canada!” Kristin yelped. “Please Kai-”

However, Kristin wasn’t able to finish her sentence, when she was thrown onto the bed, and the girl climbed on top of her. “Oh and about finding you... Well you’re an author, and let’s just say when someone’s information is out there, it’s easy to track them down,”


“Come on, I know you want sex...” The man said slowly, backing Kristin up against the bedroom wall.

“Please... don’t touch me!” Kristin pleaded.


“I’ve got you now!” Said another man, who had Kristin pinned down on her bed.

“No... NO!” Kristin yelled.


Beep, Beep, Beep!

Kristin sighed heavily, as she awoke at 8:00 am, as her alarm went on.

“Three nightmares in one night...” Kristin thought to herself, as she turned the alarm off, that she had set on her phone. ... “Dear god...”

The morning it was hard for Kristin to function a bit, but soon she was feeling better. She took an anxiety pill, did her chores, and had breakfast and coffee with Lois.

Soon Lois left for work and a little while later, Katie came down and then the two sisters hang out together.

Now things were looking up and Kristin was feeling good again.

So now, after getting a lot of writing done on her current book, she began to do the editing that needed to be finished.

Soon though, Kristin took a break from editing to take a shower, since her teacher would be coming at 3:30.

After her shower, Kristin changed into a day-time outfit, and went back downstairs to continue working, while Katie took a nap.

When the editing was finished, Kristin felt happy and proud! After all tomorrow was the day, that the book would be turned into a publisher.

Kristin then glanced out the living room window, from the sofa which she was sitting on. “Well I sure hope this new book does well...” The girl thought to herself.

Anyways the rest of the day by just fine, Krisitn met with her teacher, who gave her lots of graded work and then some work to do for Monday, when they’d have their next session.

After her teacher left, Kristin finished things up with her book. Tomorrow she’d be turning it in to the publisher. That evening though, not only did she have to prepare for two tests to take the very next day, but thoughts of one of the nightmares she had had kept eating away at her mind...

The one with the girl...

Her name was Kairi.

She was a real person, who Kristin had met when she was playing an online game called Gaia.

The two had become pet and master on there. Kristin’s username was Rexie Pie, she was always a fox, and Kairi well while that was her real name, she always cospayed as Kairi from the game Kingdom Hearts.

A few months ago, the two agreed to become pet and master in real life at some point. But Kairi would never rape Kristin, and Krisitn knew this... So why did she have a nightmare about her?

Well to Kristin the only reason it made sense was because, the two were no longer together. And why was that? That was information Kristin did not wish to share.

But yeah, maybe that’s why?... Yeah, Kristin could think of that being the only reason.

Because Kristin did talk to Kairi about the ins and outs of being Pet And Master in real, and what that would mean for the two of them.


Krisitn sighed, but knew she couldn’t let these thoughts take their hold on her. She had to study for her exams.

So that’s exacty what she went to do, after she finished writing somemore of The Kula Girl’s: Book One.

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