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Chapter Two

Adam was walking home on the very same winter’s day. He enjoyed the sunlight beaming down on him through trees. He smiled again for the second time all month. It was shaping up to be a good day. First, it was the painting he’d finished, now it was the sunlight that he adored. See, he never went out because of his crippling social anxiety. Sunlight was a rare privilege he faced.

He couldn’t even go out into his backyard from fear that his neighbours would stare over the fence at him.

He decided he’d stop at a bench that had sunlight trickling through the tree branches onto it. The frost had melted away, leaving a wet patch on the wooden bench, but he didn’t mind; remember, he didn’t mind the cold. But a wet arse didn’t bother him for he was alone now.

He placed his backpack on the ground and pulled out a GameBoy Colour with a cartridge of Pokémon Crystal placed in the cartridge socket. He enjoyed GameBoy. It was one of the few pleasures he got anymore.

It was a bit outdated, but what did that matter? He preferred the 90’s and early 2000’s. Everyone seemed kinder and the trends, style, and music were all more enjoyable.

He switched it on and a moment later, he heard the opening cutscene for Pokémon Crystal. Ah yes, this was indeed a good, dandy day.

He was sure his mother would be wondering where he is, so he placed the GameBoy into his lap and whipped out his phone and dialled his mother’s number.

She greeted him. ‘Hey, honey.’

‘Hi, Mum.’ He sounded bored, almost sad. She was used to this, so she never asked what was up.

‘Where are you? I expected you home by now.’ She was such a nice lady and treated him with the utmost respect.

‘Ah,’ he checked his wristwatch. ‘Yeah, I might be a wee bit late. I’m enjoying bathing in the sun, Mum.’ He paused, then said, ‘What’s for dinner?’

He sensed that she was exasperated by him showing her up, but she hid it so it wouldn’t send him over the edge.

‘I was thinking of getting the chook out and having chicken sandwiches. How does that sound?’

Adam’s stomach growled like a dog being threatened. ‘Sounds good.’ Then he said he’d be home shortly, and hung up. That’s when he found himself captivated by the game.

What a good damn day.

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