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Banished to the shadows and threatened by the light. Mythical creatures have been hunted by humans and forced to hide for thousands of years. Mythicals, as they are called now, have a choice. Hide who they are or step into the light. No matter the consequences. Which would you choose?

Drama / Romance
Vermillion Lace
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Mythical creatures have been a part of human stories for as long as humans have been telling them. Humans have become obsessed with the idea they can become more than they are. Have you ever noticed that the majority of mythical creatures will have some aspects of humanity about them? I don’t mean that deep down they have empathy or some other typical human characteristic. They are hidden humans, humanoid. Whatever you want to call it. But they even look a little human, enough that you won’t notice that they weren’t unless you looked little closer. It makes you think doesn’t it? Do you want to become them, be faster, stronger, change into an animal, cast magic, fly? But even as fantasist we know that the bad must come with the incredible. In return for being able to teleport or time to smoke you have to drink blood, or feast on human flesh. You can’t go out into the sunlight or you will turn to dust, or spend too long land or you will turn to sea foam. And then came the dream of being immortal. But you never asked yourself what it would really be like not to die. Would you really choose to live forever?

What if only you and a select few could live forever?

Writers Note:

Hi to old readers and new! This is my novel that used to be called Immortal. It is a sort of drama, romance, soap opera about the lives of four mythical creatures. Because I upload whole chapters at a time I will be uploading every once or twice a month. I hope you enjoy!

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