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So we’re exes, not just any exes more like best friend kind of exes, we broke up years ago and went through somethings. If he was another person he’d hate me by now, but hes just there, always appears at the right timing, always served it good, but nowadays my feelings are boiling for him, i cnt tell him or do anything about it because i love what we have, i might want more, but again i cant lose the little that i have so whatever he offers me i cherish it, if he decided to be a brother to me its ok, a best friend its fine, a boyfriend, its alright. But what will happen if he tells me hes getting married?

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Chapter 1

Kabo’s insert

It had been 6 months since i started living here and so far the only friend i know is my sister. BTW My name is Kaboentle, Im 16, I was born and raised in Soweto. We moved to South Coast last year, after my parents sold our house to start a business. So basically i live with my mom, my dad and my sister.

So its been 6months living in the burbs, and at first it was boring but we eventually got used to it, because this had become our home so its not like we had much of a choice. So as usual I took a walk to our local store to go get some bread and some cigarettes, as I was walking I heard a random, “Hello” coming from behind, and as I turned it was this dark skinned handsome looking guy, mind you I had been dating girls since my first heartbreak back in grade 9, but anyway I greeted back while walking, then got out of the store and went to the park for a smoke.

As I was there the “Hello” guy came to me, he did it again “Hey, my name is Lindo, I live around the hood and I’d like to get to know you” I just stood there and didn’t know what to say, normally I’d be tom boyish and say no thanks, but I don’t know if today was different, I was different or he was. “Hey Im Kabo I live just up the road” I answered in a lowered and shy voice. He was talkative and so was I, and in no time we were talking like we met a long time ago. He walked me home and we exchanged numbers.

Months went by and boom we were an item, I don’t know when, I dont know how but somehow we were dating, we both didnt know how it happened but it happened, so my parents knew him as a friend and so did his mom, he’d come to my house anytime anyday, and i’d also go to his house whenever, that’s how our “friendship” was solidified in our parent’s eyes.

We were both doing matric and in no time his friends were my friends, he was like a son my father never had, a twin brother to me in my moms eyes and he was the first guy they actually allowed me to see. It only took a few months for our parents to realize we were actually dating. They still didnt make a huge fuss of it as I would have expected them to be, it was as if they know or they were expecting it at some point.

Time went on, we shared some good memories, our relationship was cute, you know like that cuuute kind of High School relationship, the only problem i had was insecurities, and him being too much of a people’s person, made me think he was cheating, plus there was this one friend of his that I don’t like till today.

Then this one time I actually hooked up with a guy from my school Melvin, we were at his sister’s house, we had met to study or at least thats what we had told ourselves, but in actual fact the day ended up being a day of alcohol, snacks, movies and sex.

Mel was a nice, well built Zulu guy with a tall and well built body of a rugby player, he was pretty handsome too, obviously dark in complexion (thats how I like them) and he was my classmate, with him and I we started spending a lot of time together, well I dont think any of us knew we’d fuck one day, cz we were a group of friends being me, Mel, Lerato and Mirriam. So we started spending more time together than with the others, the girls even started to ask questions, but we werent dating cz he had a girlfriend from our school and I had a boyfriend and he knew yet he hated it, cz in our group both Lerato, and Mirriam were single. I know we were all close and all but the girls went on as if we were his mini power puff girls that needed to be obedient to him, for most i was loyal to him but I just couldn’t be his power puff, I challenged him and the fact that he’d get furious each time he remembers im dating would make me happy cz it meant he was jealous that he couldnt control me like the other two.

Anyway yes we bunked school to go study at his house, we ended up having a party for two. Now it was time to go home and i did though i got home around 8pm, my mom and dad were Mad at me as they were well aware that Lindo was home all along meaning I wasnt out with him, cz I was only allowed to be out till late when Im with him. I dont know if I should say Lindo’s true colors started to show or what, cz he then started to have too many female friends, some you could tell something was going on, it was just kind of a mess but still a cute perfect relationship.

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