Brown-Eyed Heaven

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(This is a draft of a WIP) At the heart of the story is a love story. A wealthy teenage virgin falling in love with her extremely wealthy boyfriend. His family is part of a political dynasty & one of the richest in the world. She makes a rape accusation against him that nearly derails their relationship and his family comes after her hard. Plus, social issues are explored throughout the story.

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Chapter 1

Seventeen-year-old Paige Williams stood in front of her chest mirror, looking at her reflection.

She admired her dark-brown eyes, full lips, and a medium nose. Her natural but straight, black hair hung loosely around her heart-shaped face.

Paige knocked crumbs off her black, mini dress that she wore with matching shoes, and a leather purse. Her waist and buttocks seemed to look curvier to her even her breasts looked perkier.

Wow, it’s like I blossomed some more overnight, she thought.

“Hey, Paige, sweetie, you better get to school before you’re late!”

Paige was startled by her mother’s voice. “Yes, I’m about to leave now, Mom.”

Paige left her bedroom and jogged down the stairs. She had already eaten breakfast and was full.

She walked into the kitchen and kissed her mother’s cheek. Her mother, Jude, kissed her back.

“See ya, sweetie. You sure that you don’t want me to drop you off?”

“No, that’s okay. I’ll walk. I need the exercise. Dad already left for work?”

“Yes, you know your father is an early bird. He left about an hour ago. Your brother Steven is coming home from the military. I know you two can’t wait to see each other,” her mother reminded her.

“Yeah, I can’t wait to see him. I hope he’s gotten rid of his PTSD,” Paige said as she left out the door.

“Honey, be sure to come home on time for supper today.”

“Sure thing.”

Paige walked from her neighborhood, The District, to the few blocks to Emille High School.

It was a popular public school that she had been attending since her freshman year. She had made many friends over the years.

Paige knew she would be running into her two close friends, Crystal Gaines and Danielle Blue, sooner or later.

Paige remained alert and paid attention to everybody and everything.

She walked past beautiful homes, top of the line vehicles, manicured landscapes, gorgeous gardens, and patio sets were lined up in symmetry outside her neighbors’ properties.

It looked like a utopia, a paradise. It seemed to be closed off from the rest of the United States.

For years, the townsfolks received so much flak for not doing enough for other poor and working-class urban communities across the country.

But that’s a topic for another chapter. The District was a modern-day Black Wall Street. It was a predominantly urban neighborhood and it has been that way for decades. It was a small town located in the heart of Little Rock, Arkansas.

The sky was a deep shade of Blue. Paige didn’t see any clouds in the sky. She barely saw the sun, but she felt it.

Paige saw some people peering outside their windows and an elderly couple sitting on their porch waved at her. She returned the gesture but didn’t recognize them.

Paige was half-way to the high school. She saw a black limousine turned sharply around the corner. It looked like a state government vehicle.

It was impossible to view the occupants inside. She watched it until it disappeared from sight. Paige’s iPhone rang. She saw Daddy come across the screen and immediately answered it.

“Hello, Daddy!” a big smile came across her face.

“Hi, pumpkin!” her father, Edward, called out cheerily. “How are you doing this morning? You on your way to school?”

“Yes, I’m doing good. I’m almost there. I should be meeting Crystal and Danielle any minute now.”

“Are you walking or driving?”

Paige could hear a lot of noise in the background on her father’s side over the phone.

“I’m walking. I told mom that I wanted to get some exercise today, Daddy. I didn’t feel like driving and I don’t like it either,” she chuckled.

“Yeah, I know,” he laughed. “I hope you have a swell day at school. I already called your mother and I decided to call you too. Oh well, I must get back to work. It’s going to be a long day.”

“I bet. I’m glad to hear from you, Daddy.”

“Yes, same here, dear. I’ll speak to you later this evening. Bye, sweetie.”

“Of course. Bye, Daddy.”

They hung up. Paige had been walking and talking at the same time. She was now on the high school’s property. The breeze blew her hair in her face, long strands kept getting in her mouth and eyes.

It was irritating, she thought. Paige saw other students moving all around her. Young ladies and men were hurrying inside the school. She saw security using detectors on each student before they went inside.

When it was her turn to get scanned, the security guard, a new man that she never saw before, scanned her body and purse then she was free to walk inside.

She saw so many students, both male and female, wearing natural hairstyles, Afros, braids, Bantu knots, dreads, etc.

Natural hair rivaled straightened hair and weaves. A lot of the students were wearing the latest trends and styles.

Many of the girls like herself, were wearing mini-skirts, dresses, pantsuits, and elegant blouses and tops, heels, and boots that they hurried away to their destination. The guys were wearing loose pants, jeans, shirts, hoodies, shorts, and sneakers.

Paige walked to her locker and was surprised that she hadn’t seen Danielle and Crystal yet. She looked down the hallway and saw a group of girls that took classes with her.

Paige opened her knapsack and put in and took out several folders, books, and notes for her classes.

Paige was looking for her study guide for Ms. Jakeson’s World History AP course.

She was afraid that she had forgotten it and left it at home when she found it at the bottom of her locker. Paige slammed her locker shut after getting everything that she needed.

Paige was just about to walk down the hallway until a group of guys, all walking in perfect formation, move casually and smoothly past her.

She looked at them and knew them by hard. Everyone did. Like Paige, they had been going to Emille High School for years.

She even shared Ms. Jakeson’s class with them, which was the first time that they shared a class. They were known as the Go-Getters. It was five of them. Zack, Tristan, Noah, Cain, and DaShawn.

It was like Paige couldn’t take her eyes off of them. She wasn’t the only girl who couldn’t. Many of the girls down the hall seemed to be mesmerized by them even the ones with boyfriends. Their reputations preceded them.

Everyone knew that the Go-Getters were the most handsome, popular, and smartest students at the school. The young men came from the wealthiest, prestigious, and prominent families in the country.

The Go-Getters were all around the same heights, six feet two or three, something like that and weights, 170-185. Muscular and athletic.

They all wore fades and stylistically trimmed haircuts. Some of them were cleanshaven and others had perfectly trimmed facial hair. Sculpted features settled in smooth chocolate complexions.

They sported similar private designer creased jeans and pants, silk shirts, and shiny jackets with their name the Go-Getters emblazoned across the jackets. They swaggered the ground in sneakers and boots.

They all turned to look at her. One of them, Zack, she believed that was him even though she knew their names but couldn’t exactly match the name with the right face.

Zack said hi to her. Paige was surprised. She stammered a hello back. That was the first time one of them actually spoken to her.

They laughed, looking her up and down and kept on walking past her. Zack’s eyes stayed on her a little bit longer though.

She watched them walked to their girlfriends at the end of the hall and turned the corner holding hands. She noticed Zack didn’t have a girl by his side.

Is he single? What was that look about and why did he speak to me? Paige wondered.

Paige licked her lips and felt a little aroused. She gathered herself. It was weird because she never had sex before but that was the first time any guy made her feel a certain way. Paige walked to the restroom.

She always had to use the restroom before class and knew that the school bell would ring in several minutes. She walked into the restroom and bumped into her friends Danielle and Crystal.

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