Brown-Eyed Heaven

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“So, tell me about yourself, Paige?”

“Well, okay. I love to read, talk and text on the phone. Plus, I enjoy shopping, eating good food, having fun, etc. What about you?”

“Okay now, sounds good. Now me, I like going to the movies, concerts, hanging out with friends, sex, great sex,” he laughed. “Good food, being with family and all types of good shit,” Zack concluded.

“I see. Nice. So, are you close with your family? I know you told me at school that you were close to your sister.”

“Yeah, Francis and I are very close, always have been. I’m cool with my parents and grandparents too.”

“I enjoy hanging out with my family. My brother is such a tease but deep down he really cares about me though. My mom and dad are great. My dad is a little overprotective of me.”

Zack nodded his head. Paige heard a bus in the distance and looked over at her window. The sun had left the sky ages ago and that Paige felt a little drowsiness coming over her.

“I understand why a father would be overprotective of his only daughter. My father is the same way. So, tell me Paige where would you like to go on a first date?”

Paige quivered. She was glad that no one could see her face grow hot and that lousy smirk on her face. “Well,” she began. “I would like to have a nice dinner. Eat some delicious food. Maybe take a stroll through town, a cute little park. See a movie. Have a lot of fun.” Paige fluttered her eyelashes.

“Ok, alright. I’m like literally taking notes,” he laughed.

She joined him. “I don’t mind paying my own way.

“Uh, no you won’t. I’m a gentleman and I don’t mind paying my date’s way. If I didn’t then that would be so tacky.”

“I see. Well, Zack, if you insist.”

“Was your last boyfriend romantic, Paigey,” he teased.

“I never had a boyfriend before,” she whispered.

“Say what now? You mean that you are a virgin?”

“Yes.” She could hear the surprise in his voice and was beginning to think if she should have told him or at least waited.


“Is that okay with you?” she asked.

“Y-yeah. Of course. I think that’s cool. Not many kids our age are virgins these days,” he chuckled.

“Yeah, I know it’s like virgins like me are an endangered species,” Paige giggled.

“I know right. So I’m the first guy to take you out on a date and that means I’ll better treat you right. I got to leave a good impression on you.”

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