Brown-Eyed Heaven

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“Yeah, you better.”

Paige and Zack laughed. They were quiet for a long moment. Paige cleared her throat and for some reason, she couldn’t keep that silly smirk off her face. She interrupted the silence.

“So, Zack, tell me more about the Go-Getters?” Paige was very curious about the mysterious organization.

She and everyone else knew the popular gossip about them but not everything. The wealth, the extravagant resources, the wild parties, beautiful and sexy women and handsome men, top-of-the-line alcohol, food, vehicles, etc.

Zack hesitated before answering then it was his turn to clear his throat. “Man, I think I got a mild cold.”

“You take some cold medicine for it? Robitussin is my favorite brand.”

“Yeah, I did. I like that brand too. Anyway, so you ask about the Go-Getters. Well, the group started over half a century ago. It started out as a family and friends organization. My grandfather, his name is Joel, and his wife Daphne, my grandmother, and their friends came up with the group.

“At the time, my grandfather was a member of the Black Panther Party and he and his friends started getting disillusioned with certain frictions within the Black Panther Party so they created their own sort of “black power” group.

“It started out as a humble and close-knit thing, right here in Little Rock, Arkansas and then word of mouth grew about it. As the years went by, chapters opened up throughout the country and then it went global in later years. The organizers have always been good at raising money and rallying around the community about important issues.

“Plus, they began working hard and pooling their resources. They made successful national and international investments and creating successful businesses. Ya know, keeping black dollars in the community. Always helping out our people, whether it’s providing food, resources, make sure they are aware of what’s going on, etc.

“The Go-Getters see themselves as a modern-day Black Panthers or what the black Panthers could have been if they had been left alone by the government and there was no infighting. There are over 150 million Go-Getters now across the globe. We have always been a laid-back, hard group,” he laughed then went on.

“We love to have a good time and party after all that hard work in the community. Travel, eat good, ya know, living the good life! We don’t let anything come between us. We are always cool to those that are cool to us,” Zack concluded.

“Wow, that’s amazing to know! I didn’t know all of that.” Paige commented. She was surprised that he told her everything that he did.

“Yeah, most people don’t know our history and all the shit that we been doing and still doing,” he scoffed.

“I see. Cool. I didn’t realize how prominent the Go-Getter’s reach was.”

“Hmm-hm. Say, my friends want to meet you soon, Paige.”

“Really, okay.”

“They are cool people. Whenever one of us meets somebody new, we always introduce that person to the crew.”


“I would like you to meet my family too. I already told my father about you when he asked if I met someone new. My father finds out about everything!” he laughed.

Paige joined him in laughter. “Mine too. I can’t keep any secrets from him. It’s like he’s psychic or something!” She yawned. “It was nice talking to you, Zack. I had so much fun during our conversation.”

“Me too. It was nice talking to you too, Paige. I see you trying to get rid of me. Yawning and everything!” he chuckled.

Paige shook her head. “Nah, we been taking for over an hour and a half. It’s true. I am getting sleepy though.”

“I’m not right now. Well, I guess I’ll see you at school tomorrow and pick you up for our first date this Saturday at seven. Is that cool with you?”

“That’s great!” Don’t sound so desperate, Paige! She scolded herself.

“How would you like to go to the Soul Food Café on our first date?”


“Aight. We could go anywhere you like. It’s up to you, boo.”

“The Soul Food Café sounds terrific! It’s been a minute since I been there.”

“Okay. As long as we keep the destination in Arkansas. That’s fine with me.”

“I’ll talk to you tomorrow, Zack. Good-bye.”

“Bye, Paige.”

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