Brown-Eyed Heaven

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Paige met Danielle and Crystal at her locker the next day. Both of them had cheesy grins across their faces and were waiting for her. Paige knew that they wanted to hear all about her phone call with Zack.

She hesitated before walking on. She had slept peacefully last night. The last thing that she remembered before going to sleep was the silver moon shining through her window on her face.

“Hey, girly!” Danielle hollered.

“Uh-huh, Paige acting like we’re strangers now. We want to hear about that Zack phone call, girl!” Crystal batted her lashes and smirked.

Paige opened her locker and got her supplies out and put them in her knapsack. She tried hard to hide her smile but both girls caught it.

“A-ha!” Crystal remarked.

Danielle still had a wide grin on her face and looked at Paige with unblinking eyes.

“Both of y’all are nosey and scary!” Paige replied.

But before she could say anymore, Crystal and Danielle turned their attention down the hallway.

Paige wondered what they were looking at so hard. For a moment, all she could see were noisy students of all walks of life moving back and forth.

The hallways were crowded with human traffic. The resource officer was scolding some kids a few lockers over from where they stood. A few teachers were preparing their classes for the day.

The cleaning staff had already polished the entire school. The laminate floors, lockers, walls, everything was cleaned to perfection.

“Hey, dollfaces!” Someone hollered near them.

“Hey, Mackenzie, how are you boo!” Crystal ran to the person.

Mackenzie had a loud and feisty voice. He was a penpal that they met on social media months ago. Paige remembered that he told them that he would be starting school at Emile this year. So here he was.

Mackenzie was a short and skinny dude, about 5 feet 6. He always wore his clothes tight and shiny. Then he had on some blue jeans, a purple tank top, and some sneakers. His jacket flapped open as he switched down the hallway.

Crystal and Mackenzie hugged and blew air kisses.

“Where my hugs at, honeys?” he held out his arms toward Paige and Danielle.

They hugged him too.

“Darlings, I just love y’all outfits! Especially that golden dress, matching boots and purse is so you, Danielle!” Mackenzie grinned from ear to ear.

“Thank you, Mackenzie! I love my outfit and yours too, dear.”

“So you finally came to Emile. Look at you, babe!” Crystal boasted for him.

“I know, honey. These bougie folks here, whew!” he laughed.

The four of them walked down the hallway after Paige got what she needed from her locker.

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