Brown-Eyed Heaven

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“And you, Ms. Thang, so damn quiet. What cat got your tongue today?” Mackenzie said to Paige.

“Honey, you know I’m shy, right?” she whispered to him.

“Girl, you ain’t shy!” Mackenzie waved his hand at her.

“I am too, Mackenzie! How the hell you going to tell me I’m not shy.”

Mackenzie laughed.

“Who cares?” Danielle added.

The three walked through the throngs of people. Several teachers hurried to their destinations. Mackenzie switched more than the girls. They walked past the Go-Getters near homeroom.

The five guys stared at Mackenzie as he switched past them. Disgust was all over their facial expressions. Mackenzie didn’t look at them.

Paige, Danielle, Crystal, and Mackenzie sat down in their assigned seats in Ms. Jakeson’s class.

Paige looked over at a young African girl named Casey that she and her friends had been knowing for a few months. Casey had been attending Emile since the late part of last year.

“Hey, Casey,” Paige greeted her.

“Hey, Paige,” Casey replied with a Ghanaian accent.

Danielle, Crystal, and Mackenzie started a conversation with her until Ms. Jakeson came inside the classroom. Paige listened to them talked about everything under the sun.

“Ms. Jakeson looking good this morning,” DaShawn commented, wolf-whistling at the lovely teacher.

“Thank you, honey,” she smiled.

“Ms. Jakeson looks good every morning, not just today, brother,” Tristan remarked.

“Again, thank you too, honey.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Quit sweet talking Ms. Jakeson. She doesn’t want y’all hormones-racing, little boys,” Zack piped up.

The five Go-Getters were hanging around the doorway when the tardy bell rang.

“As you can see, Ms. Jakeson, we’re in the classroom when the bell rang,” Noah reminded the teacher,

“I know, dear. Y’all come on in now and be seated.”

The Go-Getters came inside and sat in their seats near the front of the room.

“Good morning, class. Let’s get started on those journals,” Mrs. Jakeson announced to the class.

The students got to work. It was already starting out as a busy morning. Paige looked around at everybody else.

They all were alert and working on their assignments. Paige’s eyes matched Zack’s as he winked at her. She smirked before she turned away.

Every class was busier than the one before it especially Mr. Moore’s second-period class.

Paige sometimes believed that man had it in for the students. Paige could barely keep up. She must have secretly looked at her iPhone over a dozen times and almost took a nap in the English teacher’s class.

Mr. Moore cleared his throat loudly when Paige’s head had sunk to her chest. Her head shot up instantly while Mackenzie and Crystal laughed at her. Danielle gave her a wide grin.

“Sorry, Mr. Moore.”

“Okay, as I was saying, class, you do not indent the first paragraph of each chapter in a story,” Mr. Moore continued his monologue after nonverbally scolding Paige. He was giving the class advice on how to write the best short story for their homework assignment.

Finally, the end of the day had arrived. It was Friday and Paige couldn’t wait to leave Emile for the next few days. She waited for her friends in the hallway. Danielle, Crystal, and Mackenzie spotted her and came running over.

“Paige, me and the girls are going to get a bite to eat at the Soul Food Café. You coming, baby?” Mackenzie asked.

“You know it! I’m hungry as can be,” she replied.

“Everybody can ride with me in my jeep,” Danielle announced.

“The one that daddy bought this weekend,” Mackenzie teased.

“Now do tell,” Crystal added.

“Yeah, do tell all my business,” Danielle playfully hit Mackenzie.

The four briskly walked out of Emile. They had to repeatedly slow down and scoot around the gazillion of kids moving everywhere in the hallway.

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