Brown-Eyed Heaven

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The resource officer was busy maintaining law and order, making sure nobody stepped out of line. They finally made it out of the school. They thought they’ll never make it out of there on time.

They got into Danielle’s new Jaguar jeep. Paige rode shotgun and Crystal and Mackenzie in the back. Seatbelts went on, everybody relaxed, then Danielle shot out of the school’s parking lot.

The music came on blasting hard. Charlie Pride’s “Kiss an Angel Good Mornin’” was jamming on the surround sound.

Danielle started singing loudly then Paige, Crystal, and Mackenzie followed suit. They mainly stuck to the chorus of the song.

“Black folks listening to country music, whew chile, I’ll tell ya,” Crystal joked. She went on. “I don’t even listen to country music like that but for some reason he makes it sound good.”

Paige’s iPhone made a notification sound. She looked down and saw that it was Zack texting her.

“What’s up? What U doin now.”

She didn’t feel like texting a conversation at the time because she was too busy jamming to the awesome music and feeling the nice breeze through the window.

She decided to text or call him later. I’m not ignoring or avoiding him, am I? Paige asked herself.

The traffic was light. People were just starting to get out on the road. Danielle drove the speed limit. They saw a police cruiser speed by them and they kept on singing.

The sky was a very dark blue, a bright, yellow sun shone like gold, the streets glistened like dew, and a green grass sparkled on the shoulder of the road.

“I know right. Honey, I love that Dolly Parton, Carrie Underwood, Kenny Rogers. Child, you don’t know what you’re missing!” Mackenzie waved at Crystal.

“Paige, we want to hear about Zack’s phone call. See Paige think we forgot about that conversation!” Danielle commented.

Paige smirked and shook her head.

“I know right. I want to hear all of the juicy details,” Crystal added.

Paige rolled her eyes as Danielle pick up speed. The road was getting crowded now. It was almost four o’clock. They were about ten minutes away from the Soul Food Café.

Paige knew that Zack’s family owned it like many of the establishments across the town. The Go-Getters were like royalty around town.

“Now look at this byotch, rolling her eyes and everything! I see you, Paige! My man was acting jealous last night even after I put it on him, y’all!” Mackenzie snickered.

“Awe damn, Mackenzie out here telling all his business!” Crystal commented.

“You know it.”

“Whatever, Mackenzie. I can roll my eyes if I want to, byotch!” Paige shot back.

The Foundations’ “Build Me Up Buttercup” played after the country song. Danielle snapped her fingers in tune with the music.

Paige didn’t know how to snap her fingers. She never learned how. Paige bounced her head along to the song.

Crystal and Mackenzie gossip a mile a minute in the back seats. Danielle sang softly with the music. Paige remained quiet.

They pulled into the Soul Food Café’s parking lot. It was packed as always. Danielle had to drive around twice just to find a parking space. They found one after a Go-Getter couple pulled out of one.

“And speaking of the Go-Getters with their homophobic asses, I practically ignored them in the hallway at school today, I know they don’t like me,” Mackenzie noted sadly.

“Oh, forget about them, Mackenzie. You are amazing, brother,” Crystal tried to cheer him up.


“Oh, Mackenzie,” Danielle replied.

They got out of the ride and walk to the restaurant. They passed by a bunch of people. Regular diners, tourists, prominent figures in the town, etc. They brush past people coming and going.

An armed military-police officer stood guard near the entrance. The Bulletproof windows and doorway loomed large in front of them. They stepped inside the spectacular establishment.

It was brightly lit and welcoming. Spotless clean floors, walls, ceilings, tables, counters, restrooms etc. New and beautiful furniture. It smelled nice too. A couple of gigantic 4K television screens stood high above their heads.

After a brief wait, a sophisticated-looking waitress showed them a booth near the back and handed them colorful menus of delicious soul food. Patrons filled every table and it didn’t matter whether it was for couples, families, or groups.

Paige, Danielle, Crystal, and Mackenzie sat down and gloated about all types of fun gossip. Then the Zack conversation started until the real Zack and his friends Tristan, DaShawn, Cain, and Noah came strutting inside the establishment. They looked both cool and hard.

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