Brown-Eyed Heaven

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“And speaking of the devil,” Mackenzie muttered.

“Don’t start, Mackenzie!” Danielle warned.

Crystal scoffed.

They watched the Go-Getters walked up to their table. They were all magnificently dressed and looked gorgeous! Crisp t-shirts, silk shirts, jeans and slacks, and shoes.

Other patrons in the restaurant glanced at them occasionally. Probably wondering what was going to happen.

Zack cleared his throat and spoke to their table. “Hey, Paige, ladies, Mackenzie, right?”

Mackenzie nodded.

“Hey, Zack, what’s up?” Paige found her voice.

She was a little nervous and shy. Surprised that Zack and his friends came over to their table.

Paige looked down at her blue denim, pants outfit and white sneakers. She put her purse down on the space beside her.

Crystal and Danielle greeted them.

“I texted you earlier, Paige. You must have missed my message,” Zack’s eyes burned into hers.

Paige noticed that he wasn’t smiling. He seemed serious. The other Go-Getters did not say a word. I wonder if he knows that I blew him off, she thought.

“Oh, sorry, my iPhone was deep inside my purse and I didn’t hear it. I didn’t know that you called me until now that you mentioned it,” she admitted.

Zack continued to stare at her until a grin broke over his face. He laughed, “It’s cool, Paige. I only wanted to chat with you. I see that you are hanging with your friends. We can talk later, boo.”

“Boo, okay now!” DaShawn laughed.

“Whatever,” Zack shot him a look.

The same waitress came over to them. “Fellas, your table by the window is ready now.”

“Alright, thanks, Nicole,” Zack replied.

“Nicole always looking sexy. That’s what I’m talking about,” Tristan commented as they walked away.

Mackenzie sighed. “What was that about?”

Nicole, the waitress, handed a patron a glass of water then made it back to take Paige and her friends’ orders.

The atmosphere felt good in the restaurant. The music was playing at a comfortable pace. A song by the Melanin Beauty Sweethearts was playing over the radio.

The Surround Sound seemed to be coming at them in all directions. Conversations and laughter flowed throughout the restaurant.

Delicious dinner plates sat on tables across the room. Paige could see the military police officer standing in his spot through the windows.

A few cell phones rang. The televisions were tuned into some kind of news report about Arkansas.

“I want to order that number seven. Those barbeque ribs, that loaded potato, and stew look good,” Crystal commented, licking her lips.

“I know, honey,” Mackenzie waved his arm near Crystal. He looked at Nicole. “Give me that number three. Man, I’m hungry!”

“I bet you are, hon,” Nicole smiled at him. “What you having, love?” she asked Paige.

“Uh, um. Let me see, can you give me that number four. I’m in love with dressing and fried chicken.”

“Got it and you hon?”

“I want to order that number one. I need steak and a Caesar salad. I’m trying to keep my weight down,” Danielle remarked.

“Got that too. What are y’all having for drinks?”

“Mountain Dew,” Paige replied.

“Sweet water,” came Danielle’s reply.

“Cherry Coke,” Crystal answered.

“Diet Dr. Pepper, please. I’m watching my weight too, doll. I’m getting a little heavy around the hips,” Mackenzie stretched and yawned.

Nicole left.

“Mackenzie, were you and yo man up late last night?” Crystal batted her eyelashes, she does that when she is being fast and nosey.

Mackenzie playfully hit her shoulder. “Girl, you too nosey for your own good.”

Paige glanced at the Go-Getters at a table about fifteen feet away.

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