Brown-Eyed Heaven

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Zack and his friends looked to be having fun. She could see them talking and laughing.

Danielle cleared her throat. “Paige is just not going to spill the juice about her business, is she? We want to hear about that sexy Zack!”

Nicole brought their meals to them. They couldn’t wait to eat!

“I know right, come on, Paige! Danielle and I tell you everything but you can’t give us a little juice?” Crystal stuffed a spoonful of food in her mouth.

Paige rolled her eyes and smirk, covering her mouth before giggling. “Mackenzie, help me out here!” she drank her soda.

“Girl, don’t do me. I’m nosey like them. You asking for help from the wrong one!” he laughed loudly.

They noticed that people from a few tables over rolled their eyes and shot hostile looks at Mackenzie.

He didn’t pay them any attention because he was deep in conversation and having a good time.

Lots of homophobes at this place, Paige thought.

“Well, Zack and I talked about the usual. We got to know one another, talked about our families, and had a good time talking. Oh, and we made a date this Saturday at seven p.m. at the Soul Food Café,” Paige smiled. She was happy.

“Ooh, you go girl! He is fine as hell. I wish my man looked like that,” Mackenzie hit her shoulder.

“I know right, I’m so happy for you, Paige. I hope everything works out right,” Crystal beamed.

“Dang, Crystal, don’t be so negative. Everything will work out fine. I heard he is a cool dude. He was great to Camille,” Danielle commented.

“Who’s Camille? Oh, you mean his last girlfriend that died a couple years ago. How sad?” Mackenzie replied.

“Yeah, her name was Camile Johnson and she was pretty cool too. You know, the school has an “In Memoriam” plaque in her honor,” Danielle informed them.

“I didn’t know that. I must have missed seeing it. It’s in the hallway, right?”

“Yeah, not that far from the downstairs exit. It’s one of many memorials dedicated to kids that died over the years.”

They were silent as they ate their meals.

Mackenzie burped. “Excuse me, y’all.”

He was halfway finished with his food. Dang, he eats fast! Paige thought.

“Mackenzie, you cook for your man?” Crystal asked.

“Girl, most times. He can be wearisome. This negro wants everything, I think he cheating on me too with some female.”

Crystal and Danielle said oooh in unison.

“Yeah, babes. Antwon is something else. He always goes outside to talk on the phone whenever I’m around. He stays out late especially on weekends. One night, he came home drunk, smelling like perfume and had lipstick on his collar.”

Crystal shook her head. “Man, and you still with him?”

“Yeah, honey, I am. I love him but I don’t think he loves me the same way though,” Mackenzie sounded sad. He had finished his food and placed a napkin on his plate.

“You want me to take that for you, dear?” Nicole came by and picked up his plate.

“Yes, I’m finished. That food was delicious.”

“Thank you. I’ll tell the cooks what you said.”

“I’ve finished with mine too. Can I get a refill? I had a Cherry Coke,” Crystal replied.

“You sure can.” Nicole took Crystal’s plate and plastic cup too then left.

Paige and Danielle were almost finished as well.

“Antwon didn’t put his hands on you, did he?” Crystal was concerned for him.

“No, Crystal. I wish he would. I would go the hell off on him,” Mackenzie scoffed.

“I’m sorry about that, Mackenzie, no one should do anyone like that,” Paige added. She had remained quiet as he talked about his personal life.

“Did you confront him about his cheating?” Danielle asked, drinking.

“Yep, I didn’t get too angry at him. It’s his house and he pays half of the bills. He took me in last year after my conservative Christian parents threw me out of their house because I was gay.”

The girls shook their heads and comforted him.

“Girls, I’m okay. I don’t need all of the extra consoling,” he scoffed.

“We know you don’t want it, but we want to show you that we got yo back, boo,” Crystal said.

Mackenzie nodded but didn’t say anything. He got up from the table. “I got to go to the restroom. I’ll be back, y’all.”

Crystal spoke up after Mackenzie left. “I think Mackenzie is in an abusive relationship, y’all. He and Antwon are always having problems. I told him that he can do better.”

“Yeah, but it’s what Mackenzie wants. Maybe he thinks he can’t get anybody else, so that’s why he put up with Antwon. I know I wouldn’t. Jonathan ain’t never put his hands on me. He’s a gentleman and wouldn’t be caught dead doing so,” Danielle finished the last of her drink.

Nicole took the last of their dishes and wiped their table clean. The girls left tips in the center of the table.

“Oh, so this Jonathan is serious?” Crystal batted her eyelashes.

“Yes, he is amazing and loaded. Go-Getter money but he’s not a Go-Getter.”

“Awesome. Mackenzie taking a long time in the restroom. Do we need to check on him?”

“Nah, girl, here he comes now.”

“Let me put my tip down,” Mackenzie put his tip next to the girls’ tips.

“I’m about ready to go in a little bit,” Danielle stretched her entire body.

“Paige, you and Zack gonna have sex on y’all first date?” Mackenzie asked, staring at her.

Paige looked alarmed. Crystal and Danielle playfully scolded and hit him.

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