Brown-Eyed Heaven

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“Say what, now, man?” Zack laughed at Tristan

“You heard me playa, yo ass ain’t deaf,” Tristan threw a napkin at him.

“Don’t be throwing shit at me, homie! You better pick that shit up. Nicole, this dude making your job harder. I’ll pin him down while you sucker punch this fool!” Zack cracked.

Nicole smiled and picked up their plates and cups. The Go-Getters had devoured plates of collard greens, cornbread, dressing, fried chicken, steaks, loaded potatoes, salads, fruit, desserts, sodas, etc.

They loved to dine on good food. They had already left Nicole’s tips by their plates.

“But for real though, man, you ready to go on your first date in two years?” DaShawn half-joked.

“Don’t do Zack like that. It ain’t his fault that he celibate and no girl wants to fuck with him,” Tristan laughed.

“Man, y’all are just being cruel to Zack. Be nice, please. Don’t talk like that,” Cain scolded them.

Tristan and DaShawn gave him funny looks.

“Don’t you have a Bible to read?” Tristan asked.

DaShawn and Noah laughed.

“I do and it’s right here,” Cain took it out and flash it at him, “You want to read it cause you need to.”

“Bro, come on, let us have our fun, please. This ain’t Sunday school. We’re in a restaurant and just ate some good food,” DaShawn commented.

“It’s a lost cause trying to get through Cain. Let us nasty boys talk the way we want,” Tristan added.

The guys looked to the entrance and saw some sexy young women come inside the restaurant.

The ladies wore top-of-the-line wardrobes and their hair looked like they just stepped out of a salon.

“Yeah, I’ll let y’all sinners talk the way y’all want,” Cain replied, looking down at his iPhone. He lost interest in them already. Cain stayed with the comebacks.

Noah yawned. “Damn, they look fine as hell.”

“I know, right. I’ma need some pussy tonight,” Tristan lowered his voice.

Cain glanced at the ladies as they sat at a table and rolled his eyes at Tristan.

“Even Cain had to look at them,” DaShawn remarked.

“Fellas, I’ll be back. I have to take this call outside,” Cain left.

“So, Christian boy had to talk outside. He doesn’t want us to hear his conversation with his girl Shanice,” Tristan replied.

“What you and La’Shayla got plan for tonight?” DaShawn asked him.

Tristan blew a raspberry. “Hell, I know. I’m horny as hell. Shayla playing too much though. She hanging out with Brianna, Kerrie, and Shanice. They shopping at the Complex Center. They out there having fun and shit and my ass in here full and did I already say horny?”

Noah, Zack, and DaShawn laughed.

“It’s crowded as hell in here,” Zack said.

“The Soul Food Café stay crowded,” DaShawn agreed.

“Y’all know I got my invitations ready for this weekend. Can’t wait to check out smoking hot babes at the melanin yacht beach party,” Tristan held up his iPhone. He had already sent out a bunch. “The women at my party must be beautiful, fine, sexy, gorgeous. They got to be an eight, nine, ten, and up. There would be no ugly or mediocre bitches at my party.”

Noah shook his head and chuckled.

“There y’all go again with the misogynistic comments about women,” Cain made it back, putting his phone on the table.

The atmosphere was loud. Angie Stone’s “Wish I didn’t Miss You” played over the surround speakers.

Patrons filled tables in all three dining areas. Many more patrons were waiting for a table to become available.

“That ain’t me, Cain. That’s this fool talking shit about the women,” Zack held up his hands, laughing.

“I didn’t know you were my daddy, homie,” Tristan shot back.

“It’s good I’m not. If I was your daddy, I would have raised you better than that,” Cain shot back.


“Whoa, bro.”

“You ain’t gonna let him get away with that shit!”

The other Go-Getters excitedly clamored.

Tristan only laughed then said, “For some odd reason, I’m going to allow that despicable comment about my daddy not raising me right fly by.”

“Was I too harsh?” Cain asked.

The others laughed. Noah began chatting on his phone.

Tristan checked his phone after he received a notification. “What Shayla want now?” he texted his girlfriend back.

“Can’t believe Emille is allowing anybody to go to school there,” DaShawn muttered.

“I know right. Who in hell approved of that faggot in the first place,” Tristan added.

Cain rolled his eyes. “Y’all need to stop. It’s a school where people go to learn and anybody that wants to go to our school is welcome.”

“You of all people are defending someone like that?” Tristan looked at Cain incredulously. It was as if he caught Cain in a hypocritical stance.

“It’s not like that. Emille is a special school for gifted students. It always has been and anybody, whether you agree with them or not, can go there.”

Tristan stared at him for a moment before turning his eyes back on his phone.

“Zack, what are you and Paige going to do on y’all date?” Noah asked him, he had a certain glare in his eyes.

Zack smirked. “I know what you getting at. It’s not like that, man. I’m a gentleman and I would be respectful. No sex on the first date.”

“Oh, hell naw! That couldn’t be me. What if she wants it though?” Tristan asked.

“She’s a virgin. I seriously doubt our date would get that far,” Zack informed him.

“She’s what?”

They all looked up even the ones on their phones.

“You sure she wasn’t lying to you?”

Zack hesitated and began to think that he spoke too fast by telling his boys Paige’s business. That was personal and she had confided in him but yet he just told his friends.

“No, I don’t think so. She sounded serious. Fellas, let’s not linger on this topic. Paige shared this with me and it was personal.”

“Yeah, Zack’s right. I think that’s great,” Cain back him up.

“Okay, what all y’all going to do on the date?” Noah asked.

“I want us to have fun. This would be her first date. I’m her first boyfriend. I want our time to be special,” Zack revealed to them

Cain wiped his eyes.

“Bro, are you crying? Over that shit?” Tristan asked.

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